Asteroids earth has had some very close calls in the past seven days. In fact, in the last 72 hours, there’s been 17 two of those narrowly missing the earth, we’re going to come back and take a closer look at that data here in just a moment. Also in this video i’ve got a brand new picture. Slideshow new sky phenomena photos sent in from all around the world, but first here at the website, checking out the schumann resonance. All in all, pretty quiet see a little bit of activity in the past 36 hours, but overall, relatively quiet kind of like the activity at the yellowstone super volcano caldera. For the most part, all quiet, except across that slightly active northern tier today, it’s a little less active than it has been in the past, but overall, pretty quiet day at the super volcano. Looking at the power outage situation from the ongoing multiple weather events, you’ve got an arctic low, dipping way down into the gulf of mexico, bringing record cold temperature with it where we could actually see snow tomorrow morning along the shores of galveston, texas, unbelievable. But right now the power outage situation. In fact, i’ll update it real quick, looking at over 110 000 customers without power. Now in texas, that’s gone up since the last time i looked at it oregon around 250 000 customers virginia 177, 000 overall, nearly 600 000 customers right now without electricity, and that number is more than likely going to go up with this ice storm that’s getting underway Right now, as i do this video, it expands all the way from texas up into west virginia and it’s, going to slowly move its way to the northeast, dropping anywhere from a tenth of an inch of ice to a quarter of an inch of ice.

All the way up to maybe a half an inch of ice in places which can and more than likely will bring down power lines and tree branches. It is very capable of doing so, especially a half an inch here’s, some of the photos and videos that i’ve received here recently from people in that area. What you’re looking at here is a highway cam of a tree line that is sagging already. This is today from the heavy ice in northern virginia here’s, another tree along the highway of northern virginia. This is a video out of henderson. North carolina see the trees starting to get a coat of ice and snow on the trees in north carolina bay and lee out of tennessee. Looking at a light coat of ice starting to accumulate on the trees in tennessee, tennessee could see a large amount of ice, especially in the central part of the state where they could see freezing rain off and on for the better part of 24 hours. You can see branches right there, starting to sag from from snow and ice and you’re going to see some really peculiar right here check this out, and this is out of hancock maryland, get a load of these icicles. Would you they’re bent backwards and more than likely that was influenced by a persistent wind look at how those things form they were bent backwards, underneath the overhang normally they’ll drop straight down that’s how gravity normally works, but when the wind is working against the gravity and I’D say that’s more than likely what caused that a steady flow of wind while the the water was freezing, as it was transferring from a liquid to a solid bent those backwards.

How cool is that those photos were sent in by jennifer out of hancock maryland? I want to take you guys now over to, where i have a lot of good info over here. If you haven’t checked it out by all means, do so, but they keep a running tally of all the near earth, asteroids it’s up over 2037 right now, as i do this video two that i want to point out real quick february, the 9th and february the 14Th: 0.1 ld on the 14th 0.1 ld on february, the 9th that’s two and six days that came very close to planet earth, albeit they weren’t that big, two meters that’s about the width of an average sized car, not the length the width of an average size. Car they’re about six feet wide, but still 0.1 ld. I can assure you there were many that probably impacted the earth over oceans and and places that are uninhabited. That went unnoticed when you look at the list that we’re about to take a look at here. I’M. Very confident we’re in some sort of a debris field. In the last 72 hours there have been 17 near earth. Asteroids seven of these in the past, 72 hours have been between the earth and the moon coming in at 0.1, 0.4. 0.4. 0.8. 0.4. 0.5. 0.9. That is a debris field and of that debris, field, we’re, looking at say, 17 very close calls there’s, probably a hundred that made impact somewhere on earth, maybe not notice more than likely over the ocean, because the earth is 70 percent water.

So more than likely they came in over uninhabited areas, but when you go through a debris field like that, in fact, i’m kind of surprised, we haven’t seen some good fireball videos. There may be some out there. I just haven’t seen them yet, but that is a debris field for sure near earth, asteroids in 72 hours, and you can find that ongoing list over here, it’s updated, maybe once or twice a day they just added the 0.1. In the last couple of hours. February 14th that just occurred now i’ve got a few pictures. I want to share with you guys new sky phenomenal photos sent in from all around the world. Denton texas, robert l notice some unique features in the low lying clouds. This one here was a a long structure that spanned as far as he could see, at least in this direction, got a good photo of what looks like something went through. The clouds could have possibly been an airplane. He didn’t see. This was after the fact, nicki out of moorpark california, big double decker, rainbow woodstock ontario tim b notice, this big halo very low on the horizon, either at sunrise or sunset, either way excellent, photo scott out of connecticut notice, these bright pink skies – and this is unedited By the way, this is exactly how i received the photo from scott out of connecticut, and you can see the snow on the roofline of the house and on top of the pickup truck, and the bushes over here is glowing a light pink.

How cool is that? Shannon out of bessemer alabama notice, what looked like these horizontal vortexes up in the sky, or at least at an angle, there’s one. Two, three four look like some sort of a large piece of pasta hanging around up in the sky. Similar features over here in san diego next to some very colorful clouds in the proximity of the sun, going to south dakota photo here, sent in by susan q, looks like dual sun’s over here. But what we’ve got going on is a very bright sun dog super low on the horizon, and the clouds and the angle of the light were just right: forming a bright sun dog, giving the illusion of a dual sun that’s, actually not a dual sun that’s. Just a bright sun dog very low on the horizon, there is the sun right over here on the left, getting ready to call it a day and dipping below the horizon good job guys keep the photos coming. If you have any photos, you’d like to share, you, can send those to reports at All the photos end up here at the sky phenomena photo gallery at the website and sometimes i’ll use them in a video slideshow.