So i have a little treat for you guys, an early sneak peek at the next doom dlc. This is doom eternal. The ancient gods part two right now: they’re using the uh placeholder name, waifu hell, just as just as a placeholder more for me, um yeah. They say they’re taking a wildly different direction with this game, so uh let’s play it uh single player, sure uh, oh well, um all right! Well, i can oh, hey uh, hey what’s up first blow right: first blood double kill trip, triple kill; okay, let’s go and i’m alright, so uh hugo martin said they’re, taking a little bit of a different approach with this game, making it an arena shooter rather than A level by level system more like taking taking taking uh traits from good old classic quake. Essentially, if you want to get the true ending of the game, you have to uh, you have to get the highest score. You have to get a score over 100. that’s. What i’m gon na be doing today, i’m gon na try and get that explorable hunt, so i can get the true ending to doom eternal. Also, they decided to make the doom slayer female. In this version, you can hear from the jumps they’re doing a different character. So it’s, not the doom slayer it’s actually crash from quake 3.. You can really tell the no no. I was doing so well now there are a couple bugs like uh these guys having you know aiming of a god.

In fact. Actually, i believe hugo martin said they’re going back to the old new two days. I died again we’re going back to the old doom two days where the hit scanner was afraid if you don’t know who wanted doom to hit, and basically all the classic first person because hit scanning was a technology they used to allow for the enemies to hit. You what it would do to scan your location and hit you practically very precisely. He said they’re using that technology again, but they’re changed a little and i’m dead. They changed a little and called it the doom formula i’m wondering do. I have any other weapons. Do i have any other weapons? Do i have anything else? Do i just have the shotgun i mean they did say this was a very early prototype um. I guess i only have a shotgun right now. Unless there’s, like a cheat code, i got ta implement uh hugo martin did say that this this was filled with secrets. It was absolutely filled with secrets. Uh also, i don’t know if you could tell, but you know they decided to change up the setting in this one taking place on a hellified mars they’re, not on a helified mod but like outside of the helicopters. As you can see, there’s hellified mars right. There see it used to be hell on earth now tell on mars. Also, the demons are a little different, i believe he said there’s a different dimension and that these were the early prototypes um of this race, and then we have, you know the one.

The only the one type but the final game there will be a lot of different types of demons. I wonder if i camp here, while i’d be able to get like high score. Oh no. These guys also have predictive ai packing, so that actually predict where you’re going to land, which is a very cool technology that it has been working on in the new in tech, engine, dlc and yeah. This would definitely, i would call probably the real doom eternal experience. Uh, i would probably classify this as the best experience you can get of. Doom eternal is just this a high score based arena shooter with anime titties. I just my one critique is that i think there should be a little bit more weapon. Variety. Definitely a little bit more weapon variety, because you know as it stands, i only have the base shotgun and you know a game. Couldn’T hurt with a little bit more weapon. Variety like a pistol. You know the classic. Bfg can’t have a human game about the bfg. Obviously there there we go yeah, then you come up here and then i believe all you have to do is jump boom secret area baby. You can’t hit any of the enemies here and that’s a death spot. I think i’m gon na do maybe one or two more runs of this and uh i’m gon na give hugo martin my advice or what what i thought, as you can see, my accuracy is pin point like my accuracy is the end point like you.

Fortnight, kids, y’all y’all don’t even understand like my accuracy right now. You all wanted to do. Crisp 90s in your fortnight look i’m doing crisp 90s in the uh doom eternal of the ancient gods. Part two: oh man, well, i’m glad i was able to try this out. Thank you, hika martin, i’m gon na be emailing. You soon love you and now a very professional email from jamie Music to hugo martin at doom slayer subject. Thank you for allowing me to try doom eternal, the ancient gods, part two Music. Mr martin. I would gladly like to say thank you for letting me try the next dlc for doom eternal. I was enthralled by the fun of the game. Yes, indeed, but i do have a fair critique if you would be so kind to put in different guns like the bfg and the super duper ultra deluxe chocolate edition super shotgun that would be very based. I hope you have a grand day, mr martin, your favorite youtube guy j, jamie jameson, the second, and we will send that off. Oh no, that was doomy. Charlie angel god’s part two uh yeah.