That’S right today, we’re happy to announce a brave new soul, joining the barbarian, the sorcerer and the druid on this dangerous journey back to sanctuary a class is one of the most exciting things you can announce in a diablo game. This one is especially exciting to me as it’s a re envisioning of one of the first classes to ever appear in the series. Yes we’re, getting a rage class, bring on the rogue rogue. You can’t do much else right with that announcement. Rogue was well before monk. Rogue was one of the originals bring it. I see a lot of bowser guide. Don’T. Tell me they’re doing a priest. Don’T tell me they’re doing a priest. Oh no! There we go. I see her in the background. This is not the time, but this is confession and i have sinned. I was a thief who stole from those more fortunate i strayed from your light and found my trade in the shadows. They’Re right we gon na. We got the right. I hope they call her a rogue now they better. I am a thief. Are they gon na call her a thief? Instead of a rogue murderer, father will occur. Save me call her a rogue. Please, hmm, you mark our light, but those monsters with a scourge upon my frog and you, oh, you were the answer to their prayers. Then we are settled and you owe me i know i said i didn’t care what they call it, but i care thank the heavens, for you heavens, i assure you father, the heavens didn’t send me.

Yes, they called her a rogue i’m happy i’m done. They’Re. All good! Well, i know what i’m starting diablo 4 on bring the rogue i’m, so happy they’ve gone with rogue Music, i would jump up and down, but like beautiful, the rogue is real, and now i want to play her, damn it damn it.