Our cause will be made to serve right. Now. You hold all the power, make your choice: sylvanas windrunner. Despite all our efforts, the mall continues to grow. What if dinathius’s treachery is irreparable, the primus is lost and bastion cannot save the shadow lands alone. None of this should have happened. Perhaps the winter queen could my archon a living soul, seeks an audience a mortal a king by all our measures, one who has spent his life striving for justice, one who would give anything to serve his people, Music, one whose heart is true very well. He may approach step forward Music. My ascended have spoken of you. The king held captive in the mall that prison could not hold me forever. Why have you come to bastion? You have a key that i need Music. You will release this soul from your grasp. No, he is bound to me, just as you would sought to buy your own brother, Music Applause, Music, uh, Music, Music, the vessel performed its part flawlessly Music, three keys, then they will see. Death was never meant to be chained. You dare enter my realm Music. Ugh Applause, Music, Music: your foolishness has brought you to this end. Take my blood and choke on it. Death to the outsiders, i’ll turn your world upside down. You are not prepared. Music. There is justice within the light, but you have to be patient now. Pray with me may akharat guide and protect me, may akarat guide and protect me.

May he shepherd my soul? May he shepherd my soul and grant it mercy and granted mercy? What are you doing here? This is not the time, but this is confession and i have sinned. I was a thief who stole from those more fortunate i strayed from your light and found my trade in the shadows. They call it murder. I say job well done. I am a thief. A heretic, a murderer, father will akara save me, you mark our light, but those monsters with a scourge upon my frog and you, oh, you were the answer to their prayers. Then we are settled, and you owe me the name you seek is thank the heavens, for you heavens, i assure you father. The heavens didn’t send me Music, ah Music Applause, Music, a wanderer don’t. Do it Applause Music, though this be our focus tower.