I haven’t done a video on running for quite a long time because i’ve been kind of busy man, so i feel kind of bad that i haven’t done a video on running and i don’t know what happened to the sun here. The sun was out now the sun kind of disappeared. It was looking better when the sun was out anyways, so yeah. So i haven’t done a video on running and explaining guys have asked me about eating and stuff like that, so i’m, going to do this! Video on eating and everything but it’s based on these running guys because they keep asking me what do i got to eat master tea? What do i got to eat? Look man in my old videos that i did before eating and stuff like that at the buffet and all this kind of stuff i had done i had done. I had done a lot of videos on eating and and what you’re supposed to eat, how much you’re supposed to eat? Look you have to eat food that isn’t, fake, okay, concentrate on look people. Some guys wrote me like stew cases to casey. You know who you are you’ve been following me since i started my channel, you saw me eating at the buffet and all this kind of stuff you wrote on. You wrote in the comment section before you said: how could you eat all that food and not get fat specifically in 2018. i ate all that food and i didn’t get fat because i wasn’t eating fake food pizza, pasta, uh, i don’t know what else is there? Bread and all these weird foods and get it these all these manufactured, weird uh.

You know tapioca uh, whatever these man made foods out of like yogurts and weird things that anything that is man made, i eat clean, i don’t eat any fake food, get it and so that’s. How i’m able to accomplish that, and so, like you saw my videos, you saw me eating there. You could see me eating. You see what i’m talking, sometimes on my video i’m, showing you what i’m eating i’m eating fruit oranges, all kinds of varieties of fruit, cantaloupe and things, and watermelon and stuff like that oranges, i’m. Constantly eating that, while i’m eating my food i’m eating lots of beef seafood shrimps mussels i’m eating. What else am i eating? I don’t know i’m eating a whole bunch of stuff man. I’M eating like um jesus, oh olives, are good. Mushrooms are good at the buffet. Fish is good there. If you’re, not a seafood lover then stick to beef and some other things do not eat pork. I do not eat pork, pork, they kind of it’s because of the stuff that they’re eating that’s a thing see. I’M, more into grass fed animals, animals that are grass fed that eat grass and things like that that are vegetarians and so it’s a lot more healthier for you that’s. Why? I try to stay away from chicken and pork. I try to eat beef and bison and probably whatever else i can get that eats that’s, a vegetarian that eats whatever that eats grass when it comes to that, but then there’s seafood, so i eat a whole bunch of different kinds of seafood.

Now i don’t love every every kind of seafood that’s out there, but i do love a lot of the seafood like you know these videos that i’ve showed you before. I, like there’s a lot of things that i like when it comes to seafood and all these other things but, like i said you have to concentrate on doing that now, when i told you in my videos about running and causing muscle this muscle damage to the Fibers, i told you muscle fibers have to reach a threshold where they get broken, they break. It has to reach a threshold if you’re, if you’re doing it running to try to, if you’re, trying to run to try to stretch out these, these muscle fibers to get them to break by running 100 meters, resting 100 meters resting 100 meters resting 100 meters. And then going back starting again resting 100 meters running all out 100 meters resting 100 meters. Whatever you get the point, i don’t want to keep repeating myself. That is, you have to do that to a specific point you off to overwork it now, if you’re, first starting out one hour, might be good for you if you’ve never done this before one hour, probably enough, you’re gon na get a lot of damage there, but Um yeah that’s something you’re gon na have to figure out what, if you can get this damage to keep coming on every single week and it’s usually overworking it so it’s, usually it could be it could last up to.

You could be doing it for an hour. You could be doing it for two hours now my workouts are for two hours with weights. It goes to three hours four hours working out to try to break down these muscles and then i’m kind of really overworking them now that’s a different technique when you’re using weights to break down muscles to get this muscle damage to come on and get it to Repair and remodel to get more of these fibers, you see that’s a different, totally different technique, but um uh running and stretching like a stretching technique like in like in in karate or whatever in martial arts. When you’re stretching your legs for three hours straight that’s. Three hours straight of stretching, you get damaged there, because this eventually breaks all the stretching and bang and it breaks and whatever again that’s a technique. So i know i’ve stretched for two hours straight and i’ve got this damaged doing two hours straight. Stretching my legs. It’S come on and i was able to get it to come on every other week now. The running part like i said if you don’t, have a gym you’re not going to a gym. You simply just want to run, but you’re also trying to you’re practicing and running and breaking at the same time. You have to time yourself every week that you come back. You need to write down in a book. You need to time yourself or get a friend or you or clock yourself to see how well you’re doing doing this.

All out, see what i mean. So you going all out running you’ve got to figure it out for yourself guy, i don’t, i don’t know what to say on that. You have to go out. You have to practice on your own and clock each week that you come back each week that you do this coming back the week that, following week, you got to clock yourself and see how well you’re doing there. I don’t know how how well you’re doing. I don’t know how you’re going to do that’s, something that you have to coach yourself on see but, like i said, breaking these muscles running all out doing these hundred meter run sprints all out and doing them for like two hours or an hour, two hours or Whatever and getting sufficient damage in there and it being sworn for four or five days during the repair and remodeling phase, you got ta eat clean man, so buy yourself, eat salads, eat everything, that’s, clean vegetables, salads fruits, olives, some beans, maybe some chickpeas, things that are Clean you know natural, the natural world and stop eating all this fake food. I know it’s easy and it’s tempting, but if you do that, you’re never going to create what you really want and you’ll be weak, because bad food weakens you good. Natural food makes you stronger, but fake food weakens you get it. So all these things that you’re doing to yourself, if you’re just running all the time exercising and running you’re weakening yourself getting you’re weakening yourself if you’re not running to try to create something like muscle damage, you get more muscle, you’re not going to get it and If you’re eating fake food, it’ll weaken it’ll, weaken you and it’ll disrupt your your epigenetics and so forth.

This one here’s the thing when you get real muscle, that’s called epigenetics so you’re, adding to your epigenetics by getting this real muscle. By doing this, fake, sarcoplasmic stuff, adding fluid to the muscle, is it muscle letting fluid getting size fake size? All these things that’s all fake stuff, get it guy that’s why it never works for anybody and they get crazy after and they get nuts it’s all madness out there. So they get nuts and then they freak out about it. But anyways. I don’t know if i hope you liked that video i’m sorry, i didn’t make any any more videos on running. I wish i did. I wish i did. I just stopped making them for a while, but then i felt bad and i just wanted to talk about these things, and somebody asked me like a lot of running guys. You know i’ve done running videos and a lot of guys asked me about running and they asked me about doing. You know asking me about the dieting and eating and food. How come how come i didn’t. You know i’ve run, like i told you, i’ve run in the past, and i learned all these concepts. I understand, i understand the concept of it so it’s, something for you to learn yourself. You’Ll learn eventually you’ll, learn this concept of running and breaking muscle and becoming better and just focus just do that man and believe me, your experience will teach you a wider way better than i can teach you anything you going out there and experiencing it will be Your best teacher me telling just giving you the guidance of it: okay that’s one thing, but only you can teach yourself and only you will become better at it through your experience, get it you’ll be a master at it, so go out there and try it all.

My friends, i recommend it and, like i said this videos for entertainment purposes, i don’t know what i’m talking about so don’t. Listen to me unless there’s anything, i have to say, get it that’s how you protect yourself in this world, see everybody’s got to protect themselves. Somehow i don’t know but, like i said, i love it and it’s youtube guy it’s fitness it’s, whatever you want to call it it’s running it’s, terrific, it’s, fantastic out there it’s just gorgeous out there. My friends i’ll see you in the next video. So let me know what you think about that running. My friends, bigger is always stronger. Bang i’ll see you in the next one it’s, always faster, too, bigger, better, stronger, faster strength, power, speed and performance. My friend i’ll see in the next one comment down below. Tell me what you think about that you’ve got any problems about running and, if there’s something i missed comment down below, let me know and i’ll try to do another video on it. I don’t know be more explicit. Okay, so i’ll see you in the next one. Ciao, my friends love you. I love it out there.