What do you think we might see from him? Well three goals in his last three games: derek breeds confidence in a player defenders will be watching him, like a Applause. Hawk Applause well, that’s run the rule over the preston north end starting eleven. Would you call it four five one lee yeah? I really like this formation, derek four two, three one, really, the two central midfield players supplying support to a three ahead of them and then a lone striker with a number 10 just behind him, a glance at the redding starting 11.. It does rather look as though it’s going to be a battle of the four five one formations in this game, similar setups lee. Well, it looks lovely in the graphic doesn’t it there’s players everywhere. They’Ve got the freedom to roam around the pitch, how they see fit. There is some structure to it, but that lone striker up front needs support not only around me but from wide areas of two. The supply line will come from the wide midfield players and maybe the overlapping full backs. Scott sinclair alan brown, with it johnson sean mcguire brown huntington, has it paul huntington Applause, huntington, barkhausen brown, brown, Applause, davis, davis, Applause, paul huntington and taking it away? Renom hotel still level here, but the pressure escalating. Well, he likes to run at them. Go tackle. Take it away alan brown, with it scott sinclair brown, just looking for the right moment for that final pass, sinclair individual brilliance, precise ball movement Applause might really be able to trouble them here.

Ben davis, alan brown, with it brown Applause, paul huntington, brown, johnson maguire, with it daniel johnson maguire, with it maguire johnson he’s in with a chance and there it is one nil. The reference have been rewarded and look at the celebrations. Applause. Well, here we see it again and it’s all about the pace of the passing one touch slick movement and when he gets through to the keeper he just smashes it past him and gives him no chance to think a lovely finish Applause. So the match has restarted. One nil here: agiari up Applause, liam moore, renom, hotep, moore, swift, michael morrison, fine reading of the situation given away again the first half here to an end, he’s been the standout for his side. So far, don’t, you think lee well derek. He certainly was a good 45 minutes from the land obviously got the goal to give him the lead, but he’s looked very, very lively as well plenty to consider based on what we’ve seen so far as the second half begins swift, just cutting off the supply. They all know their roles as they apply the pressure, ajaria Applause, swift. This looks promising well disappointing end to the move johnson now counter attacking possibilities here: sean mcguire, showing patience as well as persistence in the build up brown maguire with it. That is a very fine challenge in difficult circumstances: ajarya lukas joao. What can we do from here? Swift, swift, it looks promising looking for that final pass and for that chance to level the game fruitful, looking attack and the cross is very much on lukas joao.

Well, they get themselves level here able to close down the shot, pulls it back. This could square the game. Just can’t, get it past them so 20 minutes to go well. Keeping hold of the ball is what it’s all about for them over the touch line for a throw in well they’ve, been getting the substitute ready, and now they will make the personnel change. Applause, alpha cemento Applause holmes, michael morrison, lucas, joao, dangerous looking attack and the challenge holds them in their tracks. Applause did well to win the ball back. Derrick the visitors dominate in possession it’s been really impressive. Is the pressure going to tell they can’t do much more to be honest, it’s, fascinating, stuff, derek, and here they come still pressing for an equaliser. Oh, they get the ball once more racing forward, trying to catch them out, Applause, scott sinclair, it might be on for them the players waiting in the center. Well, the threat was very real. Marvelous defending lucas, you out looks promising this. This could level it brilliant crisp and clean tackle. Can they survive and there it is the final whistle and the fans will be leaving the stadium with smiles on their faces lee. Well, it was tight wasn’t. It just done enough in the end, i suppose, to deserve the win. Tactically, a really good game, derek Applause. Well, as we run the rule over this man’s work positive after positively he’s, always a man to watch for the opposition, but they couldn’t keep tabs on him.