I don’t know crystal so finish. It tell the queen i’ll bring her daughter back um, find the wizard and get me out of here. General scale ruler, tyrant and dictator of the shopko tribe, and who might you be animal girl? My name is crystal and i’ve come for the princess. You seem a long way from home crystal. I can’t believe the wizard asks the girl to do his dirty work. How do you know the wizard let’s just say we had a nice little chat and he’s agreed to take a rest for a while, at least until i’ve, taken over the plan you coward scales, my mother will send an army against you. Ah, yes, princess cup, your mother, once i’ve dealt with this animal, then we’ll pay your mother visit, but you’ll have to kill me before you can save the princess uh. I’M. Okay, i think now how do we stay the ship? So so, oh, i think we’ve stopped crystal get me out of here. I’M. Sorry kite. I can’t open the cage it’s okay, i’m, not feeling too good anyway. This must be warlock. Mountain i’ll go and find the wizard he’ll get you out. Uh. Yes, yes, try not to move. The wizard will help you. He can’t help me our king sent us here to protect him. But scales appeared crystal come here.