Today i am going to show you how to install and set up outlook desktop app let’s get started in order to install outlook. We need to navigate to microsoft 365 portal for this step. I’M. Assuming you already have a microsoft 365 license. I recommend to use the url This is because it will take you directly to the main page of microsoft, 65 and if you are not authenticated yet it will ask for your credentials just like this. All you need to do is to confirm your company credentials and that’s it once you have typed your email address and password just click. Yes, and it will take you directly to the main page. We need to click on install office and then office 65 apps notice. It says include outlook, onedrive, word excel powerpoint and more. This is because outlook is not alone in the installation file it’s, like a bundle that includes all the office apps. If you already have some of these already installed in your computer, it’s, okay, to replace them with this new installation, this is because all microsoft 365 license provide you with the latest office 65 apps version. Alright, let’s start by downloading the installation files click on the button. Okay, it’s downloaded let’s, just click on it to start the installation. Once you click on it, it will ask you for your confirmation and then you will see an installation progress like this. This process takes some minutes, so you can go and take a cup of coffee.

In the meantime, the installation process has finished now, let’s, just click close and look for outlook. App, let’s type outlook click on it to open. There is one clarification i have to do before. Recording this video i try to uninstall office apps, however, outlook leaves behind some all files and as soon as you try to install it again, it will load those all files that’s. The reason we cannot see the first screen it shows when it’s a new, completely new installation. In your case, you will see a small dialog window where you can type your email address and then your password so i’m going to show you the process to add an account to an existing installation. If you want to add multiple accounts to the same outlook instance. All you need to do is repeat these same steps for all the accounts you want to add. Click on file menu then add an account by the way. The dialogue window you will see, when is a french installation – is very similar to this one, if not the same i’m, going to type my email address now and click connect, it didn’t prompt for a password because the credentials were already saved on the system. So let’s add a second email address. In this case it did run for password, so let’s type, the password there we go. We have successfully added two email addresses to the same outlook instance now it’s going to start mapping all the data from the cloud.

It might take several minutes until it finished the sync in case there is some emails already there. If not, this will be really quickly. Once you are finished, adding accounts click on done and just like that, we have added two email inboxes to our outlook instance. Here we can see one of 104 email inbox, and here is the second email, inbox and that’s it. What do you think about this process when i started this, i thought it was going to be as simple for installation of office apps, but it ended up being more like a troubleshooting because of the previous installation left behind some files that caused its own problems during The new reinstallation of office apps, is, for this reason, i’m going to add a link in the description of this video to a microsoft page, where you can see the steps to repair an office, apps installation in case you ever ran into an issue. I didn’t include those steps in this video because the scope was to show you how to download, install and set up a fresh installation of outlook, which we did well almost just with a small difference which i mentioned it before.