Damn remember kodak said he would young man that needs a brave man. Alright, cool um yo. You made justice rumors about her dissident rumor bro. You know man, and this song i just put out – is no diss track, it’s, not a diss track. I don’t got ta diss to be. I just had to get back in my bag on, but it’s not a track. Black is the turn we use in the towns it’s like yo black, a black it’s, not no kodak black dish like shut the up, yeah weird, but i ain’t even mad cause. The is promo, so i ain’t even mad everybody with some promo, so y’all can make him some. Oh yeah. I won all day that should happen. Yo bro come on well. First of all, i think so a long time ago said he would young man now y’all. Let me know what the vibes are on this. If you say you would like a girl like what do we call? Young man is younger me, a um she’s a is les. I don’t want to call her anything that’s, offensive, it’s, saying she’s, a lesbian, okay, she’s, a woman. She identifies as a woman, but she likes other women it’s a lesbian, correct. Unless i’m don’t don’t don’t cancel me. I don’t want to be canceled so like whenever you talk about this there’s, so much like loopholes, i don’t be canceled. Actually they canceled me already. Did they only cancel me either? No, you said chrissy teigen dude, though anyway they said she is um.

Kodak said he wanted to do stuff with her. I think she had said no before, but i don’t, i think people were waiting for her response. She had a new song. Let me play her new song that seemingly addressed him. Where is it here? We go okay, it’s, not that it’s, not the whole thing, but i guess you might have to listen to the whole thing. This is young ma’s new song, apparently dissing code at black Music. Anybody would argue with me with that young amate way harder than uh music. Wise bro like come on bro like honestly yo, y’all, ain’t gon na really be honest because i get it like you know. Sometimes you know some people like you know they really ain’t whatever. Whatever i get, i get. I get it but bro like as you’re listening to her you’re, comparing her to be honest, you’re comparing her to you know. You complain like bruh, you won’t even compare this to meg like it’s just hard bro, you listen to the you like you’re, not even comparing it to like another female right you’re. Comparing this to don’t like how you moving, i don’t, know bruh. If me and young men fight it’s, like whoever get the first hit, she hit me one of these holy never know you don’t, give me. Let me know: yo chad, what’s up so that’s the act with a fight woman, no i’m. Just saying younger baby, i don’t want to put no names in this, but come on now i mean hold on young amir or why be in the mirror, come on bro younger me, hey let’s, look at this like you’re in the mirror.

I love you. I ain’t trying to make you like you know what i mean. Why be in the mirror? Young man wait. No, no! This one, someone said, put an updated picture. Fine who y’all got we don’t know i. I was gon na throw up the ugly guy over there. I think young man might give up. He got the beast too, like i ain’t gon na hold you bro. I’M. Sorry, i think he played look. Look. He looks stressed out. She looks like she bought him, who, i think, waiting on it. Uh no child, like y’all at all man, chad, if i get in trouble for these streams, i’m blaming y’all man that ain’t yes, y’all hype me up. He looked like that from avengers man. That was that from avengers what’s, his name again stone in the head, avengers avengers who’s this yeah. He look like this. This story here is this is who’s here here yeah i go a lot of bro. I have a number don’t know. I don’t know it’s my who’s, the boy so the way how the way how this thor violated him bro, i don’t, know bro. I don’t know look at his face when he got violated right now. I don’t know i don’t know holy. Oh lee, no way that name was vision. He ain’t had the foresight or the vision to see this coming god, damn no. The way that held his neck right, nah, bruh, nah bruh, look at how he held this nigga’s neck like a nah, bruh nah.

I think if thanos was low key a demon, though man, because this he was looking like he was a savage he was looking like. He was a savage too he’s. Looking like a savage too yeah, you know mad tough. He look mad tough right here till this look at look at this no way, no way he thought he was the man right here. He thought he was the man. He thought he was.