He walks, you say, sit down, it’s, just a talk, it smells politely back at you, you stare politely hi. There welcome to bite, says piano in this tutorial i’m going to teach you how to play the piano part to how to save a life by the fray. I have made the chic the chic. I have made the sheet music for this, which i’ve linked down where you can access that below you’re, not really playing any chords with this one. It’S all broken up notes pretty much the whole way through, so i’ll go through every single section, it’s, pretty repetitious it’s. Only about two three different, like ideas, if you like that’s just repeated, then i’ll attempt to sing each section as well, so this one’s in the key of b flat major so on the screen. Now are the notes of the scale of b flat major it uses b flat and e flat. Here is little c there’s a reference point. So if you locate that pitch on your keyboard, highest note, we’ll need is f. The lowest note i’ll play. Is this a but it’s, not that necessary, so we’ll look at the main riff. I guess, which is makes up the vast majority of the song. I teach both hands at the same time, so right hand will be orange. The left hand is blue, so right hand is going to start on the b flat. So is the left hand, so this is based around a b flat major chord, so we’re going to play the b flat together and then the left hand is going to play f d, f, hold f d f, so do that again hold and then, with the Exact same uh pattern you’re going to play a and c together, and then you always play f and d.

Then you go back to the b flat in the left hand and the right hand is going to play a d this time and you’re going to play a’s together. Then a c when you’re holding that f let’s do that last bit again, so together, left left, left right, left left left so i’ll do all that from the beginning. Slowly hold Music hold Music i’m. Holding these notes down as well, but you don’t have to so i’ll play that bit quicker and i am using the sustain pedal if you want to know how to properly use a sustain pedal. If you have one i’ve left a video down below going in depth with that pedal and the rest of the pedals Music step, one then it’s into the verse. So for the verse. You basically do that four more times: Music, Applause, Music. You stay right between Music. If you wanted to play on the third and fourth time is where these lower notes come in, so the do a quick if you wanted to quick, low b flats or just a lower b flat, but it’s a quick jump up there or your right hand could Take over this bit so like that, if you wanted to just giving you options, if you wanted to include that some sort of between Music and then we’re into the chorus straight away hi there just quickly before we continue if you are enjoying the video so far, Please consider hitting that like button and say hi in the comment section below if you’re brand new here please consider subscribing you know where the button is and make sure to hit that notifications bell.

So you’re notified every time. I upload a new tutorial and you can be the first to learn. I’Ve left a load of playlists in the description as well. To get you started, i hope you enjoy the rest of the tutorial and let’s continue. So we’ve got the so the left hand either play e and b flats we’re playing in fifths or add the oxygen on top. If you can i’m going to play with the octave on top. So it sounds more full now, we’re in the chorus and the right hand again is just playing constant individual notes. So you’re gon na play e flat five, together with a b flat, the right hand’s gon na go b, flat, f d, f, c, f, d, f, so it’s more like and then the left hand’s going to come up to f5, so f and c and f On top, if you want and then the right hand is going to play an a with that, so a f d, f, c, f: d, f, Music, the left hand is going to move up one to g five, so it’s g and d, with the g on Top, if you want and you’ll play, b flat with that f d, f, c, f, d, f and then kind of come up to b, flat, five or down to b flat five i’m going to go down so that’s, b, flat on f and then b b Flat on top and then with a b flat in the right hand, f, d, f, c, f, this f Applause, Music, f, so let’s do those first, four bars of the chorus again Music, this bit’s the same and then to the b flat you’re going to hold That for two beats this time and the right hand is going to go b, flat, f d, f, it’s, going to move to just a’s with a c in the right hand, f a f and it’s back into this Music and into the next verse.

So i’ll just do all of that chorus. Now, Music, with you all night, Music into the next verse, so the next verse you’re going to play that main riff three times. And then we have this other bit which i’ll teach you now so it’s the how to play it first and just play that one. So you can play b flats octaves in the left hand, but just single notes if you can’t stretch octaves in the right hand, you’re going to play b, flat, f, f, f, f, f, f, f and then change to a’s and then higher f, f, c. F e flat, f d, f, so let’s do those two bars. First, so we’ve got Music and then it moves to g’s with a b flat. You just do that same thing again. You just don’t in the right hand, so we’ve got g’s Music, you Music, so i’ll just do all of that verse. Now, Music, the Music Applause Music, is Music into the next verse Music a break with. He will do one of two things. He will admit to everything i can say he’s, just not the same when you begin to wonder why you came into the next chorus Music, and then we have this this bit again. Music, the left hand is just doing something a bit different. The left hand is basically playing b flat b flat d, a and it does it again b, flat b, flat d, a which it fits together like this Music, give me quicker so from that interlude part just after we’ve just played Music, how two more times Music.

I lost a friend somewhere Music, the outro Music, how to save your life into space Music just end on b flats in each hand, let’s do that outro again, i’ll save you alive. Then it ends with like a little drum fill at the end, which is a nice way to end a song. I think so that’s the end of the video. I hope you enjoyed it and that it’s useful. If you’d like to leave a piano tutorial request, you need to click on this video which takes you through to my official request space. You do need to be subscribed. All requests are noted and considered.