Today we are going to be taking a look at a brand new browser that is based on firefox. I didn’t even think it was possible anymore for a company to actually come out and not base their browser on chrome or chromium it. It just blew my mind that we have a big awesome company that’s, an open source, focused company that is actually basing a new browser off of something other than chromium. So, first of all, huge thanks to the team at ghostery for focusing on a browser that already has a lot of their attention towards the privacy and security elements that we need on the internet. When you look at google, they have so much control over 70 percent of the browser market by themselves. They have probably over 90 percent of the search engine traffic, if not more, and so it becomes so important that we not allow one company to basically have complete control over the internet. Now before people were saying, oh chromium’s open source, they could do they can’t. Do anything to it but that’s, not always true. For instance, google has already removed the apis for sync function for contacts, geolocation contact apis, saying now: oh it’s, a security issue, so they’re removing that functionality so other operating systems, other browsers that are based on this cannot tap into that that’s them starting to embrace or Extend embrace extinguish process that we’ve known from another company we’re starting to see them start to do these type of things, they’re, basically making it very difficult for any other companies to compete with them from a browser standpoint.

So when i see a product like ghostery come out, it makes me excited. It makes me want to dig in now, it’s very important that i say this up front. This product is completely in beta we’re, doing a beta preview of this product here. So there is so much work. They have a fantastic blog out there they’re talking about all the updates and things they’re, adding to it each and every week, so there’s a lot of new stuff to come. What we’re doing is a sneak peek behind the curtains to see what this team’s working on and i’m telling you, when you see what i see you’re gon na, be really excited about this work that they’re doing so let’s take a look at ghostery dawn. So i just want to spend the first few seconds explaining who ghostry is in case you’ve not heard of them before they have a very, very popular ad blocking extension, they’re, free and open source privacy and security extension and mobile browser application out there they’re owned now By a company german company called clix and they used to be owned by evadon used to be owned by evadon is very important because there are some critiques that happened while they’re owned by evadon. Again every single browser out there firefox this one. They all have any of the big browsers. Let me say that generally have some controversial thing that happens, but this is owned by a completely different company now.

So i think it’s important to note that, as far as history goes, one of the interesting things here is ghostery is among the most popular browser. Extensions for privacy protection in 2014, edward snowden suggested consumers use ghostery, along with other tools to protect their online privacy. That’S. A pretty big name there behind this particular extension and again being free and open source is really awesome. So now, just a few seconds, you’ve learned about ghostry let’s go take a look at the actual browser and setup itself. So the first thing you’re going to be greeted with, is this nice clean, intro, welcome to ghostrydawn our browser, protects your data and blocks bloatware so that you can surf privately and over two times faster than with chrome? That is a big statement there. I have done some tests. It is very, very quick. So then you click set up my browser. If you already have an account with them, you can create an account one of the interesting things or you could skip this entirely. One of the interesting things about what they’re planning to do here is ghostfree is a service that’s free, but you can also pay 4.99 and get some more premium features. Also with this particular browser. The rumor is that they’re either going to tack that onto the 499 extension. So if you pay that 499 a month or you can pay, i think it’s like ‘9 a month, if you do it for the year, so it’s a paid for option.

Now a lot of us in the privacy realm. We talk about all these companies in negative ways because they offer a free service and they’re really not free. You got to follow the money trail and you find out. Oh they’re selling my data they’re selling, my information. So we kind of have to put our money where our mouth is. Are we willing to pay for a browser to support a company that’s focusing on privacy security for me it’s an easy answer, heck yeah i’m willing to pay for that? I use the internet. All the time the browser’s my window into the internet, they’re looking into a free version out there as well to leave it remain free. The idea behind that is, they would have some type of ads or something based on the searches that you do is how they would make money so very similar to duckduckgo, where duckduckgo is a great search engine where, if you search for kleenex, you might get an Ad for kleenex, but that’s, where it ends they’re, not collecting your data and finding out how many times you search for kleenex and putting an id to you and fingerprinting you and all of that they’re, just showing you an ad based on what you search with that To me is totally fair, that’s completely fair. I want these companies to do very well. I want them to make money. I just want to keep my privacy at the same time, so that’s what ghostery’s.

Looking at those two options. Of course, you can give them feedback if you have one preference or another, perhaps a different idea, but i like this model. This is okay with me. So in my case i already have an account so i’m going to click. I have an account and i’m going to log in here. You don’t get to see this part because it’s super secret, so once you sign in or skip that account creation again, this is in beta. So if you want to go sign up for the beta, you can go. Do that now and give them your feedback and things and get started. You have a bunch of choices here, very easy. Anybody can understand this and if you can’t, they also have these little informational blocks to kind of explain what these things do. So you can do recommended choices, which means you want to block ads. Yes, what kind of trackers do you want to block all ad and analytics trackers? Why not all trackers well that can break some websites out there. Do you want to turn on anti tracking? Yes, do you want to turn on smart browsing? Yes, so you can see the recommended choices. That’S. All you have to do is click that so, if you’re walking through your grandma or cousins or people who are maybe not super computer literate, you can just tell them check that box right there. But i think anybody is capable of kind of understanding this.

I really like the simplicity of the privacy choices right up front. Then they have their own search. Engine called ghostery glow, but you can also choose start page bing yahoo or some of the other options out there, like duckduckgo onesearch. All of these different options for you to choose from while they do default to their own. I love that they still display the alternate choices. My only ask here was: they would take these two choices off and put two more actual. Privacy focus choices up here on the page, but at least these top two are well known for being privacy based search engines. Finally, you can see here that i have the 499 plan. If you before i had the plan, i was still trying out this. I didn’t have to sign up for anything. I was able to skip again this isn’t beta. We don’t know how they’re going to go forward with their plans of whether everybody’s going to have to sign up there’ll be a trial period. If you have a free version, that’s ad based, but this particular 4.99 a month plan private search, tracker protection, speedy page lows, intelligence technology, ad free supports ghostary’s mission, which that’s important enough for me. So i’m gon na go ahead and keep that, and then we start browsing here now. I wanted to stop on this page because this kind of gives you some idea of what their marketing, what their brand is behind this making privacy easy demystifies online privacy by exposing the forces that lurk behind your screen, enabling you to block them block ads, stop trackers Speed up websites and then, of course, you take privacy at the device level stay connected with the peace of mind, using ghostry’s, powerful suite of advanced privacy protection tools, so they have a bunch of different tools.

That’Ll give you analytics and information on what’s happening with your privacy and, of course you can access those tools by clicking this little ghost up here and you can see, we have a simple view of tracker’s block. This was obviously just installed. You can do trusted site restrict sites. You can pause ghostry if you’re having issues with particular site. You need to get to and it’s, not allowing you. You can see the different services on, but i love how simplified they made these menus right. Anybody can go in here and easily understand what these icons represent and be able to quickly make the privacy choices they want to for their browsing. Now, when we open a new tab, we kind of see how clean the search is here with ghostery. This reminds me of back how google used to be when they first started. That page was just super clean, and this is what you see here: very clean tab with just a search box in the middle, where we can search for various things, utilizing their particular search engine now under the hood here. If we take a look at this menu, we can see that we have an update already, so we can restart to update. We have all of the same very, very similar, because again this is based on firefox. So if you’ve used firefox recently, all these menu options here from add ons for extensions, which of course is going to use the extension system that mozilla firefox utilizes, so anything you can get on firefox.

You can get here, for instance, if we’re going to need bitwarden right, the best privacy password manager out there and if you didn’t believe me, i bet you believe me now. After all, the news on lastpass recently by the way go to dln, get your 10 a year premium account with bit ward and they are the best password manager on the planet. But there you go, you’ve got bitward and you can get your extensions just like you’re used to any extensions. You want change themes, plugins all of those type of things all can be done within here now. Personally, i really like the colors that they used here. It seems very modern, very current it’s fun, and if we do a search like on destination linux, one of the greatest linux podcasts on the planet, you can see how your searches look. Here. You got ghostery glow beta, which glows what they’re calling their search engine portion. You’Ve got this kind of. I don’t know how to explain this colors these degrees of neon that basically kind of fade in and out, but look really modern, very clean and of course, you don’t like that. You can go change that and maybe you’re not ready to install the browser yet, but if you want to use their search engine, you could just go to and be able to check out their search engine and see if it’s, something that you enjoy and again. If you’re paying that 4.

99 price you’re going to have no ads, if you’re not paying that you’re, probably going to see ads based on what you search but again, not tracking you not storing your information. So one of the claims that ghostery makes is that they have more privacy and protection enabled by default than firefox. So i have a brand new install of firefox right here and we have ghostry over here so we’re, going to go into the preferences and we’re going to take a look at the default options and the differences here so we’re under privacy and security i’m going to Go under privacy security here you can see again they’re based on each other, so very, very similar. Now you can see here on ghostfree, cookies and site data, clear data and manage data way at the top, where that’s not at the top up. Here we have the manage exceptions, enhanced tracking protection tool. We have logins and password autofills automatically set up that’s the same here and user primary password is both unchecked in these. We have both of them remembering your history by default, but this does not suggest on top sites and then over here we have our location data and our settings we can see both have block pop ups. Warn you, when websites try to install add ons under security, though you can see that this goes immediately to security, where this has firefox data collection and use section set up here. So firefox automatically defaults to allow firefox to send technical and interaction data to mozilla.

Allow firefox to make personalized extension recommendations and allow firefox to run and install studies. Those are automatically turned on on a brand new install firefox. Those are not turned on over here in ghostry. This is one of my big frustrations with firefox. I understand companies need data, especially if they’re ever going to compete against the likes of google and others, but i think there are just better ways. There are services that you can sell, which is the concept that this company is using, which i’m much much more behind. And then, when you look at the rest of the security stuff, very, very similar, except don’t, enable https only mode, whereas here in ghostry. That is enabled by default, so you can see they’re sticking to what they say. This is actually more privacy and security focused by default than your standard, firefox installation. Now i love firefox, this isn’t putting down firefox. I want firefox or ghostery both to be hugely successful, but i just wanted to show you that ghostery here, based on these initial settings, are at least implementing what they’re saying they’re implementing now. If we go into our add ons here, which they’re both again utilizing mozilla here, but your theming is going to be different. So if we go under themes, you can see here that we have this default theme. We have a dark theme that we can utilize and the we have basically four themes installed and then some recommended themes and we can get more if we go to ghostery dawn and do the same thing here again, this isn’t beta.

So they may add more and we go into add ons and then we go into themes. We have two options here. You have this dark theme which is enabled by default, and then we have this more bright, bluish kind of theme, which goes with more of the colors that you see, typically throughout the search engine and other things. I prefer the dark mode but that’s a personal preference, but i like that you at least have two choices here and that they’ve created their own themes. Okay, so you’ve taken a look at ghostery done the beta i’d love to see your feedback in the comments below what are some of the things you like. What are some of the things you want to see them change when i look at this browser overall, i’m. Very excited about the path they’re going on. I do think they’re going to have difficulty if they don’t get a free version in place. I suspect they will get a free version, that’s ad supported in place, but i know the idea is to get people to start paying for these services that they think are free but are really costing them their data. And really, this is a good value here and if you go up to the premium plan includes things like a vpn which makes it an even better value. For me, the important thing is that ghostry continues to prove itself as a privacy and security focused company.

We don’t find anything out as people are digging through the open source code, or there are elements that are not open source that are left closed source so that we can’t see into them to see if things are actually doing what they say. They’Re doing it also needs a much cleaner installer for the linux world, so to get this to run again, it’s in beta. So this is not a critique yet, but what i’d like to see is a cleaner installer, so that i’m not having to go into the terminal and do the dot slash to launch it. I want something that just installs very cleanly easily that’s incorporated into a lot of the linux repositories. I have tried it on mac, os and windows. It does have a clean installer for both of those. So again, i think they’re going to get a lot of push. Much like firefox had from the privacy and security focused linux community, so i think it’s important that they spend some of their time developing that piece out, and i expect that they will actually do that which is really exciting. So let me know again in the comments: what do you think of ghostery? Are you going to go check it out? Are you going to go sign up for the beta you better, you better go check it out. Let me know what you think until next time get out there and fill your brains. Don’T forget to sub subscribe, give a big thumbs up.