I just got a fresh haircut and as soon as i leave the barber i i check my phone and we’ve got some big news so of course it’s a late video. Yes, it looks like i spilt on myself. I did. I don’t know where it is it’s water all right, but we got ta get going uh. Obviously you can see the title. Some big news drop family guy times fortnight we’re also looking at the apple vs, epic games, lawsuit and how steam is now getting involved, valve’s getting involved uh and how that changes. The case, how that changed the battle and then looking at the next month. Uh march fortnight, crew pack, uh, we we’ve, got an idea of what the scheme is so stick around. This is a big one, touch that like button for me, no cute bribery. Today, sometimes i like to bribe uh, you viewers, with a with a cute photo for a like today, just let’s just go with the haircut all right touch that like button for the new hair cutting, because you love fortnite news and i don’t know let’s get into It you came here for 40.. First, the legendary fighters ryu ryu and chun li from street fighter have officially arrived now. This came out and, like the leaks came out yesterday, uh yesterday and now have already released uh. So this is my first video covering it, but yeah the street fighter. Uh skins here are our next collaboration.

This is a cool one. I mean i’ve obviously played this a couple times, but i’ve never been officially a major fan where i’ve played a lot or know the characters or anything like that. But but a lot of people are excited about this one. You can see the the hype. I i had the trailer there playing in the background and now here’s just a quick peek at the skins. I think these are phenomenal skins, i’m, really a fan of both of them. I think i might get. I usually only pick up one like i choose my favorite uh, but i think i’m gon na have to get male and female here, because i i i just think they’re really well done. I love the colors uh and the the dude is just i like that. Man, i think we’re gon na be rocking the dude’s skin. I think i like him a bit more, but again i like them. Both they’re in the item shop i’ve got cosmetics going through there as well i’m sure there’s. Some bundle deals and then check out this beauty loading screen that comes with it again, nice colors, something with this street fighter. Clap everything just looks good. So if you could code the camp and rusher in the item shop, if you’re picking these up, let me know with a comment – and let me know uh by tweeting at me. If you use my code, one other thing, donald mustard, added on to the the fortnite tweet, officially announcing street fighter jones, going to extraordinary lengths to keep anyone looped away from the zero point – and i bet ben walker who’s, one of the guys that’s most obsessed with The storyline and his team figures a lot of stuff a lot of stuff out.

What do you mean donald? What do you mean? The looped people tell us more give us some type of hint right anything we can get um, but something so that just kind of do with that. As you will all right dig into it, leave a comment, but something i will add is uh and i don’t know if i’ve ever clearly stated this in a vid or if i even fully knew, but he he states in a reply. Bunker jonesy is planning an escape alright, so that’s part of the storyline that i don’t know if i’ve actually officially mentioned. So i just wanted to add that in here because i’m – i i love that i’m, not as smart as ben walker, but i love the storyline stuff. Just as much – and i know we talk about it – a lot here so just wanted to confirm that before we go any further, just a reminder to subscribe to the channel turn those notifications on i’ll keep you up to date on all things fortnite, all you got To do is get here and i’ll do the rest. Moving on, we got a new tournament play vs college and play vs high school. We finally have another announcement. I actually get a lot of questions uh from you guys about this, so uh there’s college and high school tournaments in u.s and canada. All right i’m gon na link the official page down below. So you can get all the info.

You need uh, solos and trios right now there i think it’s only sign up for college uh, again i’ll link it below and you can try if you’re a high school player or high school student as well. You can look at the prizing, the format uh. The dates for competition – i love that they do. This uh rocket league – was the first uh game that i was, i guess, a part of the community that did this uh, the the the rocket league uh college, tournaments college league. I just thought it was the coolest thing man being able to represent your your school with a video game is still, i know, it’s like getting more and more popular and it’s this emerging trend, but still a weird but but cool thing to me. So yeah all the info is linked below and uh i’ll update you with with any more uh any more updates on this. The rift of the jellyfish will be re enabled in the next update, which should be 15.5 uh. Of course, flores lava is live right now, and the riff fish is in flores lava, uh they’re different loot pools, so you’ll still see it. There i’m gon na hop on and get some floors lava games in tonight before before it leaves so, hopefully you’ve been enjoying it. Uh yeah expect to have some background gameplay, maybe in our next video moving into some of the bigger stuff tonight. If i had to guess, i would assume the legend set is march’s fortnite crew pack.

This is from fire monkey. As i mentioned update night, the upcoming crew pack is encrypted. I would also assume these are the cosmetics uh. The legend skin puff corn pick and lombro is the back bling uh. He may have the skin and back bling swapped, but as of right now we only know the names not where they go. So anyone saying one thing is a skin or one thing as a backbling is just making a guess and uh. So basically, llama legend is the idea and there’s been a couple concepts: i’m gon na put them on your screen, uh just so that this is an idea, or this is a prediction for what we think these skins are gon na, look like based on the name And again, it could really go either way. This i’m sure it’ll be close to this, though some type of llama warrior. Hopefully again, i got really high expectations and high hopes for the march group hack uh, because if you’ve been watching the videos this month, i’ve been rocking the vi skin uh all month. I just i think, it’s one of the cooler skins that they’ve uh released in a long time, so i don’t know it was well done. So i i got high hopes all right don’t. Let me down epic don’t. Let me down i’m sure i’ll stay a subscriber anyways. I think it’s, a cool uh, a cool option, they’ve added with this, this crew pack.

So i’ll, let you know hopefully more info on that uh early next week. Next up an update on the apple vs, epic games, legal battle, mobile player, still rooting for you, here’s, our update apple is trying to get valve the creators of steam uh, which is, of course rival company. The epic game store involved in the legal battle. Some of these requests for valve are total yearly sales of app and in app purchases, and then a list of every game on steam there’s. A couple more uh asks, as well from apple valve, is not trying to give apple this info because, according to them, not only do they not keep that info because they don’t need it and because valve is not epic and fortnite is not on steam. To sum it up, apple tried getting valve to give over info to help the epic games versus apple case valve said they don’t have that info and fortnite was never on steam. So we i, i don’t, fully it’s a it’s, a weird request and i don’t know if, like they’re, trying to get a valve to help apple, because epic game store is a direct competition to valve. So maybe they thought they’d help fight the fight i’m, not too sure, but regardless it doesn’t seem like steam’s getting involved yet uh or they have to get involved at all. I say steam but valve, who are the owners of steam it’s still going to be a couple months, at least until we have any significant updates on the result of this thing, unless we have some random surprise, uh, so yeah i’ll keep you updated.

Of course, i’m rooting for it to just everything, solves and and really the you mobile players get to hop back on right that i mean that’s, the the best case scenario, but uh yeah, who really knows where it’s, where it’s gon na go. I think this is a case, at least that i’m aware of, unlike anything else, let’s talk about the final thing: today’s uh, i guess the main part of today family guy times fortnite, maybe coming to the future g matrix g matrix games. Uh leaked this about yeah an hour ago: here’s the photo so that this uh, you can see it’s uh if you’re a fan of family guy – and i am so hyped about this collaboration. I think this i i hope we get skins, but you can see the uh, the classic scene, one of the fights between the chicken and uh and peter right. When i was a kid i thought this was was one of the funniest scenes ever on tv. I don’t know why, but you can see they’ve actually edited out the blood right, there’s, no blood in any of the shots, so we’re definitely going to get some type of visual and there’s a good chance. This is going to be our last bounty hunter, because someone here, uh pollock wym on twitter, has noticed that the ant farm was one of the hunters on the list and peter griffin plays god with ants. I guess in one of the episodes and what he’s saying there is the squatting dog irl uh package that epic games delivered as and there was all these different items right uh.

The recent one, i think, is the the fighting bans the wristbands that belong to street fighter. The only hint we have left is ant farm and we were all thinking ant man, of course, from the the marvel universe, but instead it could be our boy, peter griffin. All right, oh my god, they i can’t imagine like. Are we actually going to be able to to walk around there’s, just something different about that? I know. We’Ve got you know every uh, every other character in the world marvel superheroes, star wars, but walking around is peter griffin. I think it’ll just be something else. It just feels different to me. So i’m excited i’ll, be picking up this skin there’s. No doubt – and i hope we get a couple options and uh yeah it’s confirmed it’s in the file, so some type of collaboration is happening, whether they’re skins or not. I mean there’s a chance based on this ant farm thing. I i think this is a a good educated guess. Let me know your thoughts. Would you pick this up? You a family guy fan, let’s, hear it thanks for watching everybody. I hope you enjoyed the video today if you did touch that like button for me once again code the camp in rusher subscribe, and if you made it all the way here, you know i appreciate the heck out of you. You guys help these videos. The most uh sticking around for the entire thing makes the youtube algorithm happy.

So i appreciate it: have a good night.