Just know they are being heard.. There is justice within the Light …, but you have to be patient. Now: pray with me. May Akarat guide and protect me. PARISHIONER May Akarat guide and protect me.. May he shepherd my soul …. May he shepherd my soul, … … and grant it mercy. APPROACHING FOOTSTEPS … and grant it mercy.? What are you doing here? This is not the time., But this is confession. And I have sinned.. I was a thief …, who stole from those more fortunate. COINS JINGLE I strayed from your Light … and found my trade in the Shadows.. They call it murder.. I say job well: done., GRUNTS, ROGUE, YELLS GROANS PRIEST Stop.! Stop Enough ROGUE! I am a thief. …, a heretic …, a murderer: Father. Will Akarat save me: PRIEST GRUNTS, You mock our Light …, but those monsters were a scourge upon my flock. And you … SCOFFS …. You were the answer to their prayers. ROGUE. Then we are settled. And you owe me.. The name you seek is …. Indistinct WHISPERING Thank the Heavens for you. Heavens, I assure you Father …, the Heavens didn’t send me.