As you can see here, we had a bounce on top of it and then we crashed lower and we bounced on it at around. We went we wicked even below it, to like 15, 50 and so on. So let’s talk about what’s going to happen from here. What is up welcome to the cryptofoam, where we cover the hottest news in crypto, so that includes ethereum analysis, bitcoin cardano chain link, litecoin v chain, polka dot and everything that you need to fomo into crypto. The right way so make sure to smash the like subscribe. Turn bell notifications, so you get the hottest news in crypto before everyone else now let’s get started. The market is in a beautiful sea of red everyone’s, getting wrecked. Oh no bitcoins at 50, 000 it’s going to zero and um ethereum is down, but overall i mean the week still has been pretty good. I mean you can see in the last seven days. The coins that are up are polka dot and cardano. Thank you guys for saving us from the doom and gloom, but overall, besides that we’re seeing just a nice correction, am i happy that we have a correction? Yes, am i concerned no pretty simple so, as you can see here when you zoom out, so we had this big wick here that happened on kraken. This is why you should be careful with the exchanges that you’re using, but really the real wick, that we’ve seen on ethereum was much lower.

It really was around yeah 1550, so that was really the wick and so far it is painting a double bottom over here. So is it going to hold? I don’t know man we’ll see what we’ve seen before is that we’ve seen that those wicks usually were a good opportunity to add some right, as you can see over here and then over here, you can see eventually crashed below it, but as a whole, those wicks Did work pretty well uh when you were looking at um points to accumulate right, so, as you can see here, we had the wick and then over here. So what we’re seeing right now is a little bit similar to this pattern. Over here see, we had a crash right, we had the wick and then we had another wick to the downside, and then we closed back here now the daily still don’t close. Yet so we need to see how this is going to end, but so far it’s painting a similar picture. We have so far a double bottom over here. I know that this wig is a little bit annoying just ignore it. We have a double bottom over here and this is clear: um, you know accumulation area, so it could crash lower, but overall it’s still looking good, i mean the dips are getting bought. The structure is still intact. You can see in this ascending channel and we’ll, see how low we will go. I always hope that we really go super low just so i can buy cheaper that’s the way i am, but i know if you’re new, it might be scary to you.

You might be a bit concerned, it’s totally normal man it’s. It happens like after a while. You just realize that nothing goes up in a straight line, even though it might seem like it at times and that overall, the fomo is still real and we’re all going to the moon. So so far, when you look at the four hours you can see that we had a bounce, it got rejected from the the middle of the ascending channel right and then right now it crashed to it and then right now the bottom of the ascending channel is Acting as support, i think we could. We could keep retesting that probably one more time i don’t think we’re just gon na rally from here i mean anything’s possible, but usually we’re, just having a normal correction. Here i mean really. The previous correction we had was around. Fourteen hundred dollars, so now we have another correction at two thousand and twenty dollars, so i think it is um. I think, it’s just a healthy correction. I mean when you look at bitcoin, you can see it’s pretty much the same thing. We just rallied a lot and we had kind of like a fake out above the ascending channel, and then we crashed right back to it to the bottom of it, so this is actually pretty normal behavior. Sometimes it does happen that the market kind of like overshots and then it needs to correct so i’ll, show you same thing here.

You see we were in ascending channel right. We broke up from here, oh we’re, going to get rich we’re going to red ridge and then boom right crashed back to the bottom of the ascending channel, and then it ended up uh grinding to the upside and of course, as you can see here, we have This multiple really easy buy opportunity. You can see here those multiple wicks opportunities to buy some right so that’s. What we’re, seeing right now um pretty much like again, of course, it’s not always the same. It could go lower again just to do it on the internet, but basically um. This is this is pretty normal and we’ll see, especially if we’re going to start like wicking down here like a few days, but every time it’s going to keep holding the range that’s going you’re going to know that it’s, probably a pretty good area to to buy Some so that’s, looking good when you look at ethereum versus bitcoin, it is just wrecked city, just megarect. You can see here that ethereum broke down from the uh descending channel from bitcoin, so it was bearish and right now it is bleeding down. Now we do have very strong support, really around um three percent of uh when, like 0.03 right now with 0.032, so we’ll see when it is going to bottom and it’s interesting that it’s bothering now because of the ethereum, we have the ethereum protocol coming up like The one five five nine like gas fee change, protocol meeting right with all the developers and the miners, so it’s possible that it’s dumping leading to this event, because maybe some insiders knew some insider information about how this is going to play out.

But again i wouldn’t panic here because the price already crashed so much i mean. Are you seriously going to sell now after it crashed right? You want to sell high and buy low right now, it’s, definitely low. So let’s talk about ethereum on the lower time frames. As you can see bounce at the bottom of the boiling bands, like i told you, these areas act as support and resistance all the time right, the middle, the top the bottom pretty simple. So far, acting as support pretty nice, the last time we bounced on it. It was the local bottom, as you can see over here. Local bottom let’s see over here, uh local bottom kind of here. Local bottom didn’t really quite reach it, but um yeah. You can see over here and then really the last time that he kind of went below the daily blogger bands really was when the theorem was at 350 bucks. The good all day, good old days and uh yeah we’ll, see how it’s going to play out right now we could go lower for sure so be a bit careful here right now, still bleeding when you look at it versus bitcoin. This is just the definition of wrecked. This is just right. You see red candles boom boom boom now also, if you’re not sure when to buy a bitcoin to buy ethereum you’re. Looking for mentorship from someone who’s been there done that then feel free to click.

The link below this video and book, a tradition with us, you’ll talk to me or someone on my team to see if we can work together and if you’re not sure what you’re doing you’re kind of panicking. With this you don’t have a game plan. You realize that you might have been lucky until now, but everyone’s, a genius in the bull market and honestly at some point. The music is going to stop playing and you’re going to need to know what you’re doing you’re going to give most of your profits back to the market, and you want to avoid that then feel free to reach out link below this video. In the description. Be more than happy to chat to see if we can work together, make sure to check out my awesome client testimonials below this video from awesome clients. Thank you guys, all right when you look at bitcoin on the lower timeframes, as you can see, bounce to the middle of the bollinger bands, you guys are just getting free alpha if you’re not subscribed. What are you doing subscribe? My friend so anyways bouncing on the middle of the bowling bands. This trend is still intact. We might have a correction, though. What i want you to notice is that bitcoin rallied pretty much 100 right. If you look at it, we went from 29 to what was that went from 29 to uh 58 right, so we literally did exactly a 2x and then we corrected a little bit right.

So it’s definitely normal to have this kind of correction. You know every time the bitcoin doubles. I mean hey. If it’s gon na correct to like 45, then it’s going to rally to 90., i mean i’m, a happy man, i don’t know about you if it corrects the 40 and then drop rallies to 80 we’re. All good, so the fomo is real. All of your thing is going well and then also amanda. Cerny a few days ago said that bnb is a sugar, mama and uh. I love amanda, i think she’s hilarious. I love her content and all that and what’s funny is that she tweeted that right at the top. You know when people say like oh and they congratulate you and they say, like. Oh, this coin made me a lot of money when, when kind of people feel confident enough to tweet about that or to publicly talk about that that’s, when you know you should be a bit careful um and all that, and that this might be a sign that The local top is in you know, for buying this coin, and all that and then also jordan, is saying breaking i’m a no coiner again, sir. Why took a rather insane and fully undeserved profit on bitcoin thanks satoshi? It was fine while it last oh, not bullish enough, not bullish enough damn, and he says that he is taking profits. What do you guys think the no coiners are uh some people that are just in it? You know uh not really, understanding what they’re doing they’re just like okay went up a lot, let’s take profits, but then, sir, what are you going to do when it’s going to keep going up more i mean this is the best performing investment in human history.

Don’T. You think it’s going to keep doing what it’s been doing over the last 12 years. I keep going up because it will also trust in elon, says little moon lambo, as you guys can see. We got here. A nice v shape recovery and you can see. Tesla is behind the scenes what elon hasn’t planned for us. I do not know, but we shall see also the sun, the neutron star and then ethereum is just a just wrecked city, just wrecked just massive break. Also, the future of finance will be built on lazy cash. Grabs says fubra basler, obviously strolling, but it does have a point you can see here. When you look at pancake swap when you actually look at their database, you can see that they literally copied uni swap database, which is totally cool. I think copying is fine. Like i copy some stuff in my business i mean it makes me money. Who cares? You know it helps people, it grows the business it’s, a win win for everyone, of course, unless you kind of make it your own right, you take what is useful discard what is not, and you make it uniquely your your own right now. The problem here with with pinking swap is that they didn’t make it uniquely their own, and you can see here it says uni swap on pancake swap this is so funny. Imagine facebook copying a piece of code from amazon and then it literally says amazon in the code right.

So you can see here, uni swap unit swap uniso, and then you can see here, uni swap they didn’t even bother removing unispot from here. It says the unit swap default token list limbs here. Oh man, this is so funny welcome to crypto in 2021, the wild wild west and it’s interesting they’re. Actually still they have api calls to uni swap to check the code. So, basically, if you’re not a developer, it looks like they’re still actually calling uni swap database um to send them information to double check stuff man i’m, not sure about this one. It looks hilarious, hilarious man, i mean hey, they made a lot of money, but they should still take, like the you know, 30 seconds to replace this and make it legit, but uh. It is kind of funny. It is kind of funny welcome to buying the smart chain, got ta love the space also raul paul says. Hopefully this is useful for people who struggle with bitcoin price action. To most it looks like a bubble because we are trained in mean reversion ie. This time is not different of linear asset linear trend assets. So basically this entire point i’m not going to read to you out the entire thing. But this entire point is the big one keeps going up so quickly because the number of users keep going up so quickly and when you have a network like this, the kind of like the more users are in it, the more valuable it becomes like exponentially.

Then the price will go up exponentially too, and people don’t understand this. This is not a linear thing. You know this is not like. If you have five apples and then you have 10 apples, then 10 apples are worth twice as much than the five apples. No, if you have, you have bitcoin and it has like a hundred thousand year users, and it has 200 000 users it’s, actually not twice as valuable, it’s, actually more valuable than that, and then the the number of users is just going up so fast that the Price is just reflecting that so basically just huddle enjoy the games. I mean right now definitely take some profits along the way. Don’T be like oh it’s, going to a million dollars tomorrow, don’t be like that kind of people either. Okay, the truth is somewhere in the middle, but just be aware that the reason that it’s going up like this for 12 years, nothing goes up for 12 years 11 years, like this. For no reason you know so if this was a bubble with a pod popped like many many years ago, so uh yeah, you can see the numbers of users are going up. I know a lot of people that are following right now into the space. You can see it in the subscribers of this channel the views on this channel it’s crazy, it’s crazy. Also, we got here. Bitcoin crashed nine thousand dollars in two hours, but dodge coin only fell two cents during that time.

It’S obvious, which one is more stable, says john, which is obviously uh trolling, but yeah let’s see how dodge coin held this. So bitcoin is down 11 today and dodge coin is down uh eleven and a half percent. I crashed more bro, oh wait! It just changed. 10.3 percent – oh it saw me looking at it wow we just passed bitcoin, absolutely hilarious, good luck, dogecoin! So that’s it for this video. I hope that you enjoyed it like. I said if you’re looking for mentorship from someone who’s been there done that helped a lot of people uh make really good returns working with him, and you don’t want to make all these mistakes figuring. Those things out then feel free to reach out book a strategy session with us, a link below this video and that’s it much love. Thank you so much for watching liking, subscribing turning on the bell notifications, sharing this video with a friend much love.