I honestly am shocked by this leak. I want to say, but i know so many people actually want this to be a thing in fortnite, which just kind of blows my mind so much so without further ado guys, if you go on to enjoy today’s video smash a like on the video, obviously subscribe To me here on the channel to stay up to date with all the latest fortnite, music and updates and finally guys credit code bubbles in the 49er item shop tells put your gal that one step further huge shout outs, these absolute legends on the screen, much love To all of you, guys actually use my code and, if you guys want a shout out in my next video, make sure to send me another picture on one of my social medias to get one. But anyway, guys let’s get cracking into the news. Whether peter griffin is or isn’t coming to fortnite, so first of all, where did this all come from? I first heard about it last night when fire monkey actually tweeted the following out so um. This is interesting. The french fry code, name from a while back, has a backlink texture that was decrypted with the street fighter skins. So, as we can see, this is in fact the image that got decrypted with the skins when they actually got launched last night, the street fighter skins. Obviously that is so, as we can see in this image, it’s, basically a bunch of different screenshots from a different iconic moment in family guy, a very known moment.

I know there’s a lot of memes about this kind of specific clip, so it would make sense for fortnite to take this part of the tv series to make them into sort of a highlighted screenshot, essentially in their game, but that’s only if they do a collaboration That is so. Why would this image be in the game if they weren’t planning on doing some form of collaboration? Now what this image is before we actually talk about whether the skin’s happening or not. The image looks to me like what it could be is for a back bling similar to last night’s battling one, the one that actually got decrypted in a sense there’s the arcade machine with different screenshots that basically flash on it throughout a game in fortnight. Basically part of the street fighter set, i think that that could be peter griffin’s back bling, maybe but a tv per se with then that different clip that you see in the images here actually rotating through on the back bling. I think that would be awesome. I think that could be a actual part of fortnite, whether or not we’re actually gon na get peter griffin’s skin is unknown at the moment. It could very well be a peter griffin skin coming, but i think just that backbling alone would be really super awesome. In fortnight again, none of this is 100 confirmed, but it’s all kind of making sense similar to how fire monkey tweeted in that quote that i said a moment ago, the french fry code name was for after all, family guy, french fry, we thought, was five nights At freddy’s it got told by five nights at freddy’s creator that it was incorrect and that they had no collaboration planned.

So what is this french fry it’s for peter griffin from family guy? I honestly am still shocked, there’s, so many different images going around basically stating what it might look like some form of peter griffin skin. We obviously have the fat foreskin. You know slightly on the chunkier side, so we’re very likely to have this peter griffin skin. In fortnight, which i just can’t believe is a real thing, so, whether or not the peter griffin skin is coming to fortnite or not, the real answer is most likely. Yes, some form of a collaboration with family guy will be coming, whether or not that’s, a peter griffin, skill or not is a different story, but we do have skins that are encrypted as well as backlinks that are encrypted in the game. So it definitely makes sense to have something family guy coming, since that image was decrypted last night, but there you guys go. I hope that answered your questions, that’s, obviously as much as i can answer on the topic at the moment of time, like the video, if you enjoyed subscribe to me here on the channel, to stay up to date with all the latest fortnite, musics and updates, and Finally, guys credit card bubbles in the forum item shop helps pre gail that one step further hashtag hashtag button.