People from all over the world will be there to cheer suppliers. So many more people have come to my games Music. I wonder what the players are thinking about: Music, their families, their teammates, winning or losing scoring a goal, or maybe about all the people that watch Applause. When i watch them on tv, they look so small. I wonder if it’ll be the same. I can’t wait to watch them play, but even more than that, i can’t wait to get my chance Applause, because one day, Applause that’s gon na be me. You chose volta. I respect that. I don’t know much about this world, but if i can help you, i will Applause Music, oh straight off the plane, do this man i was at work yesterday. One phone call from you and i’m playing football in sao paulo thanks for dropping everything. Guys torah means a lot every chance. I get really good game thanks man, nice go tornado. Yes, thank you! Applause, Music, shooting’s, a bit late! Are you good for that? Um? We have a team yeah you’re good for that, then for sure, yeah Applause, so that’s gakka yeah his game, his tournament. How we doing we ready let’s do this guys still got it, maybe roast it Music, you, okay with the shooting competition right now. Yes, can i borrow you two in a few minutes. Plus control is coming up: yeah thanks man, Music Applause, yes beautiful! I love that see that has got a new best friend, whether he likes it or not.

Right i’m. Up back in a minute Music.