, so let’s get it all. I really wanted. Was that jacket to be honest, didn’t want to be first just wanted to get there honestly. This was very tedious. Um, specifically the 999 excellent throws. I was asking you guys on twitter, like how are you doing this in like a day? This is unbelievable. Some of you said you did it. You know just went somewhere where you had a bunch of pokemon and hit those excellent throws. I guess i’m just not as good as some people, but we are here and we are able to get that jacket. What has changed other than that? Well, nothing there’s, really no other benefit of being 50, because when you are 40 you’re actually gon na be able to max out your pokemon to level 50. If you have the resources so it’s not like any sort of beneficial addition to powering up your pokemon, but it is kind of a nice mild, stone and obviously an achievement to get to this. We did have the xp already ready to go so we’re good, but let’s talk about that for a second after this look at this. This is the level 50 challenge. Oh boy, here we go again i’m gon na. Let this one naturally play out by itself. We’Ll. Just see how long that takes i’m, not gon na rush through that, as a matter of fact, i kind of wanted to just naturally let this one occur too, but i decided to just get out there and grind, and we finally did that, but anyways just a Little heads up, if you did reach level 50 or if you’re, making your way to level 50, you have all the xp.

You need it’s, just you’re not going to rush out there to do all that stuff, specifically to the team rocket that that was. It did not like that at all. It was kind of fun getting around town in places that i hadn’t been in a while, but it was a very grindy uh. You want to stack that xp, because we’re, probably you know, going to get more levels in the future, and you may just want to start accumulating that now. So when we do get them in who knows how many years you’re just going to be ready to shoot right up just like before just complete those tasks and you’re good to go? Let’S take a look at all of my various different metals here. Some of them are gon na, be pretty high up there for the number. Some of them are gon na be pretty low because i don’t focus on a lot of stuff anymore, like i used to i’m just going to tell you so the channel used to rely on me grinding as hard as i possibly could go out. There record my footage catch some crazy pokemon power ups and things take out some gyms. You remember good old days if you were around then, but the channel doesn’t really work that way anymore. The game has changed and i have adapted bringing you guys news battles and everything in between so yeah a mixture between that, as well as real world responsibilities.

I have a lot more than i did before so kind of hindered the progress to get this done as fast as possible, but it doesn’t really matter right. We we’re here we’re, looking good, i do believe we’re somewhere in like third, maybe we’re third level. 50. Maybe fourth or something like that, so definitely not the first one um, but anyways going through my different metals here giovanni is going to take forever for everybody, and i all right remember when the best buddies first came out. I was all over that am i anymore. No, as you seen, i got to 27 i’m working on a bunch of other ones, but i’m definitely not doing what i was before and even some days go by where i barely even take care of one. Now, taking a look at my type catches for alaska, you can basically look at this as our biome here yeah, i played in washington and uh a few other places, but it was for a couple of days so that’s not really going to dramatically change the biome Which you’re going to see for alaska here so got a lot of poison and a lot of waters, a few fires, a few 85 000 water types, so that makes sense being in alaska and decent amount of grass type. You think we have a little bit more. Maybe a lot of psychics because of the drowsies and the dragons are going to be fairly low for a lot of people.

Unless you have some amazing area and looks like the water is going to be the most caught type here, that’s what you could expect when you come to anchorage that in poison now taking a look at some of my pokemon – are completely maxed out ones. We do have six it’s going to be a gyarados here completely maxed out. These are level 50, a level 50 shadow, mid, champ, rosa raid, 100 iv, fantastic cloister, 98. Unfortunately, 14 15, 15.. Now this one right here quagsire! I did do that for the level 47 task was it. I forgot what number it was and as well as this one here, you know obviously just to complete that task. Why would i ever do one of those things right, uh, so anyways we have them. It is all good the other ones happy to have. Those here are my shiny shadow pokemon. If you did see my last, video probably saw them there as well, and we are going to look at my 100 ivs as well as all of my three moved, legendary and mythical pokemon, because that’s pretty expensive. So we can see how many i do have it. I do believe it’s somewhere around 30 or so so my 100 iv pokemon. I like it. I mean i’m happy with it. I got quite a few of them. You can’t trade them. You can’t give it to somebody because it’s not going to stay 100 iv.

Now i have an idea – i haven’t talked about this before but i’m going to talk about it. Now, while we look at these pokemon and that is going to be a new kind of lucky friend – you have to be best friends, of course, and it’s going to be even rarer than lucky friends. It’Ll, be i haven’t really came up with a name, but something who knows but what’s going to occur is when you do trade. The pokemon, the ivs will stay the same, so you’re going to be able to get them lucky while keeping those ivs. So maybe you have a duplicate of 100 and you want to give it to somebody and vice versa, right back to you. Maybe i don’t know why you’d be giving anybody a shiny 100, but maybe you have to for some crazy reason: you’re going to be able to cut down the cost. I don’t know just a fun idea to throw it out there and it will occur very rarely because it can’t be taken advantage of and that’s the reason why ivs completely flip flop and switch. Otherwise people will be selling things left and right, not that that’s holding them back from doing that right now, right so taking a look, we do have 30 exactly so that’s. You know quite a lot of stardust because it’s going to be costing a hundred thousand for each one, except for the shadows, they’re going to actually be even more expensive, so i’m really proud of that jedisec 98.

There level 40 don’t see anytime soon, where i’m going to be maxing out a mythical, legendary and more than likely for most normal people. The first mythical or legendary pokemon that you’re going to max out to 50 is going to be mel tan because, or should i say, male metal, because you’re gon na be able to open that melting box. Right so remember to keep doing that. There’S, no excuses anymore! Pokemon home, you don’t need a switch you’re going to be able to do that right now, going down the list here. At the rest, we do have a set of melt. What i keep called melted male metal for each one and various different other pokemon. Here, all right, not a bad set, now i’m going to give you a couple of tips here and that’s regarding the 999 excellent throws. So what are those tips i’m going to tell you this, though the valentine’s event was an absolute headache completely. So i use mossy lures you get the bee drills and butterfree to spawn. They are going to be fairly difficult to catch regarding them. Staying in the ball for the most part, they can break out a couple of times, so that is going to be a good way for you to get. Those excellent throws multiple times just a little food for thought, but on the flip you’re going to be able to get two of the regular lures for the price of that mossy lure, therefore, getting more pokemon if you’re good at hitting excellent throws already, then just go For the two regular lures, and always have some of those nav net berries, you’re going to want to stack those those are going to help you have the pokemon stay still and you’re going to be able to get that excellent, throw as needed.

Also going to. I don’t need to tell you twice, but going into legendaries uh raids, catch screen, don’t use any berries, just regular, throw them and you’re going to be able to stack up. Those excellent throws pretty fast. So with that said, if you did enjoy this video and for hitting level 50, give it a thumbs up, really appreciate all your support, it was a fun journey. Thank you for watching and i’ll be catching you all on my next video take care.