Every single expansion, i think, has like a keyboard right, like let’s, say inspire, maybe it’s a life steal there’s, something new in every single expansion, but there are also gimmicks like spell stones or cards that are just across classes like let’s, say primes recently. But those are not keywords: they’re, just things we have in that expansion as a theme as a gimmick, so let’s make a tier list here’s the thing it’s kind of hard to figure out what the gimmick is so here’s. The list of gimmicks that i found by looking at all the cards that is kind of what i you know came to conclusion with yes, there’s, nothing in classic. Specifically, you just have dragons and legendaries and stuff. Do we go through all of those first that we just? I guess we just got, though next aromas um, technically there’s, like russell right stuff, with kilter’s art and reincarnate for shaman, but it’s, more like death metal stuff, is that a theme, death, rattles that’s, just normal in gvg every class has a win or whenever card. For example, there is, whenever you cast a spell, get something whenever your podcaster spells some of that, whenever this minion takes damage, something happens, but the spare part gimmick is the actual gimmick right, even though just i think, four different cards add spare parts to your hand, But that’s the gimmick in black rock mountain we have holding a dragon which is not really anything new or reduce the cost of cards there’s.

Like solemn vigil, there is living dragon breath no there’s the dragon spell for mage that gets minus one mana for everything that dies this turn or something that’s. The gimmick in tgt you have joust, which is not a mechanic but yeah works, reveal a minute in each deck. Leak of explorers has maybe shuffle stuff in the enemy’s deck there’s. Nothing really new. You have like entomb to shuffle stuff into somewhat stack and something else, but nothing really in the odd gods. You can buff c’thun wherever he is that’s something new in the gimmick, but it is for like one single, odd god right for a single card in karazhan. You have portals and do something in summon x cos minion right that’s. What bottles do i guess you also have to discard, but that’s only for warlock. So i guess we have portals there in gadgets and they’re, try class cards so jade, handbuff and highlander stuff, like let’s, say, kazakus and maybe donna and joe to buff stuff. In your hand, angoro has, if you played an elemental last turn or if you control a murloc or beast there’s like the in battlegrounds it’s, a three two four four stars, whatever it’s called discover, murloc, so that’s kind of new in the frozen throne, we have hero Cards and death knights that’s, the gimmick cobots has spell stones which would has like shifting cards with attack and health. Boomster has nothing there’s, just max that’s.

The theme rumble has spirit of d and then insert legendary right, like spurth of the tiger spirit of the shark. The spirits are not good. Oh rest against rumble is so bad. I know i say it every single time. I mentioned that expansion, but damn that expansion is bad, it’s, so bad by the way. In case, you wonder what i used to write this down. This is called notepad with an s or notepads, i think it’s in the microsoft or windows store. It just looks better than normal notepads, because it’s not white with black text, but black with white text, and you can change the opacity of the background, recommend that, because it looks sick and you can have like multiple different um tabs up here right. So i can have multiple things open make a new one, it’s, just great, not sponsored, but i like it. I should get sponsor with them. Maybe i can reach out in rise of shadows. We have lackeys and evil cards it’s like evil miscreant, and it gives you lackeys, which is who doesn’t like lackeys. All doom has no theme, but they have like a reno 2.0 right. You have like elise and finlay number, two or three, i guess that’s the theme. So for all of those expansions, i tried to find something, but not always you know, i didn’t find always something dragons in descent of dragons and galactrons, whatever we can upgrade gallicon with invoke cards which is like c’thun right, we have demon hunter in initiate and now Then we have primes in scholarly, we have dual class cards and soul fragments, i think soul.

Fragments is the actual theme we you know we have that in warlock, as well as in demon hunter, but instead of theme. Nobody else has that only those classes and here’s those study cards, those women are spells that discover something but also reduce the cost of 1 right. Like nature, studies for druid discover spell athletic studies, for i think warrior discover rush minion stuff, like that in madness of the darkmoon fair. We just have menagerie 2.0, which is like in where’s the curator from from somewhere, and we have the old gods 2.0 and with all of those written down, and for me on my left screen. We have you know the expansions. I didn’t know what to use for pictures, so i just used the expansions based on what we just talked about that’s. What i based this tier list on, i feel like this entirety list is just me dragging stuff in and trying to make sense of this, but yeah that’s, the pure list, so welcome to that and knights of the frozen throne death knights um. Do i make this based on enjoyment or based on power level based on power level? Obviously, death knight’s number one based on enjoyment. I also think that’s number one people just love death knights. They love to play this one giant, legendary. That actually feels like a legendary. If i invest all my dust to craft something specific, i want it to have an impact and legendaries in there.

They have an impact that’s the good thing in cobots and catacombs. We had legendary weapons as well. As spell stones, i like the idea of upgrading stuff. I wouldn’t say it’s s tier, but i like that here. Okay, actually, if it comes to playing around things, i think spellstones are ester. I know if my opponent as a warlock takes damage twice and it’s like 26. Now they might have a deal. Seven damage spellstone, but if they didn’t take any damage at all up until that point, i know they can have a spouse on the death’s 3 damage at max. I like that, a lot also the upgraded stuff it makes your card feel more than just what it is. The original card itself, it’s, usually fine, underwhelming second stage – is good third stage boy. You want to have that for that cobalts and 80. in which would we have attack and health shift overall. Nice idea that, as long as the card is in your hand, attack and health shifts every single turn, but it’s like why, like it’s, not like. Okay, honestly, now that i think about that, was there a single card that you played with that style in any deck ever like it’s, more like a meme isn’t it like there’s, for example, the one peasant worgen that is a feminine four two stealth, so it’s like Jungle, panther or it’s, a 2 4 pumpkin farmer, man that has lifesteal yeah it’s like what about no rest against rumble.

Honestly, i like the ideas of lowers and the spirits, but damn this expansion is bad. I can give it a c and i’m i’m being nice here, for example, spirit of the shark is it’s like bran, but with stealth, that is nice spirit of the tiger. The card for paladin right, four mana. Whenever you cast a spell summon a tiger with those stats based on the mana cost and attack and health, damn that’s bad spirit of gonk draw card when you kill something after you attack with a hero, there’s, so many bad things, so many bad spirits. Even spirits of the bat for herik buff, something in your hand, by plus one plus one whenever something dies on your field, and you have to spend man on that – i mean no. What about no rise of shadows, the lackeys when it comes to being annoying este when it comes to being broken este when it comes to actual enjoyment, see honestly, i think it’s like between b and a for me, but honestly it’s, like s t having a lackeys In the game that is great, because every single time you get a lackey to your hand, you get a one cost card that is better than a normal one drop right. You just get like a two drop or sometimes the three drop worth of stuff. You get a bunch of random your opponent can’t play around that you discover a spell that gives you something else random or you discover a dragon give something.

Taunt luckies are great and i absolutely hate them. They should not be in the game. In all honesty, that is one of the things that for me broke the game and ruined the fun a little bit a lot. If i play the game to win, but my opponent plays rogue and gets evil miscrean back then right and two lackeys to your hand. Those could be anything is my two health minion now dead because of cobot lackey is the one four now a two four and has rush? Do they discover deathwing? Do they get assassinate? I have no idea because it’s random yeah power level s tier enjoyment, not that high, oh doom, for that i wrote down what is all doom. Our doom is no theme but like a reno 2.0. If we use this as reno 2.0, i like the idea of reviving highland attacks, but it’s nothing original, so it’s all right bt. The set of dragons has gala granted upgrade, which is you’re playing vocals to upgrade your death knight right, your giant hero which is kind of like knights of the frozen throne, but it turns out galactron, kinda sucks and nobody likes galacrunt and charming got nerfed. So people don’t really play it anymore, so i think i liked the idea, but we already had that idea. You know like we already had, that i moved the wrong thing up there right, so i think it’s more like series of doom, because again it’s like for four to five classes, you get something that you can upgrade, but we already had the mechanic so it’s, like Nothing new, so i guess credit for credit is due and wishes of the old gods, with the theme of upgrading, your old god, c’thun or just having old gods.

There is also ester. I think that is overall with angoro the most liked expansion. I think if you have played this game for the past five years, which i think some of you have, would you say that angoro as well as boosters of the odd gods, is like number one when it comes to enjoyment when it comes to excitement the new Cards – all of that and especially how the content used to be the youtubers, the streamers you used to watch. I think that was the peak and because of that glasses of rosy memories, whatever it’s called, i think, that’s ester ashes of outland. We got demon hunter that’s. The theme i wow great addition to hearthstone demon hunter is just deal damage that that’s the class identity right just do something broken and deal damage, that’s kind of it to be fair. You only have like three sets of cards, so there’s not much. They can do, but demon hunters are so boring, like every single deck is either an otk. You play sole fragments or you just deal damage, because your hero power costs one mana that that’s the identity it’s not like. Oh, i can play dragon demon hunter because i have so many dragons. I have like one. I can play corrupt demon hunter. I can play so many different archetypes. No, you play demon hunter for that at least it’s. A new class let’s give it c yeah scholomancy dual class cards, as well as soul, fragments, right and study cards.

I think the study cards are a nice idea. If you have one mana on turn one, you can use that and discover something people like discover broadband. They brought back that mechanic. People like that, but it’s kind of what we already had. I think because dual class cards are like tri class cards from mean streets of gadgets, then it has to be b. They just gave us what we already had like in service of a doom and they sent out dragons now for mean streets of gadgets and try class cuts different archetypes, honestly astia. Now i know what you say: raza is broken. Everybody plays gazakas. I don’t, like those potions patches, is broken that’s, true and jade. Idol is infinite and you summon an even larger green man, but when they had that expansion people could play like their three different classes for each and every single tribe, and they had something like a map going on like a community event where it shows the territory Of every single tribe in there, so if you play for the jade lotus, so shaman, rogue or druid, you would then contribute to that territory. Your gang has or something like. I like the idea of a community event based on what class you play now for the gimmick, though um try, class cards great, you can use every single card that is in their tribe for more than one class good and um. What was the other thing? I kind of forgot i spent the last 20 seconds finding it that was it that was the tri class cut.

So for try class cards. I think it’s an a i enjoyed that, for example, there is cabal curia, which is one of my favorite cards ever and i can play them priest nobody likes priest, but he can play the card and priest which makes it better. Man is at the darkmoon faire. Menagerie 2.0, as well as old gods, 2.0 it’s, a b. We got what we already have good job gvg. I wrote in the every class has a card that reads when or whenever something happens as well as spare parts spare parts were really bad. Unless you get the stealth spare part from let’s, say mal’ganis and you’re immune back, then that was good, especially for entonitis, when you played like otk mage. That was good honestly because of nostalgia. I think it’s 8. Here i just wish we had cards nowadays. They give us spare parts because those cards are bad. Now you get lucky’s and other stuff. Ah, i enjoyed those a lot though, and soon in the next or second next, i think in the next in the week. So, like eight days for you guys when dexter me do the next expansion showdown, we will have gvg right tomorrow. We have nexromis and in eight days we have gvg should be fun looking forward to it blackrock mountain. There are multiple cards that read if you’re holding a dragon right as well as reduce this card by one. Whenever something happens, when a minion dies, when wait, is it only when a minion dies when something dies reduce the cost of this minus one, as well as emperor, reducing the cost of stuff, pretty good dragons, pretty good and the lag rock because of how it’s cropped? Well, my favorite expansion.

Like rock mountain, i like it, i like that a lot i just like the theme and the adventure and honestly i like the heroic bosses. They were fun to play. Welcome to the grand tournament champion, we have just wow, okay, that’s, pretty easy. Maybe it’s like rastakhan it’s, like a c, but the jaws mechanic was so bad reveal a minute in each deck. If yours costs more gain an effect that’s so bad that is so bad, like the chance of winning only makes sense. If your opponent plays an aggressive deck and you don’t, then you win guaranteed and the effect that you get on the minions that have those abilities that doesn’t do much like you heal for seven with tusker man in paladin, the five five restore seven health. All you have your one, two becomes a two three to be honest: the golden animations on those cards top notch. I like them, but the mechanic itself is so bad it’s, really bad journey to angora. If you played an elemental last turn or if you control something specific, i honestly like to plan a hat. So if i on turn seven playing elemental, let’s, say blaze collar and they deal five damage, then on tornado i could play kelly moss and get an effect. Karemos was so sick, he was like the avatar and he was not good. I like angora, like the old gods. I think it’s up here, it’s like eight here a2s here i like planning a hat, and if you know your opponent place an elemental last turn you can look at the mana cost or the mana they have available next turn.

Maybe they play something specific honestly that does not matter at all at the moment, but back then i like to think about that leak of explorers. We have maybe shuffle stuff in your deck, not anything new, though um. Well, if there’s nothing new, then it’s. Like a c, we had reno cards because we have reno, i guess that’s the gimmick right, highlander stuff with reno, and i guess for that it’s st, because you can play highlander dax, that’s good i’m, not sure to rate this. I would say, based on reno, becoming an archetype, a single card in there good job ester. Lastly, charis and the portals now i know what to say: solemn they’re, two adventures in aztea. Why is there a third one in arizona, well, arizer great expansion, because potholes look really good in golden and he even summoned something in golden and i might have crafted them all in golden on eu. That happens. I enjoyed karazhan when kerosene was released and the first wing was released and we had that for free. I think people were hyping that up. You could play chess in hearthstone, new game mode insane and then the second wing get released and people didn’t like it as much and then the third and the last yeah the first week, though hey we had high, helps i enjoyed it and we have portals so Without focusing on the negative that is material stuff stuff this time, actually i will have the link for the t list down below last times.

I didn’t because i um i just didn’t, bother to save it and i recorded those t list a little bit too far in the past, so yeah this time, it’s down below anyways. Let me think, let me hear what do you think english? Yes about this tier list, honestly, i don’t know how to rate gimmicks, but those were kind of fun and with that being said, my name is person and you’re watching disney channel.