So this is the base url and then the sql express um i’m saving this, and now we do this one. We go to the package manager console and there we say something with update update database, since their data base build started, built, succeeded and now what we should see there is we go now to our data set. Where is it sql server express and there when we update it, we should see they are now our. It was code, dooku de tables, and now we have those asp net role, claims roles, user claims, user, logins users and that’s the main table. What we need persistent grants, this and device codes – these are also new and user tokens. So, but this is the most important and when i start this now, and so it showed how to run the database into an existing database to inc increment included there. So now what we do there is when we go to fetch data, we will get the process login, since there is no one, we will say: okay, make Music, either login or register, so we say register as new user. I would say here this is my raymond and i would say something with my passport and maybe the same password let’s say something: okay, okay and now, when i register, i will come into my system now. I’M registered. This app does not currently have a real uh email sender, so this is without email, confirmment and uh, but we don’t need it.

I will show you on another video how this works and now i’m in there i’m, not sure if i have to log in the second time now i will log in okay, two problem there. Now we have seen that the database uh itself is working, but the confirming of the of their email, doesn’t work, and when we have a look now into our sql server go into our users, then we will see that there is one new data set. So this is when we click in this uh stuff on view data. Now we will see there’s one data set, and this is my that’s, my email with which i have entered my my data. But what you also see there there is: no, you won’t see the password here. So you see here a password hash, a security stamp, but you don’t, the the admin is not able to see the data there and what we will do now. We will confirm uh. The data what we can do here manually, we would say, okay, email confirmed. So when i say here, this is true: go in there now the email, the email is confirmed, and when i go back to my data set and say: okay now, login and i’m logging in then you see a system is corresponding, should go in there. Now it’s logged in – and these are this – is my data set in there and now also the fetch data will work that’s the fetching data since uh.

This is um logged by the controller. When you see the controller there’s, the weather forecast, control and there’s one uh, one small stuff, this uh attribute, which is called authorize. This is the api controller, weather weather forecast by its name and then there’s. The authorizing authorize locks you’re, not able, if you have no authorization, you will not log in be able to log in in any data and that’s.