There welcome to bite size piano in this tutorial i’m, going to teach you how to play the piano parts to arcade by duncan lawrence, so i’m gon na do every part today and i’m gon na attempt to sing each section. I have left the full chords and lyrics linked down below so go and check those out if you find them useful, so it’s fairly repetitious this one, we don’t need any of the black keys and this is in the key of a minor. So on the screen. Now are all the notes of the scale of a minor, and here is middle c today, so we’re, mostly in the mid to lower portion of the piano. So look at the intro first i’ll teach both hands at the same time. So left is blue and right is orange. The left hand’s going to play in consecutive fifths, so chords are five notes apart. So the first chord is an f and then middle c Music and the right hand is going to play in a with that. So we’re going to go and then we’re going to play a quick c to b and then with that you play, you move your left hand up one to g and d, so we have then you’re going to play a quick data. G and the left hand moves to e5, so it’s e and b. Then you play that g again and then you move your left hand up to back to f and c and the right hand is going to flick from g to a Music.

So do that again slowly just move my other fingers out the way. Obviously don’t play it like this play it like this Music. Then you do that a second time Music, so with the ooze Music and then you’re gon na basically move down an octave. So then, the verse in the left hand we’re going to maintain playing fifths, those exact same ones, so f and c g and d e and b, f and c, and the right hand is going to play a b g, a Music you’re gon na repeat it Through four times Music, i carried Music, then there’s, another section to the verse, so we’re gon na carry on playing them fist. But if you can stretch the octaves, we can play the oxy on top so playing fcf. Moving that up one e b e Music, like that or just carry on playing it like this. If you can’t just quite stretch, octaves and the right hand, is going to play you’re going to break up these chords, we’ve got f major f, a c she’s gon na go Music, then g, major g b d to e minor e g b and then we’re Going to play the f again and then f, a f f, a Music, it again Music. You almost repeated it third time and then, with this f5 you’re gon na play just an e, which makes an f major seven. And then we just have this. Like guitar part, these guitar notes we’re going to play them on the piano, so you can just use your right hand, so, it’s, a and g d and b d and g and c and a do you have it again, Music.

So this that bit sounds like this Music. Please carry me, carry me, carry me home, so i’ll do it from the beginning, Music. Now, Music, a broken heart, is Music Music. I carried Applause, Music, i’m. Afraid of all, i Music am silence ringing inside my head. Please and then went into this pre chorus. We have this repeated, guitar part Laughter, so to make it easy you just you could just play so the f’s first, a a a a and then g’s b b b b, the a’s c c Music has d and a with the d on top. If you want and then just an f in the right hand, so that’s to make it that’s the simple way of doing it – and i guess the most accurate way so Music or you could play it like this, so you could play Music c and f and Then repeat that a so it goes down with the left hand, move that shape up one to d and g Music, move it up, one again: Music down one f’s and that’s, just still an f. So you could play like this Music, so we’re just going to play straightforward chords for this, so we’ve got a minor so how i’ve chosen to voice it Music, so it’s, the top. The top voice is like the vocal part, if you like, just to make it easier to pinch if you’re accompanying yourself or someone else. So all the chords are second inversion chords, so a minor second inversion, so e a c move that down to g major second inversion d g b, move it down to c major second inversion g c e.

They kind of come down. They aren’t singing. This note, but you could go back up and play there if you wanted to so, and obviously the left hand is following the root chords, so the first bit of the chorus goes i’ll just hold them down for now: Music, so yeah after so they’re the chords. If you want to play them on the b, you could go like this Music, so there i’m kind of just going so going like one two and three and it’s, occasionally just repeating my thumbs. So, breaking up occasion like that, like that, so one and two and three and four one and two and three and four Music, four Music is a losing game and then it’s into the second verse and we’re gon na go back to playing it like this Music. So you do that through four times: that’s, all for this verse, Music twice as long this time – Music, oh Music, Music, now we’re into the bridge section i’ll just teach it first, the left hand you’re going to play d’s or just a single d, the right you’re Going to play a and f i’m going to move that shape down one to c’s g and e you’re, going to move that shape down to g d and b. So in terms of counting we’ve got one two one, two one, two three four i’ll go back to that c g e. Again then, you’re going to come down to e to the left hand and c and g in the right hand, just like c major over e then move your little finger to a and move your thumb and then move your left hand up to f, Music i’ll.

Do all that again, Music, you could add a little Music in there, which is like a nod to the intro. So like a quick g to a that might sound nice, Music and then it’s into all. I know all i know loving. You is a losing game which is no quotes, it’s just clapping well like stomping and clapping, and then it does that again. But the chords are different this time. So we’ve got these seventh chords it’s, just like maintaining a shape again, so we’ve got d minor, seven. So that means the left hand you’re going to play d in the right hand, you’re going to play basically an f major chord, so c f and a move that shape up one to e d g b. So e minor, seven move it up. One again to makes f major seven, so f is, in the left hand and then e a c in the right hand and then sword moves up again to g major gbd. So we have Music and then a minor Music. And then you play the intro again. Music Applause – oh Music, is Music loving. You is a losing game, Music, so that’s the end of the video. I hope you enjoyed it and that it’s useful. If you’d like to leave a piano tutorial request, you need to click on this video which takes you through to my official request space. You do need to be subscribed. All requests are noted and considered.