Oh love that little crouching medium to with the jumping that looked like it crossed it up, yeah, so that’s that’s the sound. Oh, this is a beat down these guys defensively they’re, making some great choices. That’S spacing away from the free jumping rings: oh nice, to jump low, oh great conversion, um. I think that it looks like just gamer b has been able to control the space a lot more and determine and stop mixing from he’s got realistically about six seconds left oh risky from giving me three: oh he’s, going to take it that’s it there you go! Oh it’s right here, yeah yeah, they didn’t have the it was a x, dp and great composer from gamer b, really really really well played for mexico, but gabe would be showing all of his experience. I’M. So white man, Music, i’m, liking the use of the uh kadukin. Oh gets him with the two dashes. Is he gon na win? He gets around with them. He’S in front. Kick nixon, gets the throw nice over the spinning bird. Kick very nice. Oh, that big cross up very impressive last round, though there’s a brilliant round that time couple set ups by he’s, dancing in and out of throw range. Scatter knows that channel he’s got superior buttons when he’s in the right here in range, and there you have it dan is going to be this one amazing thing that happened just this past weekend that, as far as i know, has never happened in the major before And that is that in super street fighter 4 arcade edition version 2012 dan got top 8 in a major.

Oh Applause sent there by the dan player ixia and i’m i’m. Very sad that that that may be an opposite. I really did not expect that big action, because if you personally was one of my favorites actually Music, definitely where we go Music, it was over. I have a plan here. Are you kidding me? Are you kidding me again? Wait: Music, um yeah, yes for me personally, it’s all about cody angie yeah, but god is one of the coolest characters. You have yeah 100. This is true his last attitude. That’S. What it is the ex is true, but all the other things it’s not great. All right, let’s do in the corner. Pressure spends another bar on it, uses the v score to get out clips him again. How are we going to be triggers sweet classic all right nice? He can chase down, but he didn’t get the punish. All right already went for the one that time and it’s dead, he’s mixing up wherever he goes for the two booms on the single boom he’s. Turning it up, you know forward good tech, standing around house plus on him again again, plus i’m, not sure i’m, not sure, but it’s plus that’s, that i know it’s definitely plus, maybe even like plus two plus one with at least he starts. Is he dead? No, probably not too much scaling trying to mash out respect the attempt. Oh he’s dead, no, the magic pixel. This would be a hell of a comeback.

All right, he’s gon na do his view trigger two. He could definitely do it. I went for the command grab and it wasn’t he jumped nice shout out. That was that was clean, play very clean play.