I believe this is a aaa wave frame, and this was gifted to me by good old, igor schmidt, igor schmidt, if you’re watching this man. Thank you again for this 19 gpu mining frame. Some of you may have saw that video where i built a bunch of you, know sapphire nitros and as well as some mining specific cards, the p104s, and it was all built on this mining motherboard and specifically, this is an asus mining expert. Okay, so take a look at this: it has a lot of pcie able to have 19 gpus. The unfortunate thing about this motherboard is that you need mining, specific cards so, for example like p106, p104s or p102s, and they needed to be in certain slots on the motherboard. So, just recently i received this package right here from a discord member who sold me this msi b360 pro okay, you guys can see the model right here and this one is supposedly be able to have 19 like regular gpus. All right, i don’t need to have any mining specific cards on this motherboard, so this is something i am really excited to try out and yeah i’m, not sure. If it’s going to work or not for some of you that have been with me, i would say, for i would say the past two years. I did do a review on this motherboard, but unfortunately it died on me, so i had to return it to amazon.

So i was never able to get it to work, so here we are today i’m hoping that uh. You know i can do 19, regular gpus or 18 i’m, not quite sure if i can do 19. One 2, 3. 4. 18. yeah there’s 18 pcie slots here now. I just saw on a comment that when i reviewed this motherboard like two years ago, someone just commented that they were able to do 20 rtx 3080s on this motherboard. So either they must have used like a ubit, splitter or usb splitter. To add, like you know, three more or two more rtx, 3080s that’s insane so i’ll post. The comment on here but yeah i uh i’m, excited to finally rebuild the 19 gpu mining rig, and i promised that i would when i had the ability to so i don’t have you know 20, rtx, 3080s or 18. For that matter. I just have some regular 1660 tis, okay, i have some evga ones here and i do have some other evga, 1660 supers, okay and yeah. I also have some 5700s, so i have about 12 gpus here so far. We’Re gon na do like a two part series, and you know i’m gon na put these 12 gpus first in this video and we’re going to see, if we can, you know, get it up on with just 12 gpus on this motherboard and i’m going to couple It with a g4930 processor and eight gigs of gddr4 ram 2400 on this motherboard.

So all right, i’m gon na try to do this step by step. So you guys know what i’m doing i’m gon na first put in the motherboard all right. So let’s do that. First, all right, the motherboard is in. I got the cpu all in already the eight gigs of ram and uh the ssd as well with hive os on it. I won’t need to show you guys how to burn a hive os installation, you guys, can google that, in the youtube, there’s plenty of videos about how to do that. Okay. So what i want to show you guys before i go to the next step of. I guess adding the power supply is i found out that this motherboard also came with a bunch of these like little two pin to 24 pin adapters, which is really cool. So if i just bring you over here on this part of the motherboard, there are four different ports here that plug these four adapters in basically to turn on all of the other power supplies. If i have multiple power supplies needed for you know more gpus we’re. Obviously, going to have to have more power supplies on here, but realistically they have to be atx. Now i am not sure. If my configuration i am going to be utilizing hp server power supplies. I haven’t thought that far yet we’ll see we’ll see if i’m going to be using all atx, psus or hp server power supplies okay.

So the next step i need to do for this whole rig is to add the power supply and then, after that, we’re going to turn it on okay. So this is the power supply i’m thinking of using for the main motherboard and uh powering the first set of gpus okay. So let me go ahead and put that in okay, the 2000 watt bitcoin ali baba power supply i’ll. Have it linked down below you guys? Can know which seller i bought this from so yeah. You guys know i’ve actually bought six of these a while back and the one i have installed on my rx 580 rig it’s still going good. It still works pretty good, so i think they are generally okay. So we shall see on this rig here for the i guess: i’m gon na put the supers and ti’s on this power supply as there’s eight pcie strands i’ll show you that in a sec – but you guys can see – i already have the three molex plugged into The motherboard, which is required and i’ve heard some people say that you may not need these, because the risers are already powered by pcie, so i’m, not sure what to believe, but i’m gon na have them plugged in anyway, and then i have the eight pin plugged In that’s the 24 pin atx and i’ve done some cable management. Let’S go with the back here and you guys can see how i have it set up.

Ssd is all plugged in with one sata, so yeah there we go and then here are eight pcie strands and each strand has a daisy, chained, eight pin. Okay, these 1660 ti and the eight supers there i’m going to put eight of them, one strand for each gpu, and there should technically be enough one, eight pin and then hopefully i really hope that this strand will make it to the riser so that i don’t Have to utilize any like splitters or extenders. I don’t have any extenders but splitters in order to uh reach to the gpu riser. Okay, so and yeah we’re going to be using gpu, risers.com risers thanks to them, so yeah that’s. How i have it set up now for the power supply now before i actually add in the gpus. I want to make sure hive os can see this whole setup without gpus, so i’m going to get a monitor and turn it on and see. If hivo sees it, give me one sec, okay, moment of truth, let’s turn this thing on. Okay, let’s see if this actually works this whole video might be ruined if this doesn’t work. Okay, so i have the power cable button plugged in here we go three two one hope there’s no smoke. Okay, it turned on now. Will anything come up on the screen? That is the question through dvi? Yes, okay, uh let’s, see here cpu memory, change, yeah, that’s good, oh i don’t have a mouse and keyboard all right.

Give me one sec. Oh no looks like it’s going uh, hopefully let’s see if it goes in hive os that’s. All i want to see that’s all i want to see. Oh look at that b360f. Pro there we go. It’S got the pcie monitoring as well and yeah. It looks like it’s going into hive os. Okay, all right that is cool all right, that’s, good, okay, guys give me one sec, yeah, we’re, good i’ve os can see this rig b360f pro and yeah we’re good g4930 processor, 120, gig, ssd, okay, guys, okay, we are ready to add some gpus. Oh man, i’m. Super excited to get this going. Okay, so i am just gon na quickly add in the four 1660 ti’s and the four 1660 supers on to uh. This whole mining rig frame. Okay, oh yeah, before i put in the cards, i just wanted to show you guys. The bios on this motherboard already has a mining mode and it was already enabled when i booted into the bios. I forgot to check all the settings first, but yeah it’s. Basically, all the similar things that you would do on other mining, motherboards, basically setting gen 1 and the 4g decoding and all that stuff, but it didn’t disable the hd, the audio so that’s. Another thing that i did as well and i think that was under integrated peripherals yeah, the hd audio controller, i disabled and i also disabled the serial port serial port zero.

I disabled that as well so that’s all i could see otherwise, in terms of other stuff, i could free up, maybe possibly some pcie lanes. It looks good, okay, so i’m, going to now put in all the cards. Oh one more thing i want to talk about is some of you. Guys may be wondering why that i use that cardboard piece. This is just on top of a motherboard box. You may watch that video two years ago, when i had this motherboard and i think it’s short circuited on the veta frame that i had normally it’s screwed into these motherboard standoffs on the vetta frame that i had before and i feel like that was the issue That shorted the board and it didn’t even boot – it didn’t even go on in the first place. So i have it on cardboard this time, so i don’t run into any shoes. I have used cardboard on multiple, multiple rigs, multiple years, no issues so yeah, anyways. Okay, let me put in some cards. Okay, i have eight gpus on this 19 gpu frame. Oh man, this took me a while, but it is nice and clean. Now, okay, let me just quickly just show you guys what i did so i’m utilizing all of the cables that are coming from the 2000 watt power supply and obviously we’re not going to use 2000 watts on four 1660 ti’s and four 1660 supers. You guys know it’s gon na be like 75 to 80 watts, each and yeah.

You can do the math there, okay, so the bottom four pcie cables going to the bottom four ti’s here, uh, the cable links were perfect and i didn’t need to use any splitters or uh or anything you guys can see. The daisy chain went this perfect length to go into the riser for the six pin pcie, so that’s all well and good. But as we get up here – and you know, this is a 19 gpu mining frame. So length is gon na, be an issue, so the pcie cable for the 2000 watt power supply was just not long enough to go to the top four here all right and of course we have another level for more gpus and that’s going to be an issue For another video, but you can see here, i had to use the splitters all right and i’m, not using the daisy chain on each of the four strands: okay. I’M, just using the another splitter i’m, essentially making another daisy chain – and you guys can see here it’s going into uh the gpus like this, and then i have the other side of the splitter going into each of the six pin in the risers. Okay, the gpurisers.com. Okay, so that’s it, and i almost had an issue with the usb cables not being long enough going into the motherboard here, but you guys can see here it worked out. Well, i had to swap out the four gpus that were on the first four of the motherboard and put them over here, so that i can make the length on this side for the other four gpus i’m, definitely going to have an issue with length once i Do the top six so, but that will be for another part of the video i will figure out later on anyways, okay, guys let’s go ahead.

You guys can see how i did it. A little bit. Cable managed let’s go ahead, let’s turn it on and let’s see if there’s gon na be any smoke or anything like that. Okay, i’m i’m really excited to get this going. Okay. Here we go power on okay. Here we go moment of truth. Oh let’s see three. Two one smell test: okay, nothing’s burning: oh something came up on the screen: okay, yeah. We have uh eight eight gpus, showing up on the motherboard; okay that’s, it that’s a good sign, that’s, a good sign. Oh man. This motherboard has lights on them too. Okay, that’s pretty cool that’s, actually really cool: okay, um i’m gon na it’s loading up hive os now i’m gon na go see if it shows up on the web. Gui. Okay, look at this: it works it shows up, and this rig just booted yeah. It says a minute ago and uh yeah: we have the four 1660 ti’s and the four 1660 supers. I really wish that this one was over here. Maybe i can figure that out later, but look at that looks like it’s working and looks like i need to yeah definitely set some overclocks and the flight sheet so give me one sec. Okay, i just applied the overclocks, and the flight sheet looks like it’s. Just about to mine right now, but let’s go to the screen. Okay and looks like it is mining. Wait uh, let’s, see here.

Okay, just made the kernel: okay, yeah 250 mega hash for the whole rig all right. That looks good. That looks really good. Actually, okay, i think it’s working guys, so i think it’s getting about 30 mega hash per card. I think the ti’s will get 30 and the supers will get 32. yeah looks like uh, yeah yeah looks like i’m right and oh man that is sick. Oh man that i can’t believe this worked like just perfect. I thought i was gon na have an issue with this rig, like i don’t, know a riser or something not plugged in right, but man. This motherboard is so cool i’m. So happy that this works. The discord member who sent me this motherboard. Thank you so much man. I really appreciate it and man. I am so excited to get other gpus onto this 19 gpu frame well mainly on the motherboard so guys i was gon na put the four 5700s on but i’m gon na leave that for another video i am spent already i’m gon na just figure out how I’M gon na build. You know this, the other part of the mining rig here, because you guys know i did have an issue with the lengths of the pcie cables. So i may have to do the hp, server power supply way, which i have no no issue in doing. I love hp, server power supplies, but there was a new breakup board that i wanted uh but it’s, not in stock uh.

You guys may have seen it on parallel miner, but i’m gon na try to find one later on, but anyways guys. I think we’re good we’re good for now i’m happy about this i’m just i’m so spent right now. I can’t do anything. Look at this, though it looks like it’s mining, just perfect, okay, so yeah. Let me know your guys’s thoughts on the next edition next part video. How should i add the gpus or the power supplies and uh i’m gon na find more gpus? So essentially, i need to add 10 more gpus, okay, so i have eight on here currently and i need to add 10 more. So i have the four 5700s and then i need to find six more gpus that i can add on to this mining motherboard. The b360f pro from msi. This is awesome. Look at that guys, these lights. I can’t believe that that is sick. That is so cool. Okay, all right guys, that’s it for this video i’ll see you in the next part video i’m gon na.