They revealed the next class for diablo 4, which is the rogue, and this class looks awesome. I honestly probably will play this class first. I love the combination between the rogan like diablo 1, the assassin diablo 2 and the demon hunter and diablo 3.. They all look. It looks so good, it looks really good. The cinematic was really deep. Uh honestly, i got chills. I love blizzard cinematics, but um yeah really cool. Some of the other things that they mentioned about. Diablo 4 is like the new pvp stuff. It honestly reminded me of cal like the division. They mentioned something about currency and like changing your currency or purifying your currency or whatever, something in some ritual or whatever, and that turns visible on the map, and people can fight you to try to get that currency. That you’re trying to purify or whatever whatever the terminology for it was again but basically um. It reminded me of the division in the dark zone when you’re trying to extract something, and then other players can try to interrupt you um and then, on top of that, like if you are just slaughtering people, you’ll be more visible, like players in player versus player, You’Ll be more visible and be seen as a threat to other people from farther away, so it gets harder and harder for you to uh to get away with it um, but yeah it’s, it’s, really cool. So the pvp stuff looks interesting if it’s well balanced.

That could be a really good experience um and they talked about like different outpost. Things i’m, not sure if they’re called outposts but they’re like these areas, where it’s kind of like a mini town, where, if you like, save this town, which kind of reminded me of like assassin’s creed or, like far cry kind of vibes, where like. If you save this area in the open world, it’s like a town that you can go to and the merchants will come out and trade and stuff like that. But first you have to like clear the area and take care of the demons and the monsters or whatever the cannibals and various things like that. Um overall, i like the way that diablo 4 is looking it’s, looking really good like graphically. It is beautiful game and ultimately um some of the stuff that they did. Mention i’m, like okay, if there’s a fine line, whether it’s like a diablo game or not um so, like you know, hopefully they’ll still be able to capture that diablo feel of you know. Over the head, arpg uh game, gameplay that’s, really what i’m hoping that they capture. You know farming and stuff like that um so i’m, hoping they don’t venture too much from that, but ultimately what i saw today with the trailers and the gameplay and all that stuff. Diablo 4 is uh, is looking promising and i’m. Definitely looking forward to see more um, maybe even tomorrow.

So thank you again guys for watching just a quick, diablo, 4 update, much love. You guys are beasts Music. There is and granted mercy and granted mercy. What are you doing here? This is not the time, but this is confession and i have sinned. I was a thief who stole from those more fortunate i strayed from your light and found my trade in the shadows. They call it murder. I say job well done. I am a thief: a heretic, a murderer. Father will akara save me, you mark our light, but those monsters with a scourge upon my frog and you you were the answer to their prayers. Then we are settled, and you owe me the name you see is thank the heavens, for you heavens, i assure you, father, heavens, didn’t, send me that’s pretty hype. Dude Music, yeah, that’s super sick. I still don’t know what how i feel about these stupid monsters.