We take full advantage of time at the dock to upgrade our solar, the windlass. We ordered doesn’t work out as planned and stay tuned to see if curtis finally makes it to the top of the map i’m kate. This is curtis and roxy the dog. This is our tiny home sweet rooka. We left everything to sail around the world without going through the canal. You heard me right: cape horn and the cape of good hope, click subscribe and come along for the ride. We needed to climb our way back to st thomas to accomplish more boat projects, but first we decided to check out the port of christenstead and left frederickshead without waiting for the weather to be good. It rained a lot and the wind blew on the nose, but the spell was low, and thus we headed towards the north side of san croix to check out this historic town, it’s gon na be okay Music. We make our way through the narrow split channel behind the reef into christenstead and upon entering by dinghy. We are greeted by a large, yellow, fort right on the waterfront. The fort was built from the remnants of a french fort that had been destroyed in a hurricane. It served as a customs house where newly embarked africans were auctioned off into slavery. Today, you can tour the fort of the museum, as you walk along the boardwalk Music we’re right here in downtown christianstead, and some of it is national park.

It was originally owned by the danes. At least. You know the first europeans that came over yeah we’re, checking it out we’re just walking around and they have one of the nicest boardwalks in the caribbean. We hear so we’re gon na go check it out. Let’S go: it was a town originally settled in by the danes and was built with a mix of old and new colorful buildings along the boardwalk that created a lovely charm. The town was founded by settlers in 1733 and was chosen because it would be one of the best locations to build plantations. The streets were formed in a grid which comes from a traditional baroque style, but was left without a town square, and thus two market squares were added for the sale of produce way. There’S sugar. Here the streets of christenstead are representative of the danish provincial towns and that the houses were low with somewhat wide plots. However, the style of buildings resembled a more contemporary spanish, french and english town of each building have distinctive character. Wide two story. Houses were built with an archway facing the street and a hipped roof for the wind to glance off. Others consisted of two story: brick with a warehouse or shop behind the basket handle arch became a consistent feature in the town. These features probably became consistent due to the skilled craftsmen, with incredible building knowledge that were in charge of the building, as opposed to architects, Music.

Well, what would yours be curtis before you die sail around the world via the capes? Oh yours bk. I got ta think on that one all right, let’s think and walk Music what’s that roxy Music roxy is on the prowl for these chickens and roosters. She is all over it. She’S, not gon na. Let one of these roosters get her french fries she’s guarding the table. It’S a french fry fight french fry fight say that three times fast, french fry fight cheers Music. After touring downtown christianstead, we decided to take a little dingy tour and take advantage of the clear water to check out what appeared to be a sunken barge, as well as a sailboat, no doubt lost to a Music hurricane like it looks like an old guard or Something, oh there. You go: Music, Music, there’s, sweet ruka; no, oh they’re, sweet rooka right in the sunset Music. When we first arrived, we noticed on our ais that our buddy from muskegon michigan and fellow melgus 24 racer, was in town captaining, the large sailing superyacht he’s. In charge of, we stopped by to have a sundowner on the deck and enjoy perhaps some of the most beautiful sunsets we’ve ever seen well play time was over and it was time to get back to the boat projects we had been neglecting. We threw the fishing line out, but could only catch one thing as you’ll see: yeah. Look at that one, big giant, hunk of seaweed fishing baby.

We try to have fun in our relationship. This is one way: Music, yeah it’s our day, i’m hanging in the sunshine. You should hit me with a splash Music babe, all town. We are making some burritos it’s food time. It is lunch time on the sweet rooka we are headed between st croy and st thomas, and in here are some burritos let’s check them out. Oh yeah, there we go all right all right, boat, lunch whoa there you go babe yummers, so we are headed to st thomas from saint croix today and we started off with more of a beam, reach and work. Our way. Downwind, a little bit it’s been blowing about 15 knots and we’ve. Just had i don’t know, pretty good weather um we’ve been able to see in the clouds the sahara dust that they keep talking about. There’S these orangy reddick clouds, which i don’t know. If you can see i’m gon na try to point the camera at them, you can kind of see it just over the mountains right there, a wise cruiser once said: you’ll have a new problem each day. If you don’t have one today, you’ll have two. Tomorrow we were expecting some packages to arrive in st thomas and decided to make the sale up there to receive them and begin. The hard work on our list was installing a new autopilot finding the refrigeration leak, adding more solar, replacing the windlass and a quick personal rig inspection to name a few.

First, up was meeting with the fridge guy by once again entering a narrow channel into the working dock of independent boatyard, Music Music. Sadly, it was all for naught as the fridge guy could not discover the leak, but after some solid teamwork between curtis and i i found the leak with my ears and we were able to tighten the fitting. It seemed to help the fridge work for a little. While longer anyway, hopefully, no more days crawling back into the garage to refill with 134a next, we moved over to the busy land of charlotte, amalie and yacht haven grand to grab a dock. We had our packages shipped there and knew they would be safe until we arrived to pick them up. We also figured the dock, would be a nice steady place to install the new solar panels and windlass. First up was the solar panels. We replaced our one large 160 watt solar panel on the transom, as it had sustained some damage and replaced it with three 100 watt solar panels. We plug them in and watch the energy come in. Like a charm, we have the power today. So what you can see right here is watts on the top and amps on the bottom. This is our combined solar and wind power. Our total power between everything is 950 watts is what it’s capable of in high winds and full sun, but right now, we’re. Definitely bringing some power in we love it swimming off.

The dock is not recommended in such a busy bay, and so we took full advantage of the dock and enjoyed the pool at the marina to celebrate a job. Well done Music. We are here in st thomas virgin islands, and we are going to replace our windlass today. You guys ready to go check it out, come on, as you can see, we’ve got some windows that are all taken. This front hole right here is where the chain comes through, and this is the mount where the windlass motor comes through, so we’re, really hoping that our new windlass fits these same holes, because we don’t want to drill anymore Music. We began by taking all the pieces out of the boxes in strong anticipation for the new windlass, as our old one had finally failed, and we sat on a borrowed mooring, not to mention the windlass got lost in the mail twice through amazon before we finally ordered From defender there was a lot of excitement that we would finally be able to head out again all right. I guess first things. First let’s take a look here: oh that’s, not boy huh, all right, so bad news. This windlass will not fit uh the existing holes on our boat without a lot of fiberglassing it’s, really unfortunate, because i even called lumar tech support and asked them, and they said it should fit uh, no problem it’s, not even in the same ballpark, so we’re gon Na have to figure out something else.

After weeks of waiting, we decided not to deal with the struggle of shipment and pulled out the fiberglassing tools to seal the deck and drill new holes for the windlass that we received. It took a couple extra days and some hard work, but the end result turned out really well kurt geared up with the helmet and headcam to do an inspection of the mass and rigging. We were hoping to get more sailing in and we felt it was prudent to do a once over on such an important piece to our sailboat being kurt’s. First time up the mast, he was rather excited to get the bird’s eye view kurt’s. First time up the rig got a winch handle ready. Okay, start cranking, Music, more good job. Babe keep going few more feet to the first spreader Music. Can i hold there pick up tension on blue Music while up there he is looking for shaving of halyards dings. In the mast from shackles, any damage to the spreaders and rust next or corrosion in the rod rigging Music, i think i’ll just wait for all the waves to go by the boat feels rocky when waves hit the hall, but the feeling is multiplied when you’re at The top of the mast this can be tricky to handle, while out at sea and it’s best done in a protected port like we’re doing here be like strangers, Music, never be afraid in fear of each other.

He also checks the vertical column of the mask to make sure it’s straight on the very top. He will look at the windex and its wires to make sure it’s good to go and finally, any other moving parts that might be going bad and need a replacement got ta get the selfie we’re up here doing a little rig inspection before we head a few Hundred miles south to grenada, so we figured today is a good day to check things out so far. We made it to the top and everything looks great. Take a look around with us, Music, all right, let’s, say: hi to kate down there, hey kate, hi kurt ready to come back down pretty pretty soon you’re enjoying it up there. How are your muscles? Oh, i feel swell Music. That was fun. I like it up there. I can’t feel my right leg: oh kate, wonderful job, cranking, big 200, some pound curtis up the mast. How do you feel swole tired now this could work out? Was it as bad as i thought it was going to be? To be honest, rig is looking really good up there. The view is excellent. We looked at all of the places where the shrouds came into contact with the spreaders and where the sails could come into contact with the spreaders. Everything looks really good. We looked at all the lines: no shaping anywhere we’re, looking good after the windlass was installed and working and all of our other projects were done.

We moved off the mooring ball and anchored for one more night before deciding to sail back down to saint croix and do more diving before eventually sailing on to grenada until next time, Music. What appeared to be a clear day, soon turned into a thick fog of red dust that had crossed the atlantic ocean from africa and made it all the way to the caribbean.