No denying that fact. If anything goes down, like bnb has gone down. 25 people tend to get a little bit jittery if they don’t they’re lying to you. If uh bitcoin goes down 15 in 24 hours, people tend to get a bit jittery. If people don’t say theorem going down 21 in the last 21 hours is a bit worrying uh, you know i’m, just being realistic with you, critter frog in the house subscribe. If you haven’t disclaimer, none of this is financial advice and uh thumbs up. That would be greatly appreciated. Let’S pull up the gexster, because uh let’s put things in perspective a little bit. Shall we? Because if we look in the past seven days, bitcoin is still up. One percent – i know this is a bit of a dump and a bit of a severe one, we’ve experienced over the past couple of days, the past 48 hours or so there’s. No denying that fact uh do, i think it’s the end of the bull run, in my opinion, no, but i think there were there will be more pain before there is more joy. Let me put it that way. So really depends on what you want to do. Uh, i personally will just hold through, but you know this is cryptocurrency it’s a high risk game, isn’t it and plus. If you don’t, feel the despair of uh your bags losing 20 of their value in 24 hours, then you’ll never truly enjoy the sheer uh.

Ecstasy of seeing your bags like pump 5x now i’m, not talking particularly about large caps, i’d, still think bitcoin is easily on course to top 100 000 this year, disclaimer no financial advice, given the problems ethereum has been having really i i i mean at this point Until this uh, this ep1553 or whatever comes out that’s, probably the macro cap – i am most bearish on to be to be quite frank, i’m, not overly concerned with finance coin. I think uh, you know the binance smart chain, it’s, still a huge plus for that project. To be quite frank, and i think the uh rebound on that will be more pronounced than the others, uh polka dot. I don’t know it just seems to me like that is uh i’m gon na piss people off by saying this, but i think that is artificially high and not artificially high, but i think that is grossly overvalued ada. I think i mean it’s still up seven percent. This week, no sweat xrp. If you’re still in that, then really uh. Either you have diamond hands or you do not know what you’re doing. I would say, uh litecoin as well. I mean all all i would say actually is uh. If you have some fiat in the gun, because i know this uh damp caught a lot of people off guard i’m, not saying it didn’t catch me off guard. Of course it did it caught everyone off guard, because we’re just minnows swimming in the sea uh different.

A different level that we do not see aka the all seeing eye aka the rothschilds of the cryptocurrency. They see what’s going to happen uh. We have very little little control over what’s going to happen, but i believe that until if this goes on for like a week or something like that and bitcoin goes down to below, like 40 000 us dollars, then i think we could be dealing with a whole Different kettle of fish and we might be uh seeing the start another of another bear market. That being said, i could be completely wrong and i hope i’m wrong, but then again i don’t think that’s gon na happen. I made a video just about a week ago when everyone was throwing their freaking toys out of their play, pens or cots or whatever you want to label them, because bitcoin dropped to about the same price, so probably actually a bit a bit less than it was Now let’s have a look now: let’s have a look on binance up easier i’m, not going to bang on too long. I ain’t really that concerned, though, to be frank: let’s pull up the one day. Yeah i mean that is a bit of a severe wick. I ain’t gon na lie to you. That is a bit that is a bit of a fat red one it’s gone down from 53, almost 54 000 to 46.. I don’t know i think uh 42 or something has to hold.

Otherwise we could see some serious blood. This is nothing. This is just like a bit of a drunken fist fight in the middle of sheffield or some dodgy town in northern england, not the if you’re from sheffield uh that’s, particularly dodgy quite like sheffield, been there before uh but i’m. Not particularly do i sound worried, i mean i, like i say i didn’t come down in yesterday’s showers and to be honest with you, if someone would have told me um two months ago, the bitcoin would be forty six thousand dollars. I probably would have left in their face that’s, not to say that this damp uh shouldn’t be respected and i would probably avoid catching knives uh. If you do feel like the urge to catch knives, then uh dollar cost average in isn’t it uh i’ve. Seen on the chat now that people are saying i’m scared, frog, we’re getting wrecked me, my family uh hold on it’s over excellent markets yeah. I i ain’t that worried to be frank, but if you can’t take the heat get out, the kitchen is what i reckon anyway. This is a quick one subscribe. If you haven’t, i don’t, i don’t want to blow smoke up people’s ass. You know what i’m saying it is a bit of a rough day: there’s, no denying it i’m crypto frog, you’re a legendary. By the way i freaking hit uh 15 000 followers. So every cloud really. I do not care about twitter followers, but uh subscribe.

If you want thumbs up, we are in this ship. Together we are in the ship. Together we will go down like the titanic playing our violins. If necessary, i got dang tell thee anyway. This is just a bonus video i wasn’t gon na make this now i’m. Gon na put this put this freaking fat skull back in your face and play out with some mad beats, raise those serotonin levels up a touch because it is muchos needed right now, all right friends, stay safe, decide what you want to do be responsible. Don’T have all your life savings in cryptocurrencies. It is highly volatile, but god dang. Those gains are good, but god dang those red days. They suck balls, yo peace, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music. Do you know it’s the noobs, i kind of feel the most sorry for, because they’re getting absolutely savagely wrecked brought into the game by a bunch of know, nothing celebrities. A lot of us have seen this before. I just worry that people normies uh, have put a lot of money into this and uh didn’t know what they’re getting in for uh. They didn’t know that cryptocurrency was still like the wild west in many ways and it’s still, a very small market in comparison is a drop in the bucket of something like oil or the main stream finance industry, so can be manipulated by uh macro actors. Shall we say, but a lot of people will be like uh at this point? What are you gon na do sell for a massive loss or try and buy and lower it could be a go.

You might have diamond hands i’m, just i’m, just holding the line.