2018 Wrap-up and 2019 Predictions for Smartwatches/Health & Fitness Bands/Wearable Technology

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  1. why don’t more watches have transreflextive screens? camera resolution is not essential for me, but integration of a payment method is, it is much easier to hold the watch to the reader in shops than the smartwatches. ambient mode is a breakthrough since a watch should tell us the time without lifting the wrist.

    1. I don’t like the idea of transmitting my bank card information anywhere. I’ll stick to inserting my card in the reader.

  2. Tick watch dual layer screen is not a new technolody at all. Casio used that technolody over decade! When i watched a video from Tick watch and their representative told that its thei “creation and technolofy” i gave them guge dislike and negative comment!!! Shame to them!!!

  3. MR Ticks, thank you for a year of enjoyable new watch technology, you make thinks so much easier to understand how these watch’s function,plus the good and not so good designs that they are coming out with. I am already looking forward to the new smartwatches coming for 2019 that I can add to my collection. ALL the best to you and Mrs Ticks in 2019.

  4. You got it the Thor pro screen and size with front facing camera no Amoled, ipx waterproof and removable bands is the winner, but you know ain’t gonna happen. To bad
    Happy new year

  5. Great videos. What is the watch that is best for using as a stand alone phone for being heard and hearing the caller? Cheers


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