This is teachmarqui you for this video i’m going to show you the answers in your activity, which is about asteroids, comets and meteors. So let us now begin question number one. What will happen if a comet gets closer to the sun, a comet? Will the correct answer is form a tail made of gas and dust question number two. What celestial body is shown in the picture? The correct answer is comment. Question number three which of the following is not true about potentially hazardous asteroids they blank. The correct answer is cause meteor showers question number four, which of the following statements describe a comment. The correct answer is a snowball nucleus with a tail of light that points away from the sun question number five. What celestial object is shown in the image below the correct answer is meet yours question number: six: why do scientists need to study comets? It is because they plant, the correct answer – is want to study the origin of the earth and other planets. Question number seven study. The picture below which of the following statements is true about the location of the comment. The right answer is comments are located in kuiper belt and work cloud. Question number eight: what causes the brightest parts of light brought by meteors? The correct answer is atmospheric pressure. Question number nine, which near earth objects or neo are found on the kuiper belt in work cloud. The correct answer is comments. Question number 10, edmond halley’s contribution to astronomy, is that he demystified comments in that he was the first to determine that the appearance of a comment can be predicted.

Question number 11. Look at the picture below which part of the comment is pointed by number one. The correct answer is coma question number 12. What are commonly called as shooting stars? The correct answer is meet yours question number: 13. The reason why a comet is not seen as often as asteroids and meteors is because the correct answer is its orbit around the sun is very elliptical such that they move very close to the sun at one end and stretch to the edge of the solar system. At another end, question number 14: the asteroid belt is located between which two planets the correct answer is mars and jupiter. Question number 15. Look at the image below which part of the comment is pointed by number three. The correct answer is gas tail question number 16, which could have probably caused the extinction of dinosaurs. The correct answer is an asteroid hit the earth question number 17. What is the major difference among comet, meteor and asteroid in terms of structure? The correct answer is comet. Contains icy shell, while asteroid and comet do not have question number 18. The glowing thing of a meteor and that of a comet are different in that. The correct answer is the glow of the tail of a comet is illuminated by the sun, while that of the meteor is attributed to its burning, as it goes through the atmosphere of earth. Question number 19 study the picture below. Where can you find the trojan asteroid? The correct answer is d: question number 20: look at the picture below what is the correct arrangement of the three objects below the correct answer? Is meteoroid meteor meteorite? This ends this video.

If your score is 10 or above congratulations, if your score is 9 or below, it means that you have to watch again my video discussion about asteroids, comets and meteors, and look for those correct answers of your missed questions.