Engines are at 100 percent attitude. Poor pressures and equal substances are nominal. The ss katherine johnson takes flight on this. The 59th anniversary of john glenn’s mercury flight carrying 8 000 pounds of cargo to the international space station good performance on the first stage so far, Music m stage, one continues nominal performance inches at 100. Good good, core pressures. Music engines remain steady attitude, max q attitude. First stage, passing through the area of maximum dynamic pressure on the rocket 90 seconds into the flight, this first stage burns for a little over three minutes. Three minutes 18 seconds until main engine cut off Music about 90 seconds to stage one burnout attitude nominal engine’s at 100 and steady t plus two minutes. All subsystems continue in nominal performance. Also, some sub systems are nominal we’ll, be ready to shift down to uh 80. On the engines at 170. start of slow throttle down throttling down at three minutes into the flight main engine cutoff coming soon throttle down to 55 main engine cutoff. We have miko and terry’s entering into a co stage. Fairing separation will occur about 30 seconds later, as we lose side of the vehicle now. Switching to animation, some controlled firings uh on the inter stage of the rocket attitude nominal good separation, 20 seconds to stage two ignition all subsystems, nominal fairing separation, enter stage. Separation confirm fairing separation and interstage stage two ignition stage, two ignition confirmed stage: two is a solid rocket mode.

I just released red team to the pad copy that spacecraft separation confirmed nine minutes into today’s. Flight cygnus has separated from the second stage lc ace. That concludes our callouts copy that ace okay, uh ng15 excellent job.