I just want to remind you that i will be live for the second half of the kanto tour over on twitch twitch come through i’m gon na film, a video for the first half and then for the second half i’ll go live on twitch. So if you want to hang out come through that’s, where i’ll be let’s start with the announcements, this one actually went out yesterday, but uh we’re closing out the pokemon day weekend with a canto themed raid day on february 28th, that’s sunday from 11 a.m, to 2 P.M: local time this is the weekend after kanto tour, articuno, zapdos and moltres will be appearing in five star raids. If you’re lucky, you might encounter a shiny, we’re hearing reports that giovanni will be returning with a different shadow, legendary pokemon in his clutches, so they don’t say what it is, but we are going to get new um giovanni research, new team go rocket, research and they’re. Just saying different, so i i wouldn’t go into this expecting a new shadow, legendary pokemon. He might have the articuno zapdos moltres again or it could be something new pick up. A bundle of three remote raid passes in the shop starting saturday february 27th at 1pm. Pacific time uh, so free, more free raid passes, make sure you’re checking the shop because niantic’s been giving out free raid passes recently. Did you get the most recent bundle? Did i get the most recent bundle on the raid day, you’ll be able to get up to five free raid passes by spinning photo discs at gyms or pokestops.

So five free raid passes those are not remote raid passes, but if you’re out, if you’re able to go out safely and spin pokestops and go to gyms five free raid passes that way during the event period, you’ll be able to tm frustration off of shadow pokemon. So if you’ve caught new shadow pokemon – and you want to get rid of frustration during this raid day, you’ll have the opportunity to do that and team go rocket. Grunts will be appearing more frequently at pokestops and in balloons throughout the event window, so raids and team rocket uh on february 28th that’s next weekend next weekend now for the kanto tour, this weekend, niantic put out a new article, um that’s, just going over everything. You need to know so. I know there’s been a lot of questions. I’Ve been getting a lot of questions while i’m streaming and comments on twitter and niantic has luckily put together uh some information on this. So version selection. Your adventure will begin check out our okay. Look let’s just let’s. Just you know what this is gon na be easier, it’s, a good thing. I haven’t done this yet, okay, so to select your version. If you still haven’t done it, you have to go to your bag. Go to your ticket there. It is canto tour ticket, choose red or choose green i’m choosing green. This has honestly been like the number one question that i’ve gotten. Are you picking red or green it’s green because it has vulpix sandshrew bellsprout? Those are shinies that i want the most um vulpix.

You know i never got it. I really need it. Bellsprout still don’t. Have it sandshrew, of course, my og favorite pokemon right there choose a green version. There you go it’s that simple and then you’ll get your metal, your metal to pop up february 20th, 2021 that’s. Tomorrow, all right so that’s that next up collection challenges once you begin the event, you’ll gain access to 10 collection challenges and they’ll remain available until sunday february 28th at 7, 59 pm local time. So you have a week and a day a week and a day to finish the collection challenges that are part of the event special research. When you begin your pokemon go tour. Kanto adventure make sure to tap on the special research to claim your new special research once you do, it can be completed at any time during or after the event, so for the special research there is no time limit. As long as you start it, you have unlimited time to finish it for the masterwork research. This is the one that rewards shiny, mew, the masterwork research. After finishing the pokemon, go tour kanto special research you’ll be granted access to a new, more challenging type of research. Masterwork research designed to be completed over a long period of time and the first story, all in one number 151, will result in an encounter with shiny mu. So again, niantic did say that you’re going to have to be level 40 you’re going to have to have every canto pokemon in your pokedex, so to even get started on the masterwork research you’re going to need to be level 40 you’re going to need to catch.

Mew from the original mu special research and every kanto pokemon, which will be available during the event, so aside from mew, you should be able to get every single pokemon from kanto during the event hours um mew you’ll have to finish the original special research to get That free items there will be free items on event day. You’Ll have item bundles that include three remote raid passes and 200 pokeballs, which is very helpful because i have like six right now. I should probably spin pokestops there will be extra daily raid passes. These are the regular orange raid passes, claim up to nine daily raid passes during event hours, so in order to get a daily raid pass, you have to use one you can’t hold more than one at a time. So basically, these extra daily raid passes are only useful for people who are actually going out and doing raids at gyms like physically at the location, if you’re doing remote raids. Unfortunately, this won’t help you. There are free remote raid passes in the bundles, but to get those extra nine daily raid passes, you actually have to go out and go to the gyms and, like i said you can’t hold more than one at once. So you have to do a raid use the pass and then go to a gym collect another pass, so can’t hold more than one, but you can get up to nine incense will attract version exclusive pokemon.

During the event. We knew that and social media, or just put your pictures on social media all right. No ticket no worries here is what is available if you don’t have a ticket for the event this weekend featured trainer. Characters will be appearing as go tour challengers during the event find and battle them at pokestops to complete event, exclusive timed research and earn rewards. So this was a contest i didn’t win. I don’t know anyone who won, i don’t know who won. I did. I don’t think they ever announced it, but those trainer characters will be in the game and you’ll be able to battle them, regardless of, if you have a ticket or not evolve certain pokemon to get event exclusive moves so for ib sword: war, turtle, charmeleon! If you evolve them uh the starters, the kanto starters you’ll get their community day moves frenzy plant for venusaur, blast burn for charizard hydrocannon for blastoise event, hours themed after locations from red and green version will be occurring during the event and of course, there will be Game, music, original game, music from junichi masuda, all right, so we’re gon na skip ahead in this next article and just talk about first of all, the pokemon that are appearing during each hour. So the the five themed hours are pallet town, pewter city, cerulean, city, fuchsia, city and pokemon league for pallet town, bulbasaur, charmander, squirtle, caterpie, widget, ouija, board, weedle, pidgey, rattata, spiro, pikachu and zubat.

So early pokemon from the game palette, town, those are the pokemon you’re gon na find during that hour, pewter city hour nidoran, both male and female, clefairy, paris, diglett geodude, magnemite, onyx, voltorb and ryhorn. So a lot of ground and rock types um for cerulean city, jigglypuff, psyduck, poliwag, tentacle, shelder, crabby, horsey, goldeen, staryu and magikarp; a lot of water types for cerulean city for fuchsia city, venonat, abra, ponyta, grimer, ghastly, drowsy, execute coughing, ammonite and kabuto. So that is the like: psychic uh, poison types, the fossils for pokemon league you’ll have machop slowpoke doduo seal hitmonlee, hitmonchan, jinx, evie, porygon and dratini, and the following pokemon will not be appearing in the wild during the event see below for how to encounter them. Okay, so these pokemon will not be in the wild. Far fetched kangaskhan, mr mime tauros articuno, zapdos, moltres and mewtwo, the regionals and the legendaries will be in raids, so the regional pokemon, far fetched kangaskhan, mr mime tauros. Those are probably gon na, be some of the last pokemon that a lot of people need to complete the kanto pokedex. You will have to raid for those we do get free raid passes. We get free remote raid passes, so you should be able to get all of those during the event you just have to raid for them. Cubone licotone, chansey, tangela, lapras, ditto, aerodactyl and snorlax will appear as reward encounters from the go tour, canto special research tasks.

So those are all going to be guaranteed encounters uh, lapras, ditto, aerodactyl, snorlax, chansey, look at tongue, tangle cubone. I ended up reading them all twice. Those will be reward encounters during the special research. If you select red version, these pokemon will be attracted to incense eckens, oddish, manky, growlith, scyther and electabuzz. The incense pokemon for green version are sandshrew, vulpix, meowth, bellsprout, magmar and pincer the lickitung chancy tangle of lapras and aerodactyl will be appearing throughout the entire event. So they’re not they’re not listed for a specific um hour. We went through the hours they will be appearing throughout the entire event, but they’ll be rare. Um snorlax will also be in the wild and shiny snorlax is out it’ll, be pretty rare. So some big big questions answered there, especially what’s gon na happen with the regionals. They are in raids all right. A couple more like the faq type questions here. Do i need to leave my house in order to participate in go tour, no it’s designed to be playable at home. Of course, um we’re getting free remote raid passes, so you’ll be able to do raids for the regional pokemon. Do i need to trade to complete the special research? No, you will not need to trade to complete special research. However, as certain pokemon are only available in each version, you’ll need to complete some of the collection challenges. You’Ll need to trade to complete some of the collection challenges and collect the first 150 pokemon originally discovered in the kanto region.

So the special research isn’t going to require you to catch all 150 pokemon the collection challenges and, of course, your pokedex are going to require you to catch all of the pokemon. We do also have 40 kilometer trade distance during the event you’ll be able to trade with people up to 40 kilometers away. Do i need to collect all 150 pokemon to complete the special research or finish the event? No, each collection challenge that you complete will earn. You rewards and progress your elite collector badge, but it’s not necessary to do so in order to experience all of the pokemon go tour content, so you don’t, i mean you don’t actually need to catch all 150 pokemon, except to unlock the masterwork research and finish the Collection challenges, which i guess means you kind of – do need to catch them all. You need to complete your pokedex to unlock or to start to move forward on the shiny new research, and if you want to do all the collection challenges, you’re gon na have to catch them all. Will all 150 pokemon appear for each version? No, we know there’s version exclusives, we already went over those those are the incense pokemon. Do i need to finish the special research or masterwork research by a deadline to encounter shiny mew? No, there is no deadline. Like we said earlier, there is no deadline for the special research. There is no deadline for the masterwork research.

The special research unlocks masterwork research. There is no deadline for either of them. How can i collect enough candy to complete the evolve collection challenge? There is a collection challenge that involves evolving pokemon pokemon caught during go tour will reward extra candy and you can get candy for the version exclusive pokemon by trading or by completing event, exclusive field, research tasks, so field research will reward candy for the pokemon that you Can’T catch in case you need that to evolve the version exclusive pokemon for the opposite version. What if i don’t have someone to trade with during the event, you will not be able to complete the trade collection challenge, so there is a collection challenge that is specifically for trading. If you don’t have someone to trade with, unfortunately, you won’t be able to complete that you do have until again, sunday february 28th, so the following weekend to complete these collection challenges and again, if you don’t have a ticket, you will be able to do raids for Articuno zapdos, moltres and mewtwo, some canto pokemon will be in the wild you’ll, be able to access the time to research. There is time to research in addition to the special research, so timed research is different. That one does have a time limit, that’s available for everyone. The special research is only for ticket holders. No time limit, a trade range increased to 40 kilometers for everyone, ticket or no ticket, so that about sums it up for the kanto tour event going down.

Tomorrow again, i will be live on twitch for the second half of the event, that’s, probably around 1. 1. 1 p.m. Noon. 1. P.M. Two: what time does it start? Nine, nine to nine? 3. P. 2 p.m. 2. P.M, approximately 2 p.m. Pacific time i will be live on twitch. If you have any more questions, please feel free to ask in the comments or tweet at me: um, hopefully you’re all prepared, hopefully you’re stocked up on pokeballs. I definitely am not. I hope you’re all ready clean your bags out, i would say at least 500 500 spaces in your storage if you want to just catch pokemon and not worry about iv checking throughout the day and that’s, really, if you’re just running incense, only if you’re going out And catching even more spaces and yeah stock up on pokeballs it’s gon na be rough, especially if you’re playing from home, like i will be for the second half.