This was just spur of the moment. I was out doing the left disc uh hour, trying to get my excellent throws in because they’re fairly simple to do that and uh in my normal cluster spawn it was there. It had about 38 minutes left. I decided to go ahead and take it out because i needed it for my task for the current event that we have right. I wasn’t even thinking about doing this, and then i it hit me while i was in the lobby. I was thinking you know what we have this level 50 machamp. This sucker was expensive. It has fantastic, ivs let’s, see what we can do here. So this is not my first test i’m going to tell you probably my second one in we could have actually completed it, but the shadow hits taking place were making that not um enabling me to do that. It was unfortunate, so i’ve kind of come numb to the fact with all these shadow hits in the raid and if you’re not used to that term or know what that means it’s. Basically, when the raid boss is throwing a charge, move, you take the damage and you don’t even see it. You know, go through the animation or maybe it’s released all of its energy and it shouldn’t even have a charge move and you get hit by the damage. Uh, all of a sudden, okay, and that could mess you up if you’re trying to do a challenge.

If you’re in a big group with people you’re just trying to take down the raid, we know there’s glitches in the raids no big deal. But when you’re trying to do these things very specifically, it can really become a hassle and you’ll find yourself sitting there for the whole duration of the raid. Did that a whole lot in the past man we’ve made so many of those videos, so i’ve kind of moved on to you know other things i don’t really go to the raids as often because of this specific thing here, but we’re going to stick it out. Keep on trying and we’re going to pull through and i’m going to tell you the last one. I couldn’t believe it was the most unlikely situation for me to think i would be able to win and pull that one through because of the shadow hits and actually me not dodging correctly, once um but you’ll see exactly what did happen so taking a look at Some of these other ones here, you’re gon na just see the examples of what i’m talking about and another kind of tip for you is to wait for it to throw its charge, move and then kind of start doing your charge moves as well, because that’s going To be a window of opportunity for you to not get hit while you’re in that animation of throwing your charge, move uh there’ll be some times where i get impatient, or i just know what i can do there.

So we got hit by that. I think we had a bad dodge, but sometimes you dodge, and it still gives you the damage or sometimes you dodge and the damage goes down and then it goes back up, it’s all a mess, so it makes it kind of difficult. But when you do successfully pull these off, it is so rewarding. I couldn’t tell you like the feeling when i completed this and it’s funny, because i you know, i didn’t think it was actually going to happen. So with that said, let’s go ahead and take a look at the actual completion of this one shadow, machamp no reviving and going back in or anything like that. It’S just going to run straight through and then, when we’re over i’m, going to show you how much hp it did have left over as well as go over all my fighters, so we’re off all right. So i usually would dodge side to side in the beginning. To take less damage because it does do more damage. Those two quick moves in the beginning, but it doesn’t really matter at this point here, so we just need to dodge as many of these charge boots as possible and we’re already taking one, and i decided to just go on with it, because technically we can take Two but we’re going to actually have to dodge a few quick moves as well, even though they are so resisted, and we are not really taking that much damage.

It does start to accumulate here now, if you’re also trying to do this challenge with your shadow of a champ uh you’re gon na need that cloudy weather – and you know maybe you’re going to want this snarl and foul play moveset as well. Uh. Both of them are going to be resisted, uh, it does have dark pulse, which is going to be doing a little bit more damage, probably a less spammy but uh. I don’t know you can give it a shot. If you want to another thing, you need to know, is you don’t need to worry about speed? Basically, you cannot necessarily take all the time you need to dodge, but you can be extra cautious if you need to do that. Basically, if you’re getting less quick moves in and not as much damage as you think, you’re getting in or uh, not think, but actually getting in then you’re gon na be perfectly fine, because um it’s not a race against the clock, it’s a race against your health. So you need to keep that health alive to uh survive through this entire thing. Obviously, basically, the shadow hits you just not to hope those do not occur. Otherwise, you’re gon na be looking good. If you know how to dodge here and if you mess up there’s a shadow hit there, you go, you see that so that’s uh one. I think one there was one in the beginning, but the health actually came back so we’re going to just continue on here.

Getting it in it to the red – and i was just trying to entertain myself here, uh, to see if i could dodge everything, even the quick moves, if i can pull it off, i wasn’t hoping to do it uh, but you’re going to see here we’re going To keep on just going – and at this point i realized, are you kidding me, i think i might be able to pull this off. I think we’re obviously going to have to dodge that quick move, as well as the charge move here and we’re dodging it, and it does a good amount of damage if we take one more of those it’s, no good dodging it still surviving building more energy for Whatever reason oh we’re getting ready to dodge that’s right and then we dodge again and get off this dynamic punch, and we actually take this sucker out with one shadow machamp holding on by. I do believe to hp. Absolutely incredible guys. I was wow. My heart was pumping. I had to roll the windows down, i got pretty excited. Athena was with me. She got excited because i was excited, you know so good stuff, and you know i used to do these challenges all the time. It was fun going back out. There frustrating sticking around and continuing to do it over and over again, when you know you could have done it and maybe you’re possibly. Second, maybe even first third try, but you have to stick around and do it over and over again because of those shadow hits.

But here’s the thing right shadow hits are annoying: okay, fine, but here’s the thing niantic. You know how we gon na leave. Some of this waiting is by letting us skip the lobby simple. Can we get a lobby skip? They have it in the uh harry potter. Go for some reason and they don’t have it here. I don’t i don’t know all the reasons why they have it they’re not here, but if we could do that, it’d say i don’t know a private lobby uh. That would be great and if it was a public that maybe everybody would have to queue up – or maybe you can just do it in the private lobby. Nonetheless, if we can do that, the shadow hits it you know would be annoying if you were just about to complete something, but the fact that you’re actually able to just skip the lobby timer. Oh, that would be beautiful, that’s giving us like you know. So many more tries to actually complete it. Then the game is broken in a certain way that they cannot fix. So, taking a look at the top fighters for pve, going up against gyms and raids, you have mega lucario, not quite here mega blaze, akin uh mega heracross, which is also not here, shadow machamp, which that’s the top one for now. Another shadow in the champ. With a different move, lucario mega lucario with another move, another mega lucario with another move shadow machamp again and then make a glade.

So gentleman champ is looking pretty good, but you’re also going to have those other fantastic makers in the future that you could potentially invest in right now or you already have them ready to go and you’re going to be able to have yourself a better potential fighter.