You know how we all love these events, so this is going to be taking place for three hours starting february 28th. At 11 a.m, until sunday february 28th at 2 p.m. Local time so make sure you mark your calendars and get ready and you will be seeing an increased amount of team go rocket grunts at pokestops and at balloons that is going to be the grunts, not leaders. So you could potentially get some sort of shadow pokemon that you’ve been looking for with good ivs. Now we are going to be getting giovanni returning we’re going to have the whole little quest line and with a new shadow, legendary we’re, going to talk about what i think that is here in a moment. But you probably already know from the thumbnail right in the title: uh and then you’re going to be able to pick up yourself a remote pass bundle in the shop starting february 27th at 1 pm until march 1st at 1 pm pacific time, and during this time You will be seeing the legendary birds from kanto in the raids, so you could potentially get yourself that shiny, also you’re, going to be able to get yourself five free raid passes. When you do spin a photodisc at one of the gyms, you can spin the same one over and over again you just have to make sure you use that pass and then you can spin it again and if you do decide to hold on to that first One and then go to another gym: you’re, not gon na be able to spin that new gym and get another one you’re gon na have to use that pass, and then they do go on to say.

You’Re gon na be able to tm away frustration on shadow pokemon. Let’S go all right so, like we just said, we’re gon na be getting articuno, zapdos and moltres in the raids. During this time, in which you’re gon na be able to get those free passes, make sure you do use those now as far as counters, i want to make this short and sweet for you. These birds are going to be very weak to rock specifically articuno and mulches because of the flying and the fire and the flying and the ice zapdos is also going to be weak to rock so basically rampardos or your community day, riperiors with rock wrecker tyranitar with Smackdown at stone edge rock pokemon in general. If you have some electrics those work too, i suppose on arakuno and moltres, but for the most part throw rocks at it. I mean we don’t need to over complicate this or make a 10 minute video to counter these things, all right, all right, so taking a look at speculation on what it can be. I mean it’s not going to be too deep here because it is kind of obvious, but knowing niantic, you never know what they’re gon na do. They could switch it up and uh throw a monkey wrench at the whole situation. So moving down the line, we see the final shadow that we did receive with suicune what’s next, well, only naturally lugia folks let’s go now it’s, not gon na, be looking like what it looks like on the thumbnail.

All dark and cool like it did in the game, but uh we’ll have those glowing eyes now? Will it be good? Will it be good shadow lugia, i’m gon na have to say yeah, yeah yeah, you know it’s, probably gon na be pretty decent. Seeing that lugia is already tanky as it is, so it is gon na be maintaining somewhat of its bulk, but now picking up more attack. So if you do have one, if you arrow blast it yeah it’s going to be looking real nice, so you may want to tm away that frustration on that lugia it’s, going to be pretty awesome, so get hyped folks. That is my guess as to what giafani is going to be getting for its new shadow, legendary lugia simple, as that now are you going to be able to team frustration during this time, if you’re going to be able to complete the whole quest which is doable It’S not like it’s, going to be impossible to complete it within that time, but you’re more than likely going to be raiding. So you got to make your choices. Choose your paths all right so going over my shadow pokemon with three moves here now. This is the part of the video that we’re going to kind of focus on what you may want to use tmz on to get uh. You know moves for your new shadow pokemon to tmy frustration right, so first we’re gon na look at the ones that i do have three moves on here.

Some of them are just for fun. Now that one that’s, the one i purified by accident, got to remove that from the list here, unfortunately, but fortunately, though it is now a 100 so cool, i guess, but you do want one of those nine tails, first and foremost that we’ve seen there i’m a Champ is also going to be fantastic, as he has seen. If you didn’t see that video, where i did take out a tier three umbreon with just one shot of a champ don’t re lobby, let’s go that was insane. Of course, we know that shadow fake is good. This is one that i have my eye on here, because i need to get rid of that frustration on the slow bro. It is going to be pretty good, so make sure you do get one of those we already know. Shadow exeggutor is magnificent, fantastic and very clutch, so you may want to do that as well. Like i said, a lot of these pokemon on my three move list here are not going to be something that you want to go for uh. These were things that i use for specific cups like this one, the flying cup here, but it’s still going to be cool to have a shadow aerodactyl, which i did get like a really good iv. One we’ll take a look at that in a minute. Of course we do have that shadow snorlax in the great league and then for my legendary birds.

I don’t have a secondary move purchased, but for my mewtwo uh maxed out of course – and we have a you – know: side strike, we use that legacy, tm uh and then moving down the line here, just various random other pokemon that i don’t really use too often, Except for the ampros that’s, something that you probably want to actually get, because it is pretty good, tyranitar shadow. Yes, please, if you have one of those maxed out, you’re gon na be looking golden going up against those birds. That damage is going to be ridiculous. They do have this shadow gardevoir and these ivs look at that and we are going to power it up again. This is already xl we’re working on it slowly but surely now, unfortunately, some of these pokemon i’m just using up all my resources on and when they do get their megas i’m not going to be able to max out the megas that i do have ready to Go, oh man that’s going to suck, but because you know you can’t make a ball shadow pokemon that would have been absolutely op and broken. If you could too uh moving down the line here, we accidentally backed out. We got the gardevoir and then moving on to you know the one and only shadow mo wow, so you may want to do that if you don’t have one of those ready to go. We do have this beautiful xl shadow salamance, which is not completely maxed out, but it is going to be xl and it is going to be a massively hitting hard pokemon for uh rates.

Okay, so just don’t take note, you may want to do that. It’S going to even be outperforming its mega, the shadow salamance, and then we have various other different ones here and porygon z don’t worry about it, like. I said some of these pokemon that i have three moves for: were tests for videos, just experiments and uh some. You don’t really want to uh. Do anyways let’s go ahead and look at all of our shadow pokemon. We do have a bunch of things lined up here. Most of these do have frustration tmd away – and i can’t stress this enough – make yourself a shadow, nine tails. Folks, this thing is stupid good. We have made multiple videos on it, it’s just that good, of course, in pvp go battle, league right, uh, not for raids, and then the shadowman champs another fantastic option that you’re going to want to go with it’s. Just the damage is ridiculous for both go battle league and up against raids. Moving down the line, we do have the slow poke family that i do need to take care of here for both of those in which we are going to do that um. I have a magneton that does have frustration. Tmd away. Shadow magnet zone is going to be pretty good, pretty squishy, but pretty pretty good uh. We do have another execute ready to go if we ever wanted to make one for the great league and then various other pokemon here with frustration, teamed away, ready to go, not really investing in all these because that’s a lot of stardust.

We don’t really need to do that now check it out. This is the one i got today. Oh that’s, beautiful just in time, we’re gon na of course see him away that frustration and it is going to be one of the top rock type attackers when it is maxed out yeah as a shadow. And then here are my legendaries here. No uh secondary move on the birds because it’s just not necessary, they are going to be good as a matter of fact, and then, of course, we did have the amphros, which has served me quite nice in the ultra premiere and uh, hey ranatar shadow. You definitely want to go for that. You definitely do moving down the line, just a random other pokemon. Here we already kind of talked about that now, another one. Oh okay, here we go. This is the uh mother of all shadows, mother, lode, here metagross, you want to make one okay, we did just have that event a while back and where you’re going to be able to evolve beldums all the way up to get the meteor match. So a lot of people are already good on that, but just in case maybe you’ve got a good iv1 in between those events. You want to do that so there you have it folks, if you did enjoy this video, give it a big thumbs up subscribe.