Last year, millions of americans flocked to some, but some, especially in historically underserved communities of color were hesitant if not outright upon senior contributor. Ted koppel sits down with community leaders and healthcare workers to explore the roots of this skepticism and the challenges of getting the vaccine to the people who cover story. Palo phazioli now, with his son, luca fine, tunes the art of piano, making majestic red, spruce growing in the valley. The enemy of italy’s double legs has been prized by instrument makers for centuries, some of the best planks wind up at the piano factory of power. Phaseone, a pianist and engineer turned pian seth doan speaks to facially in his factory in the italian town of sassen 40 minutes north of venice, about his meticulous work, which began 40 years at gravestones history behind the lost old colombian harmony cemetery for about 100 years, starting In the late 1850s, the old colombian harmony cemetery in washington d.c was the resting place for 37 000 black residents. When that cemetery was sold 60 years ago, the headstones were all sold or given away as scra chip. Reed spoke to virginia state, senator richard stewart and his wife lisa, who vowed to help restore the dignity of the cemetery’s residents after 55 of those headstones and potentially thousands more ended up in the water near their new farm on the potomac rift for more on the Effort to recover the headstones click here, movies, the authentic allen, burstin academy award winning actress.

Alan bersten has gifted audiences with a host of exquisite performances from the last picture. Show the exorcist and alice doesn’t live here anymore to her latest pieces of the woman for which she’s getting even more oscar butts, potentially becoming the oldest nominated actress. Correspondent, nancy giles talks with bursting about channeling, her childhood playing, complex characters and the magic of jamming. For more info pieces of a woman on netflix passage, rush, limbaugh, controversial conservative radio host dies at 70 conservative radio talk show host rush, limbaugh has died at age 70 from complications of lung cancer heard nationwide. Since 1988. Limbo made his name for hardline and controversial views from claiming caucasians should not feel any guilt for slavery to calling feminists from president trump awarded him. The presidential medal of freedom in 2020. hiker solving the mystery of the appalachian hiker, mostly harmless. He was a mystery who intrigued thousands, who was the hiker who walked almost the entire length of the appalachian trial living completely off the grid, only to be found dead in a tent in florida. It took years and the persistence of amateur salute to crack. The case nicholas thompson of the atlantic magazine tells the tale of the man who read by the name mostly harmless and about the efforts stirred by the mystery of his identity, to give names to nameless missing for more info national missing and unidentified persons. Systematic from columbia, county sheriff’s office, naples, partnering michigan, dad builds hockey rig for kids to have fun outside bringing kids together safely is quite the challenge.

During the cove at 19, panda steve hartman takes a look at one father’s creative solution to get his kids away from their electronics and have some fun on ice sunday profile. Cindy mccain looks at the future of the republican party. Former president trump’s impeachment trial may be over, but the work of repairing the republican party is just lee. Cowan sat down with cindy mccain wife of the late republican senator john mccain to talk about what lies ahead and how she’s, using her voice to help bridge the devot. The mccain institute about cindy mccain opinion david sedaris on his trip to the apple store david sedaris, share some thoughts on a recent experience at the apple store when a trip to fix his broken laptop, led to a reflection on the divide between younger and older people And were the best of me by david sedaris nature, wolves of yellowstone launched the majestic words of yellowstone. The emmy award winning cbs sunday morning was broadcast on cbs sundays. Music Applause find out when sunday morning airs in your city sunday morning also streams on cbsn, beginning at 9am, 18 again at 11, 30 am et full episodes of sunday morning are now available to watch on, and cbs all access, including via apple tv, android, Tv roku, chromecast, amazon, fire tv, slash fire tv stick, follow us on twitter, sunday, facebook instagram sunday morning and at you can also download the free sunday morning, audio podcast at itunes and that’s.