Thanks for joining us today., No matter where you are World of Warcraft unites us all., Whether you’re exploring the Shadowlands Classic Azeroth or another part of the Blizzard universe. I’M glad you could make it because we’ve got a lot of good stuff to show you.. But first let’s start with some covenant. Pride Kyrian take flight Night Fae. Let the hunt begin. Necrolords to war, Venthyr, …, let’s party.. The world has thrown a lot at us since the last BlizzCon and the thing that’s really kept. Everyone going on the WoW team has been connecting with all of you. The bonds we forge with our guilds and family and friends in WoW are powerful and real. As WoW enters its 16th year and Blizzard celebrates its 30th anniversary we’re, so grateful to have the most Dedicated and friendly communities in gaming. Let’s recap the events in Azeroth. In WoW Classic we fought an endless battle for Southshore and Tarren Mill.. We banded together to open the Gates of Ahn’Qiraj and joined forces to take down Kel’thuzad in his floating citadel of Naxxramas. In Shadowlands. We helped our covenant recover from the anima drought brought on by Sire Denathrius master of the Venthyr and traitor to the pantheon of death.. We survived the halls of Torghast and crafted legendary gear in our efforts to expel Denathrius from his castle lair.. But innocent souls are still wrongfully being sent to the Maw. They face. An eternity of torment and heroes like Anduin, remain chained in its depths.

. The Jailer continues to grow in power. He’s preparing to break free from the Maw and complete his plan to unmake the entire Warcraft universe. And Sylvanas. You may be wondering what she’s been up to all this time. Today. We’Re excited to unveil our first major content, update for Shadowlands Chains of Domination. LOUD METALLIC THUDDING ANDUIN, Look around you.. What makes you believe: you’re, not just a weapon to achieve his ends Enough SYLVANAS Join our cause or be made to serve. Right now. You hold all the power., Make your choice: Sylvanas Windrunner. KYRIAN. Despite all our efforts, the Maw continues to grow.. What if Denathrius’s treachery is irreparable, The Primus is lost and Bastian cannot save the Shadowlands alone.. None of this should have happened.. Perhaps the Winter Queen could … WINGS FLAPPING My Archon …, a living soul seeks an audience. A mortal A king. By all our measures, one who has spent his life striving for justice. One who would give anything to serve his people. One, whose heart … is true.. Very well. He may approach. Step forward.. My ascended have spoken of you. The King held captive in the Maw. That prison could not hold me forever.. Why have you come to Bastion? You have a key that I need. You … will release this soul from your grasp. ANDUIN No.. He is bound to me., Just as you once sought to bind your own brother. ANDUIN GRUNTS WINTER, QUEEN SCREAMS, GASPS WHOOSHING, THE JAILER The vessel performed its part flawlessly.

. Three keys remain., Then they will see. Death was never meant to be chained.. That is so intense.. I know you probably have a lot of questions about what you just saw and what it means for the next stage of your Shadowlands journey.. Later today, my teammates, Ann and Jeremy will be telling you more about Chains of Domination in our Shadowlands update.. Please check out the World of Warcraft channel to find out more. Next I’m excited to share our upcoming World of Warcraft charity. Pet program. We’ve heard a lot from our community about how much they love these pets and the opportunity to give to a good cause, along with ideas, to make the program even better.. So during this upcoming campaign, you’ll be able to donate whatever amount you wish to directly support our chosen charity.. Once donations reach our goal, everyone playing World of Warcraft will get a pet for their collection as a thank you whether you were able to contribute personally or not. And to make this a fun challenge. If we reach a stretch goal, everyone gets a second pet too., And here they are. The first pet is Bananas. Literally.. He was originally available to a select few back in Burning Crusade era, so we’re excited to give everyone a chance to adopt him. And if we reach our stretch, goal you’ll also get Daisy. The Sloth. COOS SOFTLY JOHN She’s, an all new pet. Who will hang around your neck when you need a hug.

? Your donations during this campaign will go to support the medical humanitarian organization, Doctors Without Borders, also known by their French name, Mdecins Sans Frontires or MSF. They’re. An amazing group doing important work around the world. We’re grateful to have such a generous community and we hope you’ll help support this worthy cause. We’ll be sharing the details about the charity pet program on the World of Warcraft website soon.. So we’ve talked quite a bit about Shadowlands. Classic players. Now it’s your turn. It’s my pleasure to hand off to my teammate Holly Longdale. She’s, a longtime WoW player, a veteran MMO developer and she’s, going to tell us what’s in store for WoW Classic., WIND, HOWLS, ROARS, Hi everybody. First I’d, like to thank all of you. Who’Ve ever been part of the WoW community over the years.. You know online worlds like WoW have been a huge part of our lives for decades now.. As a dedicated MMO fan and a developer myself. I remember hearing that Blizzard was going to be making their own MMO. And I thought well. I guess I’ll check out that beta. And sure we all call the game WoW., But really … wow. I could not believe I got bit by the MMO bug again.. I was so excited to be able to make a Night Elf Hunter and be like that famous Dark Elf Ranger from the books that I loved. I have to tell you. Azeroth, was and still is a place.

I love to live., Since last year, I’ve had the great honor to work alongside the WoW Classic team, to bring these nostalgic experiences back to life for longtime fans and a whole new generation of players.. As a fan, myself, I’ve had so much fun in WoW from the simple things like drive by buffing or making friends on that long haul from Teldrassil to Iron Forge all the way to the absolutely staggering like when I jumped blindly through the Dark Portal and was Running through Hellfire Peninsula heard this terrifying noise and then saw the Fel Reaver. Biggest roamer I had ever seen, and I was very glad that I had Feign Death in that moment. And that’s the thing about WoW these stories and experiences. We all share, keep us coming back time after time. With that said, I’m super excited to be able to share with you where our adventures are taking us. Next. WIND, HOWLS, THUNDER CRACKS, HOWLING ILLIDAN, You dare enter my realm. ROARING ROARS ROARS Run LAUGHING SHOUTING MAGTHERIDON. Your foolishness has brought you to this end.. Take my blood and choke on it. LADY VASHJ, Death to the outsiders. KAEL’THAS I’ll turn your world upside down. ILLIDAN, You are not prepared, Brings back so many memories right Like exploring the fungal forests of Zangarmarsh or being awestruck at the chaotic magic alive. Another storm., The Draenei in Exodar, the Blood Elves in Silvermoon, I love playing them both.. Do you choose to enlist the Aldor or the Scryers in your quest to fight the Legion And, of course, we can’t forget gathering all your friends to fight Illidan at the top of the Black Temple.

. I can’t wait to relive it all with you., Since the team. First set out on their own quest to bring the original WoW back to life. We have learned a ton about what players are expecting from this kind of experience. We’ve also learned when to keep things just as they were and where we all might be open to some changes. We’re. Bringing all these lessons into Burning Crusade Classic with our primary goal. To bring back the same feeling you had when you faced the Fel Reaver for the first time or when you were digging through piles of Fel Hound poop.. Of course, we can’t get this right without you, our incredible community., Soon you’ll be able to revisit Outland yourself when beta starts and tell us what you think. Later, all WoW Classic players are going to be presented with a meaningful choice for each one of your beloved Characters., Do you want to move on into Burning Crusade Classic, Or do you want to stay in the original classic era forever? Whatever you decide, you can do it all with your one WoW subscription. Now I know I’ve thrown a lot at you, but don’t worry we’ll. Be getting into the details in our panel later today., So stick with us.