We do reactions on there. You know i’m saying we just have little discussions with the subscribers. Sometimes i go on the discord and i talk to y’all. You feel me, so you guys want to be a part of that go ahead. Follow me on twitch tap in with twitch. You know i’m saying and yeah. If you guys want to see the live reactions and some of the reactions that i don’t get to post on youtube, go check out the twitch other than that man let’s get straight into the video Music, how much what’s good you guys your boy cozy and i’m Back with another video for the one time you dig what i’m saying man look, we got the boy fbg, the pacman, featuring lil yachty and ddg honey pack remix, you fool me. We bout to get straight into this reaction. I’M. Not gon na lie to you. This better be hard, i hope, it’s hard um. I know my boy ddg is on it. Y’All know ddg and lil yachty. They had that little beef that they would had like all the way. Well, it wasn’t it really wasn’t even beef. It was like just like on some petty that i know a lot. I think that ddg even said he was clown chasing at the time but yeah. That was like all the way back in 2017, so it’s cool to see them like on a song to get the type you feel me.

We won’t get straight into this reaction. Man make sure you guys, like comment subscribe turn the post notifications and yeah let’s get straight into it. Hopefully this is hard. The lunch crew company is that honey that ddg Music. We got your location where you moving. If she ain’t put her on a black list. You’Re, a on first night girl stop it. I don’t like who the i only with i’m toxic. Let me see the real quick finger test. Let me smell it melissa. I got shirt and shoes, but the jeans and belly with seven blinkies in the car and all my fellas. I wan na hey yo, shout out to my son dez. If you know you know shout out to my son, karen civil rock, but i don’t know how to tell her left. Flint came back with bow boy ball head, like evie. Just was sleeping on the floor, not young on bt put trump back in office. You got my rich off eddie Music, young crack baby. Put me in a jar and rock me yeah, my wife won’t. Let me buy a feature. Damn am i hot enough. I’M gon na lie. This is my first time reacting to uh uh bfb, the pac man. This low key slash, snapping i’m, not gon na lie to you, ran off on the plug. Is you stupid? This is a milkshake, not a small guy hit a i’m toxic i’ve been giving out medium sized rich dick.

I only use the at the inside pinkish patrick round round and seeded a street bro like the protagonist. I think that i was resurrected, just like lazarus honey picked a bitter for me, and it never worked right now shout out to that yaddy i saw bruce and yadi on stream yesterday shout out to that boy bruce, you know i’m saying doing this thing. I see Music to do this ran off on the plug this a milkshake, not a smoothie block. With that chop, how you doing we got your location where you moving. If she ain’t put her on the block list, you don’t on first night girl stop it. I don’t like good they just not it. I only with i’m toxic. I just bought a mop stick and a pocket rocket. This ddg is gon na go stupid. I already know this is about to yo knock you out your socket that’s. What all my opps get. I be rocking gucci getting hella coochie, i just got a uc put it in. My suitcase tell that boy don’t play with me when i’m walking out the house 100k on me. These ghetto give me is that a new richard that’s got ta, be a new richard cause i could have swore to one. Is that new? I feel like that’s, the new richard i’m. Not gon na lie to you. I could be rondo, i feel like that’s, a new richard though they wan na lay on me.

She wan na kick it for some wish. I got a day on me just like i know i mean i ain’t finished our teeth. I don’t got time for days. Yo i ain’t gon na lie to you that’s a flex i’m, a yak town, seven figure. I can’t wait. I can’t wait too long. I can be like i’m one of the richest. If not the richest, shout out to that casey neistat is kate. You know what i think i might be able to say: i’m, probably gon na be the richest soon real soon i’ll be the richest out of the new haven. That’S gon na be fire, but i can actually say that because i don’t think that casey neistat was actually from new haven. I know he from connecticut, but i don’t think he’s from new haven that’s gon na be fire Music. We got your location where you moving. If she ain’t put her on the block list, you don’t on first night girl. Stop me, i don’t like good they just not it. I only with i’m toxic yeah. This goes through, but i’m, not gon na lie to you Music. This is a bop. This is a bop man shout out to the boy bfb, the pacman, you feel me, i’m gon na lie to you. This goes hard shout out to ddg shout out to lil yachty and i’m, saying ddg tape. Finna drop next month. He dropping a single on the 26th.

Definitely gon na have to react to that. Look. Lil yachty just dropped his album. I ain’t gon na lie to you. He made a song just for me and my stuses y’all know i’m. The stussy boy do i got. Am i caught lacking today? Do i have my stucy on hold up? Oh no, i got some jean michael basquiat on i’m, not gon na lie to y’all, probably don’t even know who the that is, but shout out to ddg, shout out to bfb the pac man. Shout out to uh lil yachty man. This goes stupid, i’ll with it y’all.