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I finally launched a second channel make sure you subscribe to brandybot, as i keep you guys up to date with multiple release, dates for skins, bundles and pads. All right guys welcome back to another fortnite battery over here in the channel today’s video we’re, going to be talking about fortnite and family guy. Basically, all of the latest leaks and updates real quickly before we get started i’m gon na roll, the clip of um. What i bought from today’s item shop, because just in case you guys missed yesterday’s video – i basically purchased all of this, so i might have it rolling right now. So let me know what you guys think and, like i said don’t forget. Let me know if you guys want anything from today’s item shop before we continue with the video uh, but yeah you guys are gon na purchase them or anything else from the shop be sure to use support of critical branding yt, as i am an epic partner With fortnite hashtag ad shout out to fortnite for letting me have a supportive creator code and shout out to all the recent supporters that have been using my code, as all of you guys want to be gifted these for a higher chance. Make sure you guys check out my twitter and instagram at brandywit, because i posted a recent tweet of me gifting, my subscribers. So if you guys want to be gifted and check out my socials and subscribe to the second channel at brandy, bye, as i keep you guys up today, with a lot of release, dates for skins, bundles and packs and then join up the discord server down below.

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The spell singer. Pickaxe already have that we got the cap. Kick emo. Kinda is matching the um skins. Today, the jumbo popcorn stayed another day. The electro swing emo and then we still just got the flash bundle skin. So if you guys want to be gifted anything else, but yeah pretty sick about all of that, let me know what you guys think you already know use code brandon. What i got at the end of the day and guys let’s get started with today’s video so guys when i first uploaded the video like, i said: if you guys missed it, i uploaded a video for tonight called fortnite x, family guy literally so many dislikes right Away as soon as i uploaded it guys and guys, i’m gon na tell you guys right now. I would never make something up just for me to upload guys – and this is like actual true news guys. This is in the files right now. So i’ma basically explain everything explaining the updates the trailer that we’re supposed to get very soon so i’m gon na go ahead and discuss it so real quickly. Um. Let me try to get this and understand it. So basically, the for the friday nights at freddy, the sound effects basically got replaced for family guy and in the files right now we basically have peter griffin and the chicken i don’t know if you guys remember that episode, but basically we have like a little cinematic Rolling in the files that basically replace the um french fry sound effect, so i don’t know if you guys remember the french fry sound effect, but basically that’s what is in the files right now so obviously as well.

I don’t know if you guys remember, but like every time we get a brand new hunter like, for example, we have the street fighter hunters right now in the fortnight item shop. Every time we get like a hunter, we basically have like a whole list of like the past old ones, like, for example, master chief cradles um, all the other skins, even the flash skin. So basically, we have like a whole list and basically like content creators, like famous content creators got like pictures of stuff of like items that obviously correlates to the season 5 chapter 2 season, which is obviously the hunters and agent jonesy. So basically, they have like some little toys and one of the toys is like a hand like. I don’t know how to explain this, but it’s basically like a hand and basically there’s, like an episode of peter griffin, holding like some kind of like toy hand, and basically that toy hand is basically in the um, like the the whole pictures that the content creators Received as like a like an update of the whole season with the hunters, so i don’t know if that makes sense, but this is literally all from twitter leagues. Guys, like i said, make sure you guys make a twitter account, because you guys know twitter has all the latest leaks and information. Literally twitter is number one guys for four night leagues literally before it gets to reddit to youtube to facebook.

Snapchat instagram twitter is the number one source for all of the leaks and like stuff like that. So make sure you guys make a twitter account follow all of the leakers follow fortnite games official and then obviously follow me at bryan yt, because these are all the latest leaks, so basically um. We probably won’t be able to receive, like some upcoming news about more about family guy until the next update, which i’ll be making a video on like the whole next four night update, which will be 15.50 um i’ll, be making a full video about that tomorrow. So i have notifications on all but, like i said, if we do have a trailer, it would obviously correlate and work the same way as the street fighters, which you guys can find here in the news tab which take a look at it looks pretty sick. Obviously, whenever we get trailers, obviously the skins obviously come out later into the floor of the item shop, so it would work it would. It would work like that, the same way for the family guy skins, if we do get like a peter griffin, skin, a stewie skin or the chicken from the episode as a skin and basically another leak, guys um, i don’t know if you guys remember. Basically, there was like a thanos mod that thanos. You know that old panels limited time mode. You guys know there’s like the skin and the files, and basically we have like a brand new replacement that got recently updated.

So now it kind of makes sense that that recent, like thanos replacement, is basically going into like peter griffin’s body, because you guys know thanos is like so huge and fortnite game. I don’t know if you guys remember from the gameplay back then in the old seasons. Um, so obviously it got replaced with like peter griffin, so this is kind of making sense that we could probably be seeing a peter griffin skin very soon into the game. So let me know what you guys think about all that. Let me know if you guys will be purchasing it if it does ever come on to the item shop and guys, as always, i keep you guys up to date, always here in the fortnite channel, so make sure you guys are subscribed to the branny and the Brandybot channel, for you guys, will miss up on daily leaks and losing information about the next collaboration, which is obviously family guy, and you already know don’t forget to use codebrandywattyhashtag, but it looks like these are all the latest leaks and information guys. You guys know it’s. Just a lot of stuff happening right now inside of the fortnite files. That is just so many crazy stuff to talk about. So let me know what you guys think, like i said guys, this is not fake twitter, twitter, famous leakers have already updated it and like tweeted it, if you guys don’t, believe me, which i don’t know why you guys wouldn’t believe me, but this is true guys.

Um this is not fake. This is not made up it’s, literally in the files right now, as we speak, so we’re gon na have to win till fortnite, officially announces it or until donald muster. The creator of fortnite basically gives us more hints and teasers, but let me know what you guys think. Let me know if you guys are excited. I don’t know how many of you guys even watched family guy. Let me know down below in the comments that’s literally like my childhood, so it’s crazy to see them in a four night game if it ever comes true other than that guys. Thank you guys so much for others for all the recent support drop a like subscribe. If you guys enjoyed don’t forget to use cobra and t hashtag at turn on all notifications guys follow my tic tuck account guys um i’ve been posting up a lot of videos. There’S been a lot of supporters on my tic toc account. My tick tock is brandy. Yt and then subscribe guys, we’re so close to 300k i’m trying to get rid of this wildcat skin coat already so make sure you guys do that and then follow my instagram at brandywit, because i’ll be doing the winners very soon for that wildcat skin other than That guys, thank you guys so much support drop a like subscribe musical brand yt.