. We have some Starlink bits to kick off this video, starting with the launch of the Starlink 19.. Yesterday, the Falcon 9 mission lifted off, which put another 60 Starlink satellites into orbit.. Unfortunately, though, B1059 flying for the 6th time failed to land on the droneship., We dont have any official information on what happened.. However, during re entry after the engine burn had completed, something off nominal was seen with the booster. Its likely. This could be related to why the booster failed to stick the landing. Scott Manley posted a tweet about telemetry of the first stage.. He said Comparison of booster accelerations around time of entry burn blue is last night’s. Flight red is from 2 weeks, ago. It’s, not a full 33 reduction in thrust, so it wasn’t a complete engine failure. Afterwards, you can see aerodynamic, drag rises faster before loss of telemetry.. With some good news, however, Elon Musk posted a tweet saying Active fairing half recovered though.. You are probably aware of Inspiration4 an all civilian mission planned to launch next year. Theres, currently a contest to win a seat with the money raised going to charity.. However, apparently the amount raised so far is short of their fundraising: goal. Theres, a CNBC article about SpaceX, raising more money.. It says SpaceX completed a raise of 850 million. Last week, people familiar with the financing, told CNBC, sending the companys valuation to about 74 billion.. It also says The company raised the new funds at 419.

99, a share those people said or just 1 cent below the 420 price that Elon Musk made infamous in 2018.. Now we have the Boca Chica and Starship stuff, starting as always with the work at the orbital launch site. In the production area, there is a new crane thats been put together., Also in the yard, theyre continuing work with the new structure. Its been suggested. This could be for the new orbital launch mount.. Some new arrivals were spotted at the build site. Could this possibly be a grid fin for Super Heavy.? The Raptor engine SN27, which previously flew SN5 to 150 metres, was delivered back to the production area. A new body. Flap was also spotted having arrived recently, possibly for SN15. SN10 is still waiting on the pad for upcoming testing, but the weather is currently quite bad in Texas., As you can see from this Teslarati, article Texas is currently experiencing some extreme winter weather.. So, whilst there are some SN10 testing delays, hopefully the weather allows for a static fire and flight soon.. However, interestingly, even with no road closure, Mary posted on Tuesday, I have received an Alert notice for tomorrow February 17., Possible Starship SN10 static fire attempt tomorrow between the hours of 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. No road, closure has been posted on the Cameron county website, though. Well see what happens. Tomorrow. SN11 now has all its aerosurfaces as it gets closer to testing. Heres, a view of SN15s nosecone and barrel section getting close to stacking.

. As always, the Starship updates wouldnt be possible without Mary or BocaChicaGal out there constantly filming. So thanks to her. Also working hard behind the scenes on their videos, livestreams and other space content is the NASASpaceflight team. So thanks to them as well. Thats it for this episode of TheSpaceXShow. I hope you enjoyed the video if you did make sure to hit the like button and leave a comment down below. If you want to stay updated with SpaceX info, make sure to subscribe and press the bell icon to get notified. When I upload.