Man it’s just too juicy so posted by bungie a few hours ago. Bungie prepares for future growth in 2021, proceeds to state that bungie prepares for future growth in 2021, with studio expansion, key talent, investments and new board members. Bungie is also increasing their bellevue washington headquarter to over 208 000 square feet planning a complete technical modernization alongside plans to open up its first international office in 2022. Bungie also announces key talent, additions and investments at the executive level in preparation for future ip growth and expanding the high acclaimed and successful destiny. Universe into new media bungie also will be welcoming new members to bungie’s board of directors, both from the entertainment and media industry, trace, harris and pamela kaufman hope, i’m, saying that name right, but let’s get into the meat and potatoes here bungie an independent employee, owned creator Of world famous video games like halo and destiny today announced major initiatives to prepare for the company’s expected and rapid future growth, including the appointment of trace harris and viocom cbs pamela kaufman to its board of directors. We’Re grateful and humble that our independent success allows us to invest in our talented people and headquarters this year and are delighted to welcome, trace harris and pamela kaufman to the board of directors, said pete parsons, ceo of bungie the past several years have been a time Of tremendous growth and opportunity for bungie, we are home to some of the brightest and best talent in the industry, and we look forward to expanding upon both our talent pool this year and increasing the resources to support them.

Pamela and trace also bring incredible media and entertainment experience and we’re looking forward to taking advantage of their proven acumen, as we continue to build the future of our company now it’s interesting that the two people that they’re adding is from media, i couldn’t find harris, but I did find kaufman on twitter. I think she has like 10 years experience with cbs, which makes some of us wonder what her role is going to be exactly at bungie speculation. Bungie might be really considering a series for destiny, 2 or maybe destiny universe. I know that’s kind of a shot in the dark, but that’s the only way. I can explain this move and we’ve seen something like this play out. Y’All. Remember that halo live adaption series right before halo 4 launch same thing here, except for a b for destiny. 2, now for what time frame i don’t know they may do like a for real series of the collapse, or it could just be a one off series of like shin malfur or some other character inside of destiny, either way. It goes interesting, move on that front, but let’s continue. Hq expansion international office also coming in 2022 in january as part of its ongoing plan for sustainable growth, bungie broke ground on an extensive expansion and redesign of its worldwide headquarters, estimated to be complete in fall of 2022. This project will increase bungie’s hq footprint from 84 000 square feet to more than 208 000 square feet, in addition to building state of the art facilities to support the growth and development of their talent and employees.

One of the primary drivers of bungie’s expansion is to increase the commitment to the long term development of destiny 2, to tell new stories of destiny’s universe and to create entirely new worlds to be announced. Eyepiece yeah looky there, man again bungie’s trying to go the route of like blizzard. They want to be a multi game. Franchise but let’s be real. Destinies are bread and butter, at least for now, the new facility will include a re imagining of its bellevue washington, based studio space, to support multiple project teams, including those outside of destiny, universe designed by award winning architect nbbj. The new hq is centered on collaborative neighborhoods built to support the spirit of deeply integrated creative collaboration that defines bungee success and hybrid workforce of both remote and on site staff. In 2022. Bungie will open its first international office in amsterdam, amsterdam, dude i’m. All for a summit there, this office represents bungie’s developing global business and will be home to the company’s growing, publishing and marketing divisions, ensuring bungie’s ongoing commitment to unify and expand on their passionate player community all over the world, all right again guys they’re, taking kind of The blizzard approach, or maybe even like the ubisoft approach, this could be one of many future studios that they open up in different countries and again one of the key things to having more studios as well. The ability to bring on more personnel stakes into the next portion of this article key personnel, editions and investments announced alongside the additions of its board of directors bungie, has announced several key talent, additions and investments into its renowned talent, pool new appointments to the bungie leadership Team for the years of industry, expertise they bring from inside and outside of bungie.

Louise villegas chief technology officer, danielle, porter, chief financial officer and don mcgowan. General counsel they’ll be added to the bungie leadership team; okay, to expand the destiny ip and bring new stories and experiences to the highly engaged community. Bungie appointed mark noseworthy vice president of the destiny universe and luke smith, executive, creative, director of the destiny universe to oversee and prepare for the expansion of destiny; 2’s universe into additional media. Okay, so it actually sounds like luke and mark are being moved and promoted to oversee whatever we’re thinking this is gon na, be you know they just brought on harris hoffman. We just speculated of a potential series there for destiny. It seems like mark and luke are gon na play the roles in overseeing that now. This means that justin truman, general manager of destiny 2, will take over the successful development leadership of destiny. 2.. Oh that’s, good man, justin’s, really good i’m, really bad with names, but man you’ll pick up on his face immediately. You’Ve probably seen him in a ton of vine docs for destiny too, but yeah essentially guys leadership’s going to be shifting. Finally, bundy is also appointed johnny. Ebert chief creative officer and zach russell general manager incubation to build and drive the creative vision and foundation for bungie’s future worlds, alongside the next generation of leaders at bungie, with plans to bring at least one new ip to the market before 2025. jason jones chief vision Officer takes on a talent facing role to help bundy’s top creative leadership unlock their full potential at the company.

All right, so that’s going to be your think, tanks, you guys are going to be trying to make the next big ip. We know for certain that matter, or at least some game code name matter is in the works that’s the game that’s going to be revealed in 2025 or at least released in 2025. That was the game that’s being hit off by christopher barrett, and i think a few other guys, but chris is, is responsible for like rise of iron and not solely responsible, obviously there’s a lot of people that worked on that with him. But he was one of the major leads in rise of iron forsaken, two very successful expansions for destiny and he’s going to be heading off matter. I have no idea what kind of game matters going to be regardless, though, adding personnel, shifting leadership, expanding studios is all around a win for destiny. So don’t necessarily look at this as, like. Oh man, they’re shifting people away from destiny. I think they’re just shifting the people to the right places where their strengths are. On top of that a concern i had at least a long time ago, when bungie and activision split was bungie’s finances you know like where did bungie sit? I had nothing to base this off of, but i was concerned considering that bungie paid a hundred million dollars to bind destiny 2 from activision that’s, a big chunk of money, but the point i’m trying to make is: it appears considering the massive expansion that bungie’s doing That well, destiny, 2, must be doing pretty good it’s, all those sexy exotic ornaments now the final column here bungie welcomes entertainment and media expertise to the board of directors.

So i guess a little more here bundy has announced the addition of two members to its board of directors, trace harris a finance and strategy executive and pamela kaufman, president of global consumer products for viacom cbs harris and kaufman bring years of expertise in multimedia ip expansion. Alongside their acumen in business operations, scaling and join net ease’s, simon zoo, as external members to bungie’s board, okay, there we go netease is involved. You want to know who invested 100 million dollars into bungie when bungie split from activision it was ned east trace. Harris is a finance and strategy executive with deep experience in governance, financial transactions and partnerships for industry leading companies across the entertainment and technology sectors. She serves as a board member chair of the compensation committee and member of the audit and mergers and acquisitions committee for altier engineering. Am i saying that right, alt here, like altier from assassin’s creed? This is a global software company in the areas of data analytics product development and high performance computing and data analytics harris’s professional experience includes 13 years with global entertainment, company vivendi, vivende vivindi, most recently as its senior u.s executive for strategy, finance and m. A pamela kaufman is president of viocom cbs global consumer products, overseeing the worldwide licensing and merchandising of viacom cbs portfolio of brands spanning nickelodeon, mtv, comedy central bet, cbs showtime and paramount pictures and iconic franchise properties. Kaufman previously served as president of consumer products and chief marketing officer for nickelodeon bundy’s board of directors is chaired by pete parsons.

The board offers guidance and information to bungie’s leadership team in support of bungie’s mission, to create hopeful worlds that inspire passionate player, communities and lifelong friendships. Oh that’s, nice, all right, fellas. There you go. We got some new people at bungie. Some leadership changes, some expansion and an amsterdam studio, hell yeah now, as far as the board of directors there’s many different boards and there’s a lot of people that can serve on multiple boards. You’Ll see like someone’s, name and they’ll, be like on like 10 different morts you’re, like my god. How does that person have time to do anything? It’S not really like that it’s not like they’re working at that business like take, for instance, the board at a bank it’s not like that person that’s on the board is working at the bank every day. Matter of fact, they might not ever even go to the bank. They could just literally be the person with the largest bank account at that bank and that’s. Why they’re added to the board they’re simply added to the board so that bank doesn’t lose that person and then the person that’s on the board can be like? Oh yeah, i feel special i’m on the board, but simultaneously they might get some ins right, like maybe a better interest rate by half a percent yadda yadda. I bring this information to you because we have to ask yourself: why is it that pamela kaufman president of viocom cbs, amongst a number of other things and trace harris a finance and strategist executive, are now both on the board of bungie? Now? Are they going to be involved with the day to day operations at bungie, perhaps perhaps i’m not going to say they’re, not, but i think it’s, probably due to the fact that they know people right having this many years and experience in global entertainment when you’re the President of viocom cbs, which involves nickelodeon mtv, comedy central bet, cbs all that stuff you make connections.

You know people. If you know people you get favors and it appears that bungie’s trying to get a few favors, whether it’s to get a push for an actual series which will cost some serious, serious money or maybe it’s just to get investors. And i bring this up because i have to analyze his article and ask myself: why is bungie disclosing this they didn’t have to and who is his article for? Is it for us, a community, obviously it’s, pretty nice, to know what’s happening with bungie internally, or is this actually a signal to many of the connections that pamela has that trace? Harris has both of these individuals who probably have a lot of connections, and i can tell you right now, after reading this article there’s. Another thing that i feel like this article is for is for potential private investors bunji’s, not a public company, so it’s not like. I can go, buy shares of bungie, but believe me, if i had the desire and the money got ta have the money man. I would knock on bungie’s door and say: hey yeah. Can i be an investor of use? Aka. You want to take some of my money and they would say not your money cross. You broke bastard, but if i was somebody in maybe pamela’s corner or trace harris’s circle, maybe i might have the bank account to make bundy go. Oh well sure. On top of that, whoever it is that’s investing in bungie, who has the connections of these two individuals will feel more comfortable right, there’s.

A little more accountability outside of bungie is a gaming development. Company and pete parsons is p parsons. Now, if bungie messes up, i can call trace harris and be like hey what the hell you took nova warp out of the game. What is wrong with y’all, you see where i’m coming from so again, this article to me: yes, it’s, informing the community, but i think there’s more to it. On top of that, it signals a lot of things to potential personnel for bungie for potential talent out there. That bungie is here to stay, and not just here to stay not just to sit here in milk, destiny, 2 for the next 10 years and then bounce, but instead expand believe me. Bungie could have taken the approach and just milked destiny, and let that be it executives could have packed it up been like yep it’s been a great ride, but obviously they want more than that and by more i mean more money and i think potentially it could Pay off for them if a series is actually included like a bungee like pushes forward this almost game of thrones level, destiny, series, that’s kind of nuts, if bungie is able to launch matter and matter, is received well, bundy will be recognized abroad that they are now A multi franchise studio, they’re signaling it right now, but they’ll definitely do so. If matter succeeds, but all of this all of this matters for not if bundy, messes destiny up destiny, is the golden goose right, it’s, the golden goose if they mess destiny up well, all of these plans pretty much go sideways, but i think they recognize at least What i’m getting from this article? They recognize the importance of destiny and what i’m getting is that the studio is doubling or even tripling in size, and that they’re actually going to be doubling down on destiny 2, especially with the large amount of personnel they’re.

Looking to bring on so guys, let me know what you think of this article.