He runs an unsuccessful dojo and is friends with both sakura and blanca it’s, not because you stink it’s, because i’m awesome. No you don’t dan’s v school. One is a multi purpose, taunt that can be cancelled out of his special moves. It opens different combo routes and can make certain specials safe on block v. Skill 2 is a standing taunt it’s minus on hit very punishable on block, but can be used to cancel out of dan’s normal attacks before quickly cancelling itself into a special or another normal it’s, packed with frame trap potential. One is unique, as it only takes one bar to perform it’s a projectile that can be cancelled from his normal attacks. You can also charge it to cause a guard break Music v, trigger 2 changes, the properties of dan’s fireball and dragon punch specials. It also unlocks more powerful variations that require more precise inputs like adjust frame, but not quite as strict with the new v shift system. Dan can bait out predictable attacks and pressure before setting up for a punish Music, both of dan’s v skills generate v gauge for himself and his opponents. This lets him access his v triggers relatively quickly, but if used too liberally, it can be a double edged. Sword. Music, Music, oh Music, this goofy nature and bloated ego have earned down the reputation of being a joke character, but with an evolved play style that makes his mockery more meaningful he’s.

Now more than capable of having the last laugh Music.