Today we already have a little hugging session to let him know it’s, okay, that i forgive him, but now the van stinks and smells like humidity and just not very good. The inside of jake’s stomach, then we were sleeping and we were awake, but another crazy news. I just have to say this week has been very weird. So my dad called me i didn’t answer because my phone was and do not disturb his calls were going to like the mailbox, whatever he called chase freaking out, someone had hacked my account or compromise my account and i’m like what so i wake up and check My account is fine, but i had tons of messages from a lot of you guys. So thank you. So much someone had created an account, a fake account of me on instagram, promoting an only fans. It wasn’t actually an only fan’s account, though it was a free, website, and i think it was based out of russia based on some of the ads that were popping up, but about five minutes before it got taken down. They uploaded three pictures to make. It look like an only fan, sign up thing and they were trying to get people to put their credit card information in to scam them, so be very careful with where you put your credit card information. I do not have an only fans, account i’m, not charging for pictures of any type. So thank you for a lot of you who helped me report the account and also, let me know when what’s going on, because they created in the middle of the night.

When i was sleeping so but it’s down, the account is down now, but i think to get things better this week. I think we have to do something. Are you going chase we’re gon na smudge, the van with some palo santo? Then the alarm comes out Music. You made the coffee babe, oh my goodness, you made everything. Thank you. The planned friends is to head to marfa today. Oh i just in my head and we’re about four hours from there. We slept in this pretty good place that we find on ioverlander it’s like a park, there’s tons of people. There were tons of people last night, not too many, but it made me feel pretty safe after our crazy morning, i’m ready to get on the road play. Some tunes and make it to marfa let’s go Music. We made it to a little rest area, walk the dogs around feel, like we all needed to stretch our legs. We’Re still kind of like two hours away from marfa has been raining. The whole time chase is putting some, i don’t know the name. Let me see, i tell you what’s the name of that jeff. I have no idea what the point of that is to me. It sounds like a rock band, but while he is doing that i’m going to be making some quick lunch, i’m thinking wraps, which i said i’ll make some mean wraps alert a lot of you asked if our dogs, let us know when someone was climbing the van I’M, well, Music.

So Music, are we surprised that it’s raining? Someone told us to bring rain to the desert yeah? So here you go. You’Re welcome, it’s raining! Here i don’t know we are at the what’s, the name, the martha mystery lights, the martha mystery lights kind of like a stop it’s an overlook. I think we’re gon na be here for the next couple of days, while chase has to work. So not much. Excitement is happening. The only exciting thing that has happened, someone, i know, got poo poo in his sandals. Someone has to clean some stinky sandals let’s figure it out. We’Re gon na make for dinner. I’Ve stepped in two massive piles of poop and two different pairs of shoes in two days: i’m over it i’m over it. This pile literally looked like a cow patty rose’s over it too. Apparently, the only lottery i can win is stepping in dog poop and bring it in. I didn’t track it anywhere. It was on the towel, it was on the dirty towel. There have it. We have been editing all day. We took a quick shower that’s. Why? I look so freaking beautiful, um and we’re ready to just enjoy the sunset and maybe have some dinner Music, so Music. Good morning, friends, we say hello from beautiful marfa it’s a place in texas, where a lot of friends have recommend. We were driving past marfa and we just stopped by these. What do you think is this place? Well, this is, i guess, paying homage to some old westerns that’s cool, yeah there’s, even music yeah.

Where are we heading tracy? I don’t know we haven’t really decided yet. I think we’re just driving west as uh as our uh as someone that that we watch on youtube would say we’re going to the west yeah we’re just driving today pretty much stop making some stops at kind of popular touristy stuffs yeah along the way we’re trying To be in arizona by the end of the week today, sunday do we think we can make it. Oh totally looks good on the road this hurt. That was your finger with your ring. Oh sorry bear! Oh, my god: Music Music friends. We are in white sands. National park in new mexico – and we were so close that we decided to make a stop, but of course the rain is here: we’re not gon na be able to walk much around or at all. We had some lunch here and the ducks mark some territory, but i think it’s time to get on the road and make it to where tucson i don’t know i don’t know somewhere in arizona for the night. Why don’t we go to sonoida, maybe sonoyada, why not it’s only appropriate right, maybe it’s tonight, a bit let’s go to sonora come on it’ll be a little late. We’Re gon na get there, but we know. Are you ready, sir? Do you want to go to sonoid and run like a moo moo if you’re a good boy, don’t say anything turn around bubby? Are you sweet boy? Oh yes, you are let’s.

Go hairy. Boys let’s, go graceful; Music Applause, it’s right, Music, oh Music, oh Music! Oh good morning, friends, it’s clearly the next day and we arrived last night quite late. We drove since nine in the morning to like nine nine pm. I’M. Pretty sure i don’t know it was a long day for us and while we were driving, we thought about checking the weather and well. Let me tell you if you didn’t believe us before that we brought the cold the snow and the rain with us. Now now it’s the moment that you believe us it’s, storming well there’s a a store, a storm, storm warming, warming, storm warning, weather warning. I don’t know for the snow here in the desert and we wake up with freaking snow it’s, supposedly gon na snow for the next two days. So we decided why not we’re gon na spend those two days in the most beautiful spot that we have probably found while we were traveling the bus. So if you have been following us since 2019, you know this spot Music chase surprised me this morning. I already got dressed and said: well: i’m gon na have horrible, looking hair today put in a braid and then he said babe. I turn on the water heater for you to get to my heart, get me fresh water and the water heater and let me take a shower and we probably are gon na – have some visitors later in the day.

Some of you all may know them. Some of you may not we’ll find out, and this my friends is the face of a happy person. Remember that we told you we have some friends coming over that we finally were gon na meet because we got in contact back in 2019, no 19 right 19. Yes and they were building a bus, you were starting building the bus back then right about a year in yeah and then they’re finally leaving in their bus so it’s time that you get to meet our new friends, all friends, new friends, you know what i mean Hello, everybody i’m carrie. This is mike and we live in busan, mcbusface, which is a 40 foot schoolie that he built we built. Yes, you did you’re looking for something credited, i know i did the shower that’s all. Have you seen the shower, though that’s a lot of work like even with, if nothing else was done, but that shower was there it’d still be awesome, it’s a piece of work yeah it is. It took her two years, it’s like it took me hooker longer due to the shower than me, the whole, the butt that’s, probably true, Laughter. Well, you guys will have to come visit us in school. Oh yeah we’d love to see you there what’s going on in here nothing. I can see a shadow, you better mind your own business out there we’re gon na, be able to hear everything you do i’m in here doing my business.

Every p, you take every fart. You make you’ll be watching me, we’ll, be hearing you i’ve heard this song or whoa. Sorry i tried to hold on to it. I did bye, have fun bye, you guys see ya, bye, our friends just left and it just started snowing again and we kind of had the realization um in in part. I personally wanted to stay overnight initially thinking because i feel like snow is such a rarity in the desert, yeah um, but we did get snow this morning and overnight um. So i feel like we were kind of blessed by that to begin with yeah we need to get some groceries. We need to get some dog food they’re running low and we were planning on heading out tomorrow anyway, but the snow’s moved through to the point where we might not be able to leave tomorrow or the next day, depending on what this storm looks like. So i guess we’re going to quartzite it’s like four o’clock, 4 30. and we’re like four hours away so let’s. Do it come on baby? Are you ready not really do Music? So you know we’re going through this storm of snow, which i was telling chase. This must be very weird. This must not happen all the time, so i look it up and it says that sierra vista and tombstone and tucson, which are places, are very close to where we are right now. Normally they get 0.

7 0.8 inches of snow. We had that overnight yesterday, they’re calling for 12 8 to 12 inches of snow at 5 000 feet elevation, which is where we were so chase, said it’s now or never, and now we’re on the road and it’s snowing like crazy, like i’m, so Music surprised Music, I’M, tired welcome to quartzite guys and gals and cool cats and kittens we’re both very very tired, it’s been a very long day, but we did some cool stuff i’m going to tell you guys some highlights. We got to hang out with mike and carrie, which was a blast love those guys got dog food. We went to trader joe’s and got a bunch of goodies. We just said head to some friends here in our little uh camp of sorts out here in quartzite. Yeah we got water, we did man, we took showers, it was great. Do i look good because i also cut my hair. If you don’t know, i cut my own hair. If it looks good, i cut it myself. If it doesn’t look good, then rose helped yeah. I think i think we’re just gon na kind of cut it off here and uh we’ll pick back up with you all tomorrow.