Now, in the item, shop i’m working on condors find a family portrait. This is one of the week 12 challenges of the epic challenges, also, while you’re over here on the rotation, you may as well get a few of the xp coins, so the family portrait says seeing the artifacts that condors passed may uncloud as judgment, so just giving A hint of the backstory on it so anyways, if you didn’t, know the obvious the shipwreck, so we go to shipwreck cove and you only have to get one of the portraits. But i will say that going around. There were three here and i went ahead and picked up all three wondering if i would get triple experience. I just got that when i got the xp and it leveled me up getting the other two, you can interact on them and they disappear, but i don’t believe you get additional xp for doing that. I was testing that out, while i’m over here, so there’s, usually a little bit of loot here. So if you want to play it out, do a rotation from here and grab what little bit of loot there is and grab a boat try to get to a better entry point on my rotation. Shouldn’T have messed with this shark. It kind of messed me up there, Music. I was trying to get the week 12 blue xp coin in the water here, Music. Also, if you have time if the storm hasn’t came in yet Music there’s a purple coin down here a little bit further up the coast when they come off the water drop off the zip line, i usually try to build around a little bit.

Try to get all the little coin parts that’s falling off of it – Music get all of those and just play it out so later in the video. I also do the week 12 thrill fish back into the water challenge i’m, going to play the game out also making a stop by to visit the tron portal and then at the end i’m. Looking at tonight’s item shop, that includes the uh jade blue style. The jumbo pop pony mode also take a look at the teaser for the party royale gather for short, tight film festival, short night shorts and party royale this weekend. So if you want to check out that film festival, because the teaser preview in game as well so with all of that said, if you enjoy these kind of videos, make sure you hit that like and subscribe, also drop a comment. Let me know you enjoy it. I appreciate any feedback: you guys take care, not youtube Music, so Music, Music, so Music, Music, oh hello, there, Music, toby, Music, Music; ah, you muggle, Music, hahaha, Music, Music, Music, oh Music, hey, Music, Music, oh Music, so Music, Music, hello, hey, okay, Music, Music, so Music.