What’S up everybody watching we’re, just gon na keep rolling, along with the blizzcon line, announcements and in this video we’re, going to be doing a reaction to their newest trailer for diablo 4. For the announcement of the rogue class now this makes me very excited that they’ve announced a road class for diablo. Originally, i wanted to be a rogue in diablo 3 and i had to go with being a demon hunter. Why did i want to be a rogue because that’s, what i am in world of warcraft and we like to stick with what we know frozen shady come on. Rogues are shady and it’s about time. We got a rogue in diablo. Now i could say i have one in warcraft and diablo. This is going to be amazing. I heard this was quite a good trailer. I, like the hero class announcements for diablo and i’ve, been very hyped about diablo recently because of diablo 2 resurrected and diablo 4. anyone’s guess which one’s going to be played more. But at this point in time, let’s just hop on over we’re going to take a look at the announcement trailer for the road class in diablo 4., as hyped as i am for this trailer at this point in time. It’S going to be hard to give up. My demon hunter from diablo 3 when we come over to diablo 4., but they’ve provided me with an acceptable option here. It looks like now.

I have to see if i’m going to take that option after i look at this trailer here we go. There is and granted mercy and granted mercy. What are you doing here? This is not the time, but this is confession and i have sinned. I was a thief who stole from those more fortunate robin hood style. I strayed from your light and found my trade in the shadows. They call it murder. I say job well done: Applause, that’s, how you portray a rogue take down those warriors, a heretic, a murderer. Father will acquire save me. You mark our light, but those monsters you you were the answer to their prayers. Then we are settled, and you owe me the name you see is Music. Thank the heavens, for you heavens, i assure you father, the heavens didn’t. Send me this class looks funny as hell with a degree of biased. I just want to play already. She stole something: no, oh wow, what a dark ending who knew the priest was going to be keeping the ears father as they would say in that trailer. Well, i think we just found our new class for diablo 4.. That looks extremely fun and the one thing i have to say about diablo’s trailers is, i do like the dark feel i feel they drifted away from that in diablo 3, a little bit just seeing diablo 2 resurrected brought me back to that because diablo 2 resurrected.

I think our diablo 2 in general has a very dark feel which is very important to the diablo games. I mean hell, we’re attacking hell. After all, it should have a dark feel to it after i feel like getting a little bit away from that in diablo. 3, everything i’ve seen for diablo 4 so far seems to be bringing that feel back, which i am very happy about, that’s, something that is a staple in the diablo universe, and every trailer i’ve seen so far has shown that and with every trailer i’ve seen so Far for diablo 4, i must say it does increase the hype to want to play it. Can’T wait for this one to come out. I’Ve been waiting a long time like a leona diablo for fans for this game to come out matter of fact, if you’ve been waiting for this game to come out for an eternity like me, you can go ahead and like this video, so we could show our Support for diablo 4., i think that’s beautiful right so there’s. Another thing i wanted to ask in this video: what are you more excited about diablo, 2, resurrected or diablo 4, because it seems like we’re, going to be getting quite a bit of diablo content in the future and, like i’ve said it is about time that’s. One of the universes i felt blizzard should focus on a lot more and i’m glad they’re. Finally doing it we’re going to be getting our fill of it in the next couple years, so get ready and enjoy everybody.

I hope you enjoyed my reaction to this rogue class trailer announcement from diablo 4 at blizzcon line. This is going to be my new class because we’re going to stick with what we did in world of warcraft, it worked out quite well. There now we’re going to bring it back over there to diablo. Since last time we had to work with the demon hunter. Everybody we’re done with this video like subscribe, and leave your comments about the new road class and what classes you plan to play when diablo 4 comes out i’m. Very curious just to see what the rest of us gamers are thinking on this topic, that’s it everybody. Thank you for watching this. Video have a good day or night wherever you are, and i will see you in the next video later murder.