Quite a few discounts really great place to download app lab games and so much more. But before we do that quick update on the minecraft server for any of you that are interested, we have a minecraft smp, join the discord or check the description down below for the ip address. It is not only java compatible but also bedrock compatible. Yes, the same server, i didn’t know it was possible, you guys are geniuses. We have also managed to connect it with a discord, so you can now chat in game with the discord let’s get into the news. First of all, oceancraft. This was released on sidequest a little while back, but i just found it on uploadvr today because they were testing it out. This totally reminds me of raft. I don’t know if you guys have ever played raft but you’re stranded on the ocean with a shark swimming around you, you have to gather resources from the water and upgrade your raft. This is amazing, and this is on the quest and the quest to fully stand alone on sidequest. How incredible is that the gameplay looks great and if you guys ever played raft or into survival games where you’re stranded somewhere and have to gather resources by being on a tiny platform and then build up that platform from where you are. This might be a game. You want to try out link for it, of course, down in the description below to the side quest variant.

Next piece of news is a highly highly interesting. Andrew bosworth does a bunch of amas on instagram and, as he does, those we get some pretty interesting hints at future updates to the oculus quest 2 and future updates on the oculus platform in general. Well, andrew bosworth has hinted us towards a 120 hertz on the oculus quest 2. Yet again, during one of the amas, when somebody asked the question on whether the quest 2 will be getting a 120 hertz upgrade in the future, he reacted to it with a thumbs up now, if that’s not a sign, i don’t know what is it’s. Pretty exciting news, because we already know that the oculus quest 2 is capable of 120 hertz. It already got bumped from 72 to 90. That bump to 120 might be possible whether it would just be for pcvr or fully standalone. It would still be amazing to have that option there. Now a lot of you might be slightly confused as to why 120 hertz might actually be possible. Well, this display is natively much higher than it is currently locked at. It is locked at that because of regulations. I think, and because of the software not being 100 there yet not fully optimized to support it. Oculus did actually test this display with 120 hertz and that’s how they know it would be possible. This would probably have a huge impact on battery drain, and the software level needs to be there, because if the games and apps are not optimized enough for that 120 hertz we’d, of course not be able to run it at a frame rate that would even remotely Hit 120 hertz so once again, whether it would just be for pcvr or standalone honestly, i really want it to happen next, one: finding app lab games app lab the thing that came out.

That makes it so much easier for you guys to sideload apps to your quest. You don’t need a pc. You don’t need a phone, you don’t need anything. In fact, all you need now is just your quest. There’S a website called applabdb. By entering this website. You get all the apps that are currently available on app lab right there at your fingertips. All you need to do is click on any of them you like, and it brings you straight to the oculus store app lab page. How great is that you don’t need a phone don’t need a pc, however, app lab is still limited, and this is quite the interesting part. You’D think that oculus would allow users to upload any apps they like onto app lab, but no, it seems there’s still a verification process, and i mean that is technically understandable. This is oculus’s platform, so they are allowed to restrict users to their demands. However, the way app lab was shown to us was kind of like hey developers can upload their apps here and they don’t need to be verified. Well, it turns out there’s still a verification process and they can still not pass that verification process. For example, the developer of virtual desktop, he has submitted an application process for app lab so that we could patch virtual desktop without a pc and without a phone. That way, we could connect to, for example, a shadow pc without having to sideload anything to the quest to begin with, which would be absolutely amazing.

Now andrew bosworth did have a few things to say about this during his ama, where he did answer a question as to what is happening with the virtual desktop process, and i will read directly from upload vr. This is a quote so yeah, as you probably heard from guy on twitter they’ve, submitted the app for review. I actually don’t know the status of it yet, but that’s kind of ongoing. So i don’t know that, but i do want to take this opportunity to address the broader thinking behind the store and app lab and restrictions there. Virtual reality is new and we want to take it mainstream. What we found is that people would try virtual reality once and if they had a bad experience, they would not be so easy to get back and try it again. So it was very important to us that when people tried virtual reality and quest, they had a great experience. I would say our approach appears to have paid off scrolling down a little bit further to bring this full circle. One of the challenges with virtual desktop is that we don’t know what your wi fi connection is like or how it changes, and so we couldn’t guarantee a good experience, and that is why we had limitations on apps like this shipping in the store, and this makes Sense and a lot of people have been telling me about this on the discord, so many people on our discord said that it would be great for virtual desktop to have like a two day trial period, where you can test it out and that’s it that’s.

You just get a trial period and if you don’t like it, you can refund it. Where you test out your internet connection, see how well it works, and i mean i see how that makes sense. Everyone’S internet connection is different and you can’t really know exactly how it’ll work until you try it and by that point it might be too late. Personally, virtual desktop is a life saver. For me, i haven’t used the link once since i got it. I love it. I can’t say much more about it, but there you go. It seems that apple app does have restrictions and i mean yeah. It was bound to happen currently there’s a huge sidequest discount for developers that are waiting to get onto app lab and i’m a little late on this. This was released on the 10th. However, you guys still have a chance to get onto this discount. It is the waiting for app lab discount and you have 93 dollars worth of games for 19 and that pack will be down in the description below in case. You guys want to check it out see if there are any games in there. That interests you straight away, i see songbeater here and songbeater is actually a game that was mentioned multiple times on our discord before so it must be quite popular, however, make sure to check it out down below see if there’s anything there that might interest you, because That is a pretty damn good deal.

The tundra trackers, the trackers that i’ve been really hyped about. The cheaper alternative to the vive trackers have unfortunately been pushed back, they’ve been pushed back to march on their kickstarter and will hopefully be shipping in july. This is, of course, because of global situation right now, and factory capacity, dropping and skyrocketing demand, so unfortunately that’s the case, but it hasn’t been pushed back far enough as to where, i would say, it’s borderline cyberpunk level. So if you guys are still interested in this, make sure to be waiting for that kickstarter it’ll be open for 30 days in march of 2021.. An article for the full thing is down in the description below in case. You guys want to read that one of the last pieces of news is something that i think we all already knew. The oculus quest 2 has been doing incredibly well. In fact, the rec room studio estimates facebook sold 2 to 3 million oculus quest 2 headsets in q4. That is absolutely unbelievable. The amount of people that have joined the vr community in the last few months is just mind blowing. In fact, i would say that facebook has, as a matter of fact, taken vr, mainstream, love them or hate them. What they have done for vr is great, and the community expanding is great, because the more people join the community, the more companies will get interested in it it’s just an effect that keeps giving. Now.

Yesterday i told you guys about the steam lunar sail and a lot of you actually didn’t know it was happening down in the comments section so i’m, really glad that you guys checked out the video, because a lot of you were telling me in the comment section That you went and got yourself a game from the steam lunar sale, so gg there. That was a huge sale. However, what you might not know again is that oculus is also having a loaner sale of their own it’s, not as large as the steam sale but hey. The bonus is that you get these games fully standalone on quest. So there are a few games here that you might genuinely be interested in so check out the oculus sale down in the description below again it’s, not as big as the steam sale. But it is a sale, so you know but yeah that is going to be it for our vr news for today. I hope you guys enjoyed it, but if you got this far we’re doing meme review and i am getting tagged on the minecraft server good job, guys, god damn it we’re hopping straight on to reddit. If you guys are not yet part of the reddit make sure to join that down below top post in 24 hours, this is sadder than a video rendering. In 4k, your meme gets over 20 up votes. You don’t get into meme review 2.. Oh my god! How did i miss your meme? If i got over 20 upvotes, something must have gone wrong.

You know, reddit glitch reddit has been very buggy recently. I ain’t gon na lie to you, but look you got into meme review now gg and you have a pick of me having a mental breakdown congrats. I where’d you guys even get these pictures. Are you guys stalking me? I can see you it’d be like that, though playstation vr, nah, oculus quest 2, oh good, one good one, the meme mashup i made for the mystical hope he likes it. This is one minute long, so i’m, not gon na watch the full thing on video, but i am gon na watch the full thing right now: jc it was this jc it was jc was asking everyone on the discord to send him memes because he wanted to Do something big? Oh no! Thank you. Thank you guys for being part of this community. That honestly made me kind of emotional, and i know that it’s memes, but there was also some really kind words in there jc. Where are you at jc? Do you have nitro? Does jc have nitro no okay let’s fix that? Okay. That problem is now solved. What do you mean? I don’t have enough money. I just paid bank be broken diamond wants to collab. I did actually contact him, so hopefully he gets back to us uh. You guys did want to make that happen. I honestly wanted to make it happen. He’S got some really high quality content. Go check him out down in the description below guys.

Like honestly, this guy’s content quality is so damn high. He has way more room to play around with creativity than i do, but good job. Honestly. It really shows he cares. Just got update 25. Hey so did i yesterday and my quest went blank and i thought that it was broken. So i did the dumb thing of holding the power button and uh it turned on. So i i did. I did good, but don’t hold power button when your quest be updating. Okay made it in 360p, now pass it on pass. The meme on guys are bernie chairs, memes too old. I don’t know i’ll. Let you guys write that down in the comment section below, but this is where we end today’s video. I hope you guys enjoyed it. If you did, please give it a like. If you guys disliked it, i guess this button works too, but please tell me why down in the comment section below, if you guys are not yet part of the community, make sure to join that discord down below and join that reddit. Where i want to see you posting your spicy memes, if you guys want to join the minecraft server, again links down below bedrock and java, and you have communication with the discord vice versa, if you guys want to support the channel any way, shape or form, we’ve Got sick, merch down below mysticalstore.com a lot of things are down below you know.

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