I recently got some 1660s from space goats. So i bought these off of him and together this whole rig in terms of pricing is around, i would say about 2500 usd, so my main goal is to see how long we can break even or get the return on initial investment on 2500 usd mining. With these right now will get about, i think, 20 to 23 mega hash on mining, ethereum, okay, so these are 1660 non super non ti’s. So in this video i will show you guys the hash rates and we’ll do you know roughly how much a day it’ll make and when i can essentially break even on it, and apparently i think, it’s about four months as about making this video so i’m gon Na keep track on a single ethereum address and see how much ethereum and in terms of fiat value, we can get the theoretical break even point, but yeah i’m gon na build this rig and i’m gon na talk about all the different parts here. First before i get started – and i want to talk about how i’m going to do the power supply and the power cabling – okay in case some of you guys – are interested in that okay, so let’s begin first, i have a mining rig frame here that i have Custom made myself back in 2017. there’s a video i followed. I think it was back in 2016 that mining hardware, aka guntas from mineshop.

eu, made an awesome video link in the description on how to make these aluminum angled frames all right. So really awesome of him. You guys probably saw earlier. I have like a bunch of these that i made in 2017.. I decided to bring one back and utilize it for this six by 1660 mining rig okay, and you guys can see here. I have gprisers.com risers recently. They just sent me these new revisions, all right, so take a look at that white pcb with the gold usb and also a new locking mechanism on the pcie jacket or the riser there. Okay, so yeah really cool we’re going to be using those so check out. Jprises.Com, if you guys are interested use, offer code red panda mining for about 10 off okay and then i have a gigabyte h110 d3a. Now this motherboard is not new i’ve had this since, like 2017, but theoretically, if someone was to buy this right now, it would be about, i think, 100 130 dollars. Roughly and plus i have a g’30 or a g4400. I forgot which cpu this is, but yeah it’s, one of those two and then i have eight gigs of ddr4 ram. And then i have a 120 gig ssd, which we’re gon na use hive os i’ll have a link down in the description. How to make a hive os usb boot plenty of videos on youtube? How to do that. So i already have hive os on here.

Actually, all right guys so now let’s talk about the power supply, all right, so how i’m gon na power the six 1660s with one 850 watt power supply – and this is an evga 850 g3 and roughly i got this power supply for about 200 bucks, so it’s, Actually pretty expensive, but you guys can see here that there are four pcie strands: okay, four different plugs that go into the power supply and we’re gon na be utilizing each of these strands, and so we have six sixteen sixties and with these four strands, two of Them come, as you know, one eight pin all right so two different strands, one eight pin and then another two cables come with dual eight pins. All right has one daisy chained off a single strand, and so my thought process is. Is that the tdp for these 1660s is 120 watts all right? According to zotac – and i looked at the gauge on these pcie cables – and it said 18 gauge and theoretically they go up to about 300 watts: okay, theoretically it’s supposed to be able to go to 300 watts on a daisy, chained, cable, 18 gauge that’s rated at 600, volts, okay, so what i’m going gon na be doing is i have six different splitters here, all right, the eight pin to dual eight pin, and these are from good old nerdgears.com. Thank you. Nerd gears, so i’m gon na be putting a splitter on every single.

Eight pin here, okay and so there’s, six eight pins here total on these four power supply strands, and then each of these splitted ends is gon na go into the gpu, which is a single eight pin, okay right there and then the other side is going to Go into the riser okay, the gpurisers.com riser, so when we’re mining and, of course, we’re going to undervolt in hive os. So theoretically, these gpus only take about 75 watts when mining, okay, so i’m, going to show you guys all that later and uh yeah. We should totally be fine in terms of power capacity on an 850 watt for six zotac 1660s as they’re really low in power consumption anyway. Okay, so yeah that’s, my power supply explanation there and uh yeah. Okay, so let’s go ahead: i’m, just gon na like build it all together, so i don’t bore you guys in doing all that, all right, so what i’m gon na do after that is then we’re gon na figure out the hash rates, power, consumption, profitability and all That stuff, okay, so i will see you guys after i build the whole thing. It should be pretty quick all right. So here we go three two one there you guys go. Look at that man this. This looks really good. It’S been a while, since i’ve played around with one of these custom frames, i love it. It works really well guys making these custom frames.

You know i just went to home depot and you know bought some aluminum angle and wood and that’s it. It takes like about half an hour to you, know, cut the pieces to spec, of course, and depending you can make it longer as well. Okay, so, depending if you want, you know, depending on how long the gpus are and this this mining rig frame actually used to be for my shorter 1060 evga minis, okay, so this frame is actually perfect for these zotac 1660s that you guys can see here. So this is just perfect, but yeah just to go around, you guys can see how it looks like, and my cable management is not the best, but i did what i could and you guys can see how i have it all there. All the pcie is plugged in and let’s take a look at the pcie on this side here, which looks pretty uniform, did my best to cable manage over here, as you guys can see, doesn’t look too bad, but yeah there’s a splitter going to each of the Zotac 1660s and the six pcie pins that you guys know. I explained that before okay, so let’s go ahead, i’m gon na turn it on now and i’m, not sure if this motherboard already has the ac bios on. I think it does, but i didn’t have a vga. I was hoping my little monitor here would connect, but it’s hdmi and dvi.

I don’t have vga okay, so we’ll see if it turns on here and we’ll, see what the power consumption is as well. I got a little kilowatt plugged in okay, so here we go three two one: oh okay turned on. Is there any smoke smell test? Okay, no smoke no sparks, i think we’re. All good hive os is on the ssd. Already, okay, oh, it turned off all right. It turned back on uh let’s, see here, power consumption is 170 nope. It just turned off again what’s going on uh, oh it’s. It turned back on automatically so says, we’re using about 178 watts and it just turned off again: okay, well i’m, going to figure out what’s going on. Oh man, i hope it’s like not the power supply, or i have everything plugged in i’m, not sure what’s, going on. Okay, guys, i’ll be right. Back i’m gon na see what’s going on and it just turned off again all right be right. Back, okay, it is mining. Now you guys can see getting about 27 mega hash on each of the 1660s, which is quite amazing actually but okay, so you guys probably just saw i had to swap out the motherboard looks like this h110 there’s, something wrong with it. I’M, not sure why it kept going on and off. I did try changing some risers, but it wasn’t, not the gp risers, and i changed this msi sli plus motherboard. So this is the one from actually from space codes and it seems like it’s working and i had to take out the cpu, and i took out the ram on this board and it looks like it’s working right now.

Okay, so you guys saw the hash rate there and the power consumption uh let’s, see here, 525, 526 watts or so okay, so you guys can see the power consumption there for the whole rig. Okay. So look at that it’s working now, yeah, really strange. Why the motherboard decided to not work but yeah? I did a lot of different troubleshooting like resetting the cmos and i don’t know i i just not sure i think this is this is dead, but it turned on so yeah. Maybe i can try this out in another, build future, but anyways guys it’s working now, and let me show you the hive os web gui. Okay, so you guys can see the six 1660 zotacs and there is the hash rate. And here are the temperatures looks like uh it’s getting a little bit up there, but you can see here about 75 watts per card, and here are my overclocks. So one thing i am actually surprised about is these zotac 1660s and you know they all have micron memory. So what i’ve seen before and what i’ve heard is that the regular like non super non ti usually sometimes have hynix memory. And so what i was expecting was that these were able to probably go up maximum 24 mega hash. But i didn’t know that these had micron memory so yeah they don’t have hynix. So what reports that i’ve been seeing online is hynix has able to get between like 21 to 24 mega hash or something but uh looks like uh space.

Goats really helped me out here got me some micron zotac 1660s here and yeah they’re, doing really well at 27, mega hash and 75 watts, which i think is. I mean it’s, pretty good right we’re, getting like 162.3 mega hash for the total rig, okay and uh, guys you’re, probably wondering about profitability. So i have all the numbers entered here. Actually, let me put 525 for the watts and we can probably do the same thing for eth as well: uh, 160 and 525. Obviously, i think we all know that ethereum is going to be the king in terms of profitability and so at 10 cents kilowatt hour. Guys, you guys can see yeah ethereum, obviously the most profitable coin at the moment, so wow at 10 cents kilowatt hour. This rig alone is making about 22 dollars a day as of recording this video. So that is amazing and guys. I will have the link down below you guys can follow the address where i’m mining it to, and maybe some of you guys can help me uh just keep watch of this i’ll just have it on all the way until we can essentially break even on this Zotac 1660 rig; okay, so yeah, like i said, it’s about twenty five hundred dollars. You know, theoretically of if i were, to buy the parts now all together: okay, so around like three hundred dollars per 1660 and yeah, including motherboard cpu power supply all that other stuff ssd at roughly around 2 500.

So we’re gon na see how long it’ll take essentially to get to just mine. You know i’m, just gon na mine straight ethereum all right on this rig and we will see you know, maybe in four months all right technically, i think it’s around three or four months. I think i did the math, where we will technically break even uh on 2500, with within, like four months or so so yeah we’ll keep track of the ether mine address here, guys, link down below in case some of you guys want to follow it, but yeah. This is pretty cool, so yeah. Let me know your guys’s thoughts, that’s it. I was going to test some other hash rates, but honestly it’s it’s, like ethereum, is obviously the most number one coin, that everyone’s trying to mine right now and who knows right? Who knows if, potentially the amount of rewards that we’re mining a day which is supposed to be, you know 0.013 to ethereum around there a day? And you know if that’s going to add up in the next four months or so. I think we should have like. Maybe 1.2 ethereum one ethereum and if ethereum price decides to go up even more, i think, as of recording as i’m making this video i think ethereum is 1797 right now, 1797, so yeah that’s that’s quite insane right so actually doing the math it wouldn’t be like 1.2, i would need like what 1.

5 in order to break even roughly around there, but anyways we’ll, see in the next four months. If we could potentially get our initial investment back, but we shall see okay, so guys yeah. Let me know your thoughts that’s it, and this rig is pretty sick. Look how small form factor it is that’s. What i like about this rig it’s, just so nice, so small and yeah really clean i’m glad everything works. Now: 850 watt power supply and we’re.