. The extensions i’m gon na talk about are available on both.., Firefox and Chromium based, browsers. Links to all of them can be found in the description.. So the first extension i use on a daily basis is the one you may already have installed and that is uBlock Origin. uBlock is like THE best adblocker out there.. I have never used an adblocker that blocks ads as well as uBlock does.. Ever since I started using it, I have never seen a single ad … when browsing the internet., Except on YouTube, where i keep adblocker disabled.., because i like to support the creators i watch, I would highly recommend everyone watching this video get ublock origin, even if you Just browse around the internet., It is available on all browser and is completely free. Speaking of browsing the internet… What if you’re browsing too much of it? How do you control yourself Intention is here to help. Here’s what Intention does.? First, you add distracting websites, you visit, most.., Twitter, YouTube or Reddit.. Then, whenever you visit these sites, Intentions will show you this popup amp. Ask you how long you’d like to spend on this site. After your timer runs out. It will show you this popup again.. Now i know what you’re thinking ok quotYou can keep clicking on it..quot ..and get infinite. Time.. ..and browse the site for as long as you want.quot, But This is where the streaks and stats come in.. You can see how long you’ve spent on distracting websites each day.

Which helps not visiting them …, because now you have sort of a goal to accomplish.. I used to doomscroll for more then an HOUR and now i’m down to 30 minutes., Which is a huge improvement.. Speaking of doomscrolling.., How many times have you seen one of these annoying Cookie popups when visiting a new site? I hate them as much as you do., Which is why i use quotI Don’t Care About Cookiesquot.. You install it, hide it and thats. Basically it You dont’ have to do anything else.. All it does is Hide those cookie popups around the internet., Making your experience more pleasant., Speaking of a pleasant experience.., My icon pack, Reev Pro, has reached over 1200 icons and over 100 unique wallpapers.. So if you want to support the channel and make your phone look, awesome Check out Reev Pro from the link in the description. Now i always try to keep promotional message concise in my videos, so i don’t waste my viewers time., I even add a loading bar Somewhere on the screen, So the viewer knows when it will end. And they have the choice to skip it if they want.. But not all youtubers can do this because sometimes brands pay them to promote their product for a specific amount of time. Like 2 or 3 minutes for example.. This is where SponsorBlock comes into. Play. SponsorBlock does exactly what it says.. It skips sponsor segments from a video and highlights where it happens in green in the seek bar.

. If say, a video is new and doesn’t have a sponsor block timing.., you can contribute and add it yourself.., which will then work for everyone using the extension.. You can also whitelist specific channels because sometimes youtubers turn sponsor segments into comedy, Or maybe the youtuber you’re watching is passionate about the thing they’re talking about. like i was a couple minutes ago.. Oh God Check out my icon pack. I have small parents to feed ohhh god Well… That was a bit dark., Just like the extension we’re gon na talk about next, Which is Dark Reader.. Can i just say i am absolutely.. KILLING IT with these segues today. Dark reader is always the first extension. I install on a fresh browser. Install. Dark reader turns any light mode website into dark mode, even if it doesn’t support it.. It does an amazing job. At blending the colors amp everything in a website., The shortcut keys, make it very easy to whitelist a specific website.. If a site looks weird with the dark mode, such as YouTube Studio.., You can tweak its settings to make it look. Right.. The grayscale mode is also very useful when combined with Intention That we talked about earlier for reducing doomscrolling. Or just simply reducing eyestrain when browsing or writing. – Speaking of writing.., When i was writing script for this video, i had made a lot of grammar mistakes., But i Solved most of them with LanguageTool. A similar extension to Grammarly, but in my opinion.

. it is better because, unlike Grammarly.. LanguageTool explains the errors it finds in your grammar.., Helping not only fix the error but understand it as well.. It has helped me many times with grammar mistakes when writing scripts, tweets or just messages.. I would highly recommend it to anyone learning or writing English. It really is a handy extension to have.. I want to know what extensions you currently have installed on your browser.. Please leave them in the comments below and lets expand this list even further.. We might find more interesting extensions in the comments. Be sure to subscribe. If you found this video useful or at least entertaining. And click the bell, so you don’t miss any future videos.. Thank you so much for watching… I will see you in the next video. J. 1.