I just found out about um. It looks like ryu and chun li are now in fortnite, so that’s pretty neat um. I don’t know a lot about fortnite, but here’s. The oh that’s a little loud turn that down just a little bit here’s their items. This is the sumo. This is the sumo torpedo, um it’s, the glider, i guess it’s 1200 v bucks and then here’s a flail. The signpost pummeller here’s chun li has two different variants, the one she has always looked like, and this is the other variant and then she has a as her backpack it’s, an arcade cab and then here’s her emote Music, pretty neat here’s, ryu, shirtless and still barefoot. He has a punching bag as his bag and then troyugen, which is pretty dope and here’s a bundle where you just get these three items, there’s also a bundle where you get both chun li and ryu and it’s on sale for 2200. let’s test this out. So just remember i’m horrible at this game, so please feel free to make fun of me in the comments Music. I mean. I have no idea what i’m doing so Music. Oh that’s me there we go that’s the storm, oh no, all right, that’s enough of that! Oops let’s try out chun li now: Music, land, Music, cool Music, that’s, a shoddy Music. I couldn’t hit that rail that’s awesome Music for fall damage. Yeah there is Music, okay, Music, Music.

Oh she really jumped like a fish Music, Music Music. I didn’t do anything. Music was that even a player? What was that? Oh all right so we’ll end it there, like, i said, i’m horrible at this game, but if you’re interested in uh chun li or ryu, i suggest you pick them up because they’re pretty cool, i may actually start playing it pretty much some more because that was Pretty cool so yeah that’s, pretty much all for me.