You know absolutely went in on jamie almost four times this in ratio and again on christmas day, i went boom boom boom. Yesterday. Did the liada tweet all right, i’ve been here for a mom’s job, nah seriously: i’m, not joking! Now it’s in ea’s power to ban you for anything, let’s just get that straight. They can do what they want when they want. So this isn’t a defense. This isn’t me trying to get it overturned in any way, shape or form. This is just me reacting to it and what i feel it’s forced me into it’s a bit of a bombshell later on in the video, so make sure you watch the whole thing and now so back to the anders situation. Listen right! We’Ve addressed this in the other video, so i’m only going to waffle on about it too much. Everyone knows i’m, this lad’s biggest supporter, whilst he’s swearing, he’s shushing me et cetera i’m singing his name shouting from the rooftops, hi ho anders virgin and, like i said, i love that he was doing that. I love that it showed personality but yeah that video is on my channel deep one of the funny things about that video. Was we don’t, get it wrong? 99.99999 of my boys, absolutely positive reaction and stuff, but like once it reached a fifa hardcores. It was absolutely fuming and the reason was that, like i didn’t play the game, the fact that we was drinking and having fun it’s literally only negative comments against it and we could do what we want me and my viewers were different, so everyone’s listening.

He would have won anyway, i’m, not asked, and by the way i actually knew about this band around about three weeks ago and like i’ve tweeted him a bit like in between and stuff, but that’s, mainly just like having a bit of fun with it almost mate. The only reason for this bun is the mummy’s joke, nothing less and nothing more. So all of what i said is actually quite irrelevant to be honest, but i think they kind of reacted to the hate and tried to like find something in the video and, as we all know, the rest of it was just singing and chanting and positive. He must have just gone without and the thing is well, you can look now you can look this weekend. The hate right now is nothing less than it was a month ago and nothing less than it was a month before that. The only difference is that his mods actually toggle sub mode on and off now yeah i’m delving into too much of the last video. Now you can go watch that if you want to – and i don’t care, if you don’t like like the drinking and shouting and stuff just know, it’s like irrelevant to the subject, just look at it contextually if you really want to look into it whatever i even Spoke to his management like the day later and stuff because they hadn’t seen the stream and they was like yeah it’s.

Fine, just leave it out with your video. It was like calling his fingers quick, because mine are long. You might be conquering the world of 14, but i was thinking middle. Someone might have been yours, but listen. That brings me on to the next point. No hate towards anders i’ve said it before and i’ll say it again, because what people do they like to find a blame for something someone just can’t like happen so like people try to wrongly look to blame me for his thing. People will now look at my ban and try to play amanda’s, and please do not do this, because there was a revelation that came this week right like ea for some reason after the stream, they went to anders and his management and was like. Do you want an inquest into this stuff? What happened on the stream and they said no, because nothing happened but again, like i said this isn’t a defensive thing and even last vid before there was any talk of a band, we find it any communication with the ea. I said if any offense caused. I apologize for that, and that was that, like i like to think of my community as like, probably the most positive out there, the amount of messages i get per day, it’s like how do you not rage at foot, jumps how many times a video am. I, like let’s, just pick fun teams enjoy it. Don’T get frustrated just a game.

At the end of the day, i think in four years of competing i’ve had a grand total of zero of these handcuffs. Doing me adding altercations with pro players and trust me what i’ve seen in front of iona is at these events in the past four years. It is astounding, but like i do get it like when you’re a pro player, you’re kind of a ea’s mercy – and you are kind of like representing them on a global stage. Like listen content creators, they break terms of service every single day. How many people do you see on twitch in front of thousands and thousands abusing the player you’re playing against, and but, like you can’t, you can’t like ban baits? If you’re competing, can you not the basis, does break to us just an example but yeah? This is where it gets more like deepish. That was, like a background of the situation, tried to like paint a picture for people that maybe just don’t, know anything they’re coming to this now. But i got dell at the end of the day. The same severity of bun, a mum joke as racism, that is just a stone cold fact: it’s like racism, mum, joke and trust me. If this is the president you’re setting for future players and pro players in the next 24 hours, i could go out and get every single person that’s ever competed on the world stage band. The thing is with ea that, like disheartens me a bit as well, it’s like i actually, the personal relationships are pretty much get on with, like everyone.

I’Ve met i’ve, got zero personal vendettas against anyone that i’ve met we’re going after parties with even the referees events and stuff, and it just makes i just don’t know where it’s going wrong, but like something’s gone wrong somewhere, and it makes it even more strange to Me that my first communication with ea this year is a ban and right it’s like there’s this unwritten room in fifa, esports it’s like me, get your sensational analogy: does anyone see that dylan that’s a weird analogy, so everyone who’s played football? You know, or football pre var, if you foul someone in the penalty box in football, it has to be more of a foul to get a penalty than a freaky outsider box. You get where i’m coming from now it’s like this in fifa. If you’ve got an army behind you of some sort, if you’ve got a loyal fan base, your rules are different to everyone else’s, and that is just the fact, even though it shouldn’t be lawfully on paper. It just is like imagine now these hundreds of pros on the circuit, thousands you’re going around trying to police mum jokes. Do you see you see people attacking each other on the timeline every day, that’s a million times? Worse, listen! I’M, not asking for favoritism. Far from i’m just asking to be treated the same as everyone else, and i don’t think that’s too much to ask for pretty much. Everyone would take this ban on the chin, it’s a short ban and they come back after like two weeks a month and qualify for the world cup and everything’s fine again but it’s, just not in me to do that.

Some might call it stupidity. Some might call it pride getting in the way, but personally i just can’t be treated like that. It’S, like everyone, can do what they want, but i’m on, like a string and listen with a big fan base does come responsibility. I completely agree with that, but i’m not gon na sacrifice this phone we have on stream and all the laughs be walking on some sort of tightrope like the people’s champ needs to be free. The people’s champ can’t be walked on eggshells. The people need to be entertained in times like this, so mum look away now, but i am announcing my retirement from ea competitive events effective immediately right now. Oh i should have done that so yeah. This is the biggest risk of my life bar none by a million miles, as you probably might have guessed, if i’m not competing i’m, not going to compete for a team ever so i’m deleting a three year contract there. My main income is where she should be doing that, should she describe maybe i’m stupid, but i’ll listen like as a side note 2020. It was. It was tough for everyone more. So all you than me, i got to work still, but i got so caught up in chasing like a competitive dream that i thought i had for the past like two years of qualifying for the world cup and i did it and then it got cancelled. So i wasn’t like quite a bad place at the time like it was like all that for nothing.

Then, two years i basically scrapped youtube. At that point i went streaming either. I do like rewards like once every month for two years and it was kind of in a place of like where’s my life gon na go, so i knew i needed to change. Obviously i moved clubs ha proves that proves it worth the money now doesn’t it yeah the year started. Then. Obviously, this is the first ever year, i’ve gone content, wise youtube, we’ve gone daily from like getting beginning of october we’ve been streaming, and i kind of realized. What my dream was meant to be that whole time it was to entertain to interact with people and be happy like honestly, the amount of messages i get per day, whether it be instagram twitter, saying how much i’m like helping mental health during this past year. How much i’m helping you all get through the times that you’re going in now that to me it drops tops any trophy. I could give me 10 000 world cups and it doesn’t come close to that like that’s. What i want to do and if 2020 taught me anything, it was to take risks life’s too short and yeah.