Thank you very much for joining me. Today. We are going to be getting a gameplay of chun li in street fighter in fortnite battle. Royale everything’s, crazy. This is hype i’m, so excited i’ve actually bought ryu as well that’s. My main favorite character of the street fighter game, if you did not know it’s collaboration between fortnite and street fighter, two of my favorite characters in the game and now on screen. Now, if you do enjoy this video make sure you hit the like button subscribe to the channel. If you’re new turn notifications to make sure you don’t miss any more of my videos, this game plays insane my uh, my daughter, managed to die right at the start of the game and i end up getting a duo, solo clutch. It was a wicked game. How i survived, i don’t know these lobbies are pretty chill compared to my normal lobbies, but right at the end, the player was really good and i managed to get an eddie on him and kill him. So yeah stick around right until the end of the video drop a comment down below. Let me know what you think of the street fighter skins uh, i streamed last night – did do some gameplay, but i’ve managed to get a win with ryu and i’ve also managed to get a win with uh chad lee. So i forgot share this share this with you. Basically, if you do enjoy guys, don’t forget hit that, like button subscribe to the channel turn notifications make sure you don’t miss any more moody little i can’t even talk turn notifications make sure you don’t miss any more of my videos without further ado let’s jump into The gameplay it’s insane, if you want to see more fortnite videos, don’t, forget i’ll, drop a link in the description below with a playlist of all my fortnite videos.

So far, definitely worth checking out guys hope you enjoy this video. How did they just do that? To me, first Music, Music, Music, oh, oh, i got him your card’s still like rice, oh two, one right, Music, food, oh options would like my option now is to stay away from everyone. So i need two players that way. Yeah just be quiet. One place enough what what what the hell he tried to pickaxe me um. Oh, this guy’s good i’m, not much what a win let’s go! Oh, i was shaking on that one. So guys did you enjoy the video thanks so much for watching. That was a real cool win. That guy was pretty hard to beat. He nearly killed me uh. He was trying to pickaxe me. He was really bad, but i thought it was funny in the end that’s why i was laughing at him as well. Try and pick a scary, cleary hashtag scary clary gang get beat anyway guys. Thank you for watching.