We have two main issues as follows: one 10 passes cryogenic proof test, awaits green light to launch 2. sn10 launch this week has 60 chance of landing, says elon musk spacex completed the starship sn 10’s. First cryogenic proof test and lifted its road closure at 4, 30 pm cst 4 amisd signifying the end of the pre flight tests. On monday, after a successful cryo proof test, spacex requested for a possible static fire testing window of 10 12 february wednesday to friday. There is another available window on tuesday, 9th of february. If the starship sn10 completes a flawless wet, dress, rehearsal, wdr and static fire on tuesday or wednesday, the company can still launch the rocket. By friday, the faa unfortunately has considered reissuing spacex’s airspace restrictions. With a note that sn 10’s launch is still pending for authorization, which adds to bureaucratic uncertainty on top of the technical hurdles for the flight to get clearance, the starship sn10 is identical to the late starships sn8 and sn9. That recently suffered a last second failure, which led to hard impacts and explosions on 9th of december and 2nd of february respectively. The starship sn10 is powered by a cluster of three raptor engines that produce up to 600 metric tons of thrust. The sn10 has been built as part of a series of four prototypes, which is designed to prove a new method of rocket recovery. Sn10 is a prototype steel rocket with a reusable upper stage: measuring 50 meters 165 feet tall 9 meters 30 feet wide and some 1 350 metric tons as much as falcon heavy when fully fueled, starship sn10 is yet to complete cryogenic proof testing, which refers to a Common practice that spacex uses to verify the vehicle health with liquid nitrogen, simulating the extreme cold of liquid methane and oxygen propellant without the risk of an explosion or violent fire.

Sn 10 launch this week has 60 chance of landing, says elon. Musk spacex will perform a major flight test of its latest starship prototype this week after the previous two ended in fiery explosions, the starship sn10 will launch from spacex’s facility in boca chica texas, after improvements were made to its landing abilities. Spacex ceo elon musk said these upgrades would give starship a 60 chance of landing successfully high altitude tests of the sn8 and sn9 starship prototypes were largely successful. Despite their catastrophic conclusion, each demonstrated spacex’s ability to launch the craft to over 10 kilometers before reorienting it to perform a controlled aerodynamic descent both initiated the complex landing flip maneuver, but neither could complete it. These test flights are all about improving our understanding and development of a fully reusable transportation system designed to carry both crew and cargo on long duration, interplanetary flights and help humanity return to the moon and travel to mars and beyond. Spacex said following the starship sn9 test, the latest test comes just two weeks after the starship sn9 test and less than 10 weeks after the sn8 test. The rapid test rate comes after mr musk told spacex employees to prioritise development of the mars bound craft ahead of other missions like starlink. The technology billionaire hopes to send the first humans to mars aboard starship as early as 2024, with hopes of mass producing the craft to facilitate a reliable route between the two planets. If the tests proved to be successful and funding is no issue, then spacex could manufacture.

100 starships per year over the next decade to create a 1 000 strong fleet of the next generation rockets. Mr musk has frequently spoken of his ambition to travel to mars himself in his lifetime, as well as establish a colony on the red planet. In order to ensure humanity’s future survival, spacex is yet to announce the exact time and date of the starship sn10 flight test, but previous launches have been beset by weather and faa delays. Road closures in cameron county are yet to be put in place, as spacex first needs to complete a static fire test of the raptor rocket engines. Starship sn11 is already in development, as well as future prototypes up to at least sn 18. According to nasa space flight.