Just no gpus anywhere and if you look on amazon everywhere, it’s like almost two grand to buy it, and this one actually cost me two grand. So why not just get a laptop with a gpu? Oh that’s, a nice case, nice that’s, the whole laptop that’s. It it’s so small it’s, tiny right with a 30 whoa. This is light that’s, crazy. Okay, before we continue, this is my current laptop okay it’s, an alienware 17r. I bought it a couple years ago for two grand it has a 1080 in there and i’m still mining on it. It actually make about two dollars and 50 cents right now per day, but this laptop is not very good for for, like traveling and i do travel and i want to edit videos and stuff and play video games, and i can’t do it look how big this Is but i’ll get as much as i can for it and then we’ll upgrade. Why not? Oh, my god, this is this is so i’m not used to this. This is so light. Let’S see wow. This is so small wow. Look at how many vents there are holy crap, oh wow, look. The whole thing is a vent in the back yeah. The sides have it and in the back too, so there’s plenty of uh of fans. This is like a plastic build, so the whole thing is plastic, which makes it light so there’s a full size, ethernet, uh, cable right here, there’s also a combo of audio and microphone for your headset when you’re gaming there’s a usb 3.

0 mini display port and a Full hdmi, i think this hdmi is 2.0 it’s, not the new one, but i i’m happy it has i’m happy. It has a 3080 that’s. What i care about really. On the other side, we also have two more usb there’s, also a usb. I don’t think it’s a thunderbolt very important for you, the micro sd slot. Oh my god. This is that full size. This is an sd card reader. Finally, finally, the alienware didn’t have one it was so freaking annoying who buys alienware. So the screen is actually 240 hertz, which is amazing, it’s an hd display it’s, the i7 10 870h, which has doubled the amount of cores out of my alienware i’m, comparing it to my alienway, because that was my main travel laptop. It also comes with a one terabyte of nvme memory, which is fast it’s nice to already have it in there. I don’t have to upgrade it’s 32 gigs of ram pretty much everything you need. Yeah. Sorry, i’m. Looking i’m looking to see how many watts this brick is, they said here: 230 watts 30. yeah. So this is small. So of course the first thing we’re going to do is mine on it. Sorry, gamers, that’s. What this channel is about making money, yeah that’s? What it’s about yeah, so i spent two grand i hope, i’ll get that back in a few months by mining, that’s that’s, why i got it also a nice upgrade for my alienware wow.

Look at this led that’s, so bright i mean i had led before, like rgb lights on on keyboards, but this one is so bright. Wow it’s amazing we’ll do some gaming at the end after we mine mining first, okay, guys, the computer is ready to go and you can see it right. There i’m actually remote accessing it using chrome, remote access, it’s just so much easier to do that way, because i have my microphone on my setup. So the first thing we’re going to do is install nice hash. I will try other miners and you’ve been asking me to try to mine ethereum directly, but to be honest, this is the easiest way ever. I just love it how it can mine, whatever coin, is more valuable at the moment and then uh. It gives me bitcoin because that’s what i want, i want bitcoin. I don’t really care about the other coins i’m gon na download the newest one and i’m gon na go and download the installer and i’m gon na go ahead and install it and set it up on the computer. All right, i’m gon na go ahead and now scan this with my phone. I have the nice hash app installed with two factor authentication to make it a little safer, and all i have to do now is just scan it. You can see the live view of my phone as well, so in your nice hash once you register to nice hash, you will have this little qr code button and you can click on scan.

So now i can go ahead and scan it and basically now this rig is added to my phone and i can do bunch of cool stuff. For example um you can see. I have a 1080 rig here. I can click on it and see how much i make per day two dollars and 46 cents on my 1080., but i can do a lot of other things. I can sell notifications so then, if the rig becomes unavailable or if there is a any error happening um, it will just. Let me know right away, and this is really cool. I can do this to all the miners. I have i’m going to be able to see them, live and control them remotely and know if they’re alive or not or what’s, going on and that’s always nice to know if the computer turns off, for whatever reason you will know, and you can restart it. So you can continue making money okay, so i scanned it confirm, scan and now i think everything else is ready to go. Now. It takes a little bit of a while to do the benchmarking. Okay, the nice hash will try every single miner available every single software. Every single coin to test what your card can do now: it’s time to click the play so yeah now it’s going to benchmark i’m going to fast forward this part until it’s done i’m going to go ahead and rename this rig to a 3080.

So then, i know which one is which so you can see here. I have the gigabytes geforce rtx 3080 laptop, and we also have the intel i7. 10 870h mining on the cpu. I would not recommend that doing with the gpu and the cpu together in this kind of mining rig, because you know you’re only making 20 36 extra per day just mining on the 3080 is enough. Few minutes later we got the 3080 laptop to mine. Finally, it’s pretty quiet it’s, not very loud at all, it’s one of the quietest, laptops, i’ve ever owned, actually so that’s a that’s good news. That means you know you can have it around in your office, maybe not next to your bed, where you sleep now the money makes changes every day, so this number will definitely be different, even minutes from now, but uh right now, it’s, five dollars and fourteen cents Per day and i’ve seen it jump from five dollars up to ten dollars a day, so it really changes but that’s pretty much. The lowest i’ve seen it so far, so five dollars and fourteen cents per day times thirty that’s a hundred fifty four dollars per month. Now i paid two thousand dollars for this laptop and then after taxes about two thousand two hundred dollars divide by 154 dollars per month in only 14 months, i’ll pay this laptop back just for mining from uh cryptocurrency getting bitcoin out of it, and then i’ll have A free, laptop and continuing making 150 per day now.

Obviously, this price will change. Bitcoin price changes, the algorithm changed everything changed, so this number is not like a fixed number. This will change up or down and yes, we’re, not mining, actual bitcoin, we’re mining. Other coins. Nice hash for a fee converts it to bitcoin and then give it to us so there’s. Definitely a fee involved in using nicehash comparing to mining it yourself, but in return you don’t have to work and there is a great uh notification system. So it tells you when your rig is off so that’s, why i don’t mind getting that five or ten percent less money and then i’ll have all those features i don’t have to worry about it and nice hashtag care of everything. So, yes, you can make more money, uh mining, specific coins yourself, but i just like the nice hash platform. Another feature i really like in nice hash is that the fact that you can actually withdraw your bitcoins directly to your coinbase account with no fee on the blockchain, so that transfer saves you sometimes twenty dollars uh. It really depends on how much the bitcoin transaction costs at the time, but it could be very expensive to move bitcoin uh one place to another. Let’S say you mine, a hundred dollars for this couple weeks, and you want to move that to your to your bitcoin. Address it will cost you five ten fifteen dollars uh for the fee for the miners, the transaction fee.

So if you use that feature from nice hash to send it directly to a coinbase account, there is no fee and you know that it’s not gon na go anywhere random. You know it’s gon na go to your coinbase account, so i approve that that’s. Another reason why i like nash, but now it’s time to try to mine ethereum directly so we’re gon na go online and download the latest miner i’ll check, which miner is the best which software is the best for the 3080. So give me a minute here and we’re going to install it right now, all right, so i ran the claymore mining algorithm and we are mining at 45 mega hashes per second speed on the 3080. Now, if we put 45.8 mega hashes on the calculator here with the current price of a thousand eight hundred bucks per ethereum, we are making 157 dollars and 38 cents per month, it’s three dollars more per month, comparing to nice hash. Now, if those numbers matter to you, then sure you can go ahead and mine using ethereum miner and you will get ethereum back, you can use a pool. You register to any pool pretty much uh you just google, ethereum pool and you’re registered. You give them the ethereum address and you’ll get paid in ethereum if that’s what you want. I personally want bitcoin so nice hash. Here we go now. We must check how much power are we consuming uh, because power costs money for some people and we want to know how much we’re consuming so then how much money we get back, because when you consume power it increase your bill.

Your electricity bill goes up uh with it, so let’s go ahead, while it’s mining with nice hash, i’m gon na go ahead and calculate how much power we are drawing from the wall. Uh running nice hush let’s go. We are mining with nicehash on this laptop five dollars and 22 cents. I love this keyboard very nice, but let’s see how much power are we consuming well. The screen is on. We are consuming about 160 150 watts. I’Ll wait for the screen to turn off because that’s, mostly what we’re gon na mine, anyways and i’ll try to shut off the led on the keyboard to make a difference here and see. If i can draw less power, let’s go, the screen is off. The keyboard is off there and there is nothing in the usb connected and we’re pulling 140 watts, that’s, actually extremely efficient for five dollars a day. Pretty impressive. You can probably cannot get it anywhere unless you actually have a 30 and 80 or 30 90 that you under voltage a lot to get to those numbers so for the number it’s extremely impressive, all right guys. So let’s go to the calculator and calculate how much money are we going to make per month. So i put in 45.8 hashes mega hashes that’s how much we’re gon na get from this laptop uh, the 3080 mobile version, and that comes up to 135 dollars per month when we calculate 145 watt, which is very, very low, extremely efficient and 20 cents per kilowatt Hours and one percent pool fee now, uh nice hatch, might be a little bit smaller number than this, but still this is pretty impressive.

I’M. Actually super impressed for how efficient that is. 145 watts is nothing it’s, literally only cost 20 bucks per month to run this thing. Full force, 24, 7 for a month, that’s a very low number, and it really depends on how much you pay in your city or whatever. You can look at your bill and calculate how much kilowatt hours you pay and if it’s half of that then it’s like 10 bucks, it’s a very small amount of power. Unfortunately, though, you can definitely tell that this is under clocked version of the 3080, because the original 3080 can do double that mega hash. If you get a full size, one so it’s getting like a half of a 30 80, which is a little bit unfortunate and show you that the two grand that you pay you’re not actually getting a full size. 3080. I had a feeling. Maybe i’ll get one that’s 20 30 percent less power, but this one is about 50 less power, so it’s a little bit disappointing, but still very impressive and very efficient. So the cost of running it will be very, very low and it’s a mobile it’s. So small, you can take it anywhere and you i can also use it for editing, videos and so forth, so for me it’s a great upgrade, but to make money off of it. Maybe you’re, also risking your motherboard to burn and uh. I don’t know how long this whole thing will last running.

24. 7. it’s, i don’t know something will break. You know now. Let’S try to overclock it. I managed to run msi afterburner. Do not try this. I might literally burn this guy right now to the ground, but i’m gon na go slowly and increase the uh. The the memory speeds a little bit and i’m gon na increase the core speed a little bit and then go a little bit a little until the crash, and then we go a little bit lower than that and then we’ll see so let’s see if that’s gon Na work – oh boy, yeah, the overclock definitely worked. So we are mining, seven dollars and seventy four cents. I saw at least ten percent more power, at least ten percent more. I actually got up to 50 mega hashes on ethereum. So this is my settings. I got to this laptop it’s 330 mega hashes extra on the core and 700 extra megas on the memory clock. More than that and i got crashes either the memory failed or the whole mining failed. So this is the most i can do and what i can do is actually uh save it. So there’s a saving feature on the msi afterburner. I wish to have the euros software to do. The overclocking uh will probably do a little bit better job, but it’s not available yet, even though it is an auris laptop it’s brand new still, i don’t think they made the software yet i’m playing overwatch right now.

Oh wow and we’re getting 220 210 fps crazy. The ios 15g is an amazing, powerful laptop for gaming and mining, but again do not mine on your laptop. This is my alienware in my original box, and this is gon na be sold four parts because i just burnt my second motherboard mining on this alienware 17r and the 1080 not recommended. I don’t know if they made it better this time. Maybe they have a better temperature control over the capacitors, because i, when i opened the motherboard i saw the capacitors uh got screwed up from the mining, i think just because they got overheated. They might be not good seating sitting on the heatsink, so maybe they got better nowadays with the better capacitors and better cooling units they might survive longer, but, as you can see, do not mine on your laptop i’m, an exception i’m doing this for science, if you Like this, video leave a like and subscribe, because one of my videos coming up will be a huge mining rig with very powerful gpus.