This is italk holy crap i’m in fortnite here and in today’s video. We have a brand new video and i don’t even know how to start this video, but basically what i’m gon na talk about today. This is not confirmed by the way i’m, not gon na put in the title. Oh family guys coming to fortnite because we don’t know that we don’t know what’s going on with this whole thing, i want to explain to you guys what we know about what is going on so far. So, if you guys are unaware somehow ryu and chun li, the street fighter collab made its way into fortnite like yesterday. It literally just came out not that long ago. Me personally, i think this is the best collab we’ve had so far. It was gon na. Be really close between this and master chief, but there was so much attention to detail that was put into this whole entire street fighter, collab that i just i it’s so good. I’M. Sorry guys it’s, amazing, the emotes are fantastic. The sounds are great. The back bling is amazing, too. The training bag is good too, but i’m talking about mainly the arcade cabinet, one and that’s. What we’re gon na talk about today. So in the files when these skins got decrypted, there was some screen caps that were in the arcade cabinet of family guy. Now i have no idea why they were in the files i’m, assuming this was just used for testing purposes, maybe it’s an easter egg.

I don’t necessarily know but what’s also interesting about it is that they show off a scene where peter griffin is fighting a chicken and they even edited the scene to make it. So there was no blood in that scene, which is kind of telling me like yeah. This was intentional for people to find out like why would they edit the scene out to not have blood in it if they weren’t, expecting people to see it right? So i think it’s more than just a test. I think that we could possibly be seeing a family guy collab in fortnite. There is also some animation stills of the peter copter, which that could be the glider there’s, also the scene where he gets the golden ticket. And then he trips and just goes ah for like a minute and then finally there’s the scene where he does like the bird dance. You know the bird is the word thing and i can’t believe i’m speaking to you like this right now, i can’t believe we’re. Actually talking about this possibly happening in fortnite, i don’t think we’re going to see this. I don’t think we’re going to see this in fortnite. I think it’s mainly due to the fact that i don’t know how family guy would ever fit into the game at all. I just really do not see it, i mean it could work, it could be like cell shaded because we have skins like lexa and oren in the game like that makes sense, so maybe they could put him in the game as like a cel shaded character.

Maybe i just think that family guy, as a show, is a little bit too raunchy for fortnite, but at the same time that i think about that right. We have to remember that we have emotes like savage in fortnite right. So, maybe not maybe this isn’t too risque for fortnite to have a family guy collaboration into the game. What could the set be? Could we see characters like lois griffin make their way into the game? I’M just so confused. I literally have no idea – and also i wanted to mention this as well. The reason why we found out about this is that this is what got decrypted in the french fry code, name that we had in the files. Remember we thought french fry might have been for freddy fazbear, because the ff the alliteration that would have made sense and plus we had like the footsteps and everything. But french fry could also mean family guy, because french starts with f, so family right there, and then fry rhymes with guy and also french fry could also be like. If you eat a lot of french fries, you would get fat and because peter griffin is a fat person in the show. That would make sense for that to be the code name and i can’t believe a careful. We were talking about this right now. I never would have thought that i would be sitting right here with you guys and telling you that there’s a possibility that family guy could make its way into fortnite.

I really cannot believe i’m saying that i just want to say it’s a test. I want to say it’s a test for the backbling just to see that the screens work and how it reacts to different things, but why family guy? Why was this in the files this got decrypted the exact same way, i believe, as the master chief skin did so, maybe it’s real, maybe we’re, actually getting family guy in fortnite guys. I have no idea uh. If you want my personal stance on family guy, i thought the first i think, like one to four seasons were really good and then it just kind of fell off like i feel, like i’m, taking crazy pills right now. Just reading this to you guys, i don’t know what this could mean: i’m, not confirming this by any stretch, but this was legitimately in the files and that’s all that’s, all i’m gon na say about it. I literally have nothing else to say about it. Besides, maybe the fact that just imagining peter griffin doing 90s and fortnite i’m just kind of shocked about everything like we got this amazing collab with street fighter, and then we see peter griffin and lois griffin trending on twitter because of this whole situation. I don’t think this takes away from street fighter. Someone in my community has said that maybe the whole street fighter collab was just a ruse and it was like kind of trying to distract us from the peter griffin collab coming.

I don’t know i don’t. I don’t know i have nothing else to say guys that’s it for the video. Hopefully you guys enjoyed it. If you did, let me know the like and subscribe to the channel if you’re brand new and turn on the bell just to get all my latest uploads. If you like to use me for a supportive creator, my code is itf. Uh have a good one.